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Week 1- Product Development

by: Jayne Notetaker

Week 1- Product Development FDM 30260

Marketplace > Kent State University > Art > FDM 30260 > Week 1 Product Development
Jayne Notetaker
GPA 3.9
Product Development in the Fashion Industry
Patricia Kinsella

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About this Document

Week one notes of Product Development on the Kent State Florence campus
Product Development in the Fashion Industry
Patricia Kinsella
Class Notes
italian, Product Development, Fashion
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jayne Notetaker on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FDM 30260 at Kent State University taught by Patricia Kinsella in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Product Development in the Fashion Industry in Art at Kent State University.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Product Development Week 1 Product Development 0 The strategic creative technical production and distribution planning of goods for a defined consumer group 0 Designing and developing the seasonal line need to deliver 0 O O O O O O innovative products in a short time frame Successful product development is based upon quality market research that tells the retailer what the customer needs and development of a product to meet that need Creating an Apparel Line Research Design Design development and style selection Marketing the line Preproduction Sourcing Apparel production Distribution Fashion Change Diffusion of Fashion Ideas Apparel Supply Chain Includes all companies with direct roles in I Designing I Supplying material components Manufacturing Distributing Apparel 0 Includes Auxiliary businesses with indirect roles 0 Collaborative Product Supply Chains 0 Interactive networks of independent manufacturing specialties o Enhance the ability to compete in Product innovation Cost Speed to market Manufacturing expertise Sustainability Access to technology and resources Flexibility 0 Vertical integration 0 Strategy that seeks ti consolidate a supply chain my acquiring companies at other stages of the supply chain 0 One conglomerate preforms all steps of production and distribution 0 Rarely affects market penetration o Enhance competitive advantage in getting the right product to market at the right time and price 0 Value Chain 0 A chain of activities that a firm preforms in order to deliver something valuable 0 Which activities in the supply chain add the most value Research and development I Design I Marketing and distribution 0 Which activities make little difference in value except for cost and delivery I Production I Logistics I Warehousing 0 Basic Business Functions 0 Merchandising I Planning the product lines 0 Production I Making the product 0 Finance I Accounting activities 0 Operations I Equipment upkeep 0 Marketing I Advertising promotions and sales 0 Sourcing I Supply Chain Management 0 Apparel product Planning 0 Merchandising planning I Merchandise budget I Line or range plan I Assortment plan I Merchandise calendar 0 Creative planning I Track and interpret trends I Color pallets I Fabric stories I Style silhouettes I Product design 0 Technical planning I Fit standards I Technical sketches I Fabric specs I Color standards I Construction I Labeling I Spec packs 0 Production Planning I Negotiate Costs I Oversee Quality I Schedule and assign production 0 Apparel Product Development Process 0 Line Conception mood theme and key elements that contribute to the identity of the line 0 Line development translation of design concept into groups of garments that are delivered through the selling season 0 Line presentation showing the proposed line to technical design staff and sourcing managers for selection of styles to include To learn more and get OneNote visit www0nenotecom


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