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Ch. 4 Mozi: Utility, Uniformity, Universal Love

by: Michelle Zhu

Ch. 4 Mozi: Utility, Uniformity, Universal Love CHIN 240

Marketplace > DCH Regional Medical Center > Chinese > CHIN 240 > Ch 4 Mozi Utility Uniformity Universal Love
Michelle Zhu
Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies

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About this Document

This is a set of notes from Chapter 4, covering Mozi and Mohism. I took out key points from each section in this chapter. They are easy to follow with bullet points and legible handwriting. I then ...
Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies
Class Notes
Mozi Mohism, Chinese, Culture, Tradition, Confucianism
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michelle Zhu on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHIN 240 at DCH Regional Medical Center taught by Patterson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Modern Societies in Chinese at DCH Regional Medical Center.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
4 n 39 4n 9 w 39 39 r v om 39 quot Jag gf f J x xx 6 59 Q r H 39 63 tr U 413 M x v WE I r way A 39 VJ an A 5 iuaga x I 7 4 4 e 34 I 514 35 2 7 mi N 1 A 4quot A H I a if r quot w e x s39 2 r A m W xf wa i 39 39 m 39 am 39 39 M53531 a 7 39 1 W my 39I a quot1 I 239 f g h A W0215UmU ifDrm tW MWUS fa mm a G191f7hilojq hy0 M02 mosr m0h tsm flHua r a 6H0 50 67ch won In S fTQggloW rm 351UHSVQAQDAL w lsansi mcramm 505363ALir 1f9m m5w stand on Cum oiigni y 7 39 39 39 r conJEuam News v 39 Cf l fkgli heavens H110 sprnfual 39 Honocmg 01 Ame Working axo5 vali a of ct un JMSCM lQC 12 d d on U nry neg264013 mu Equal b mathad 0 13 0 Ufa 5 an 1 Wm mom de im n mg sem wynw pfh l dmng ne NWA SQCEQI W5 WW rm mf am I 392 I 39LBOL acg Mes 6mg dardums offs gal um have gitHy 0 80 when 96 J QM htan W nowg mm mm no aohom n imwup5uccess l 4m W 50 39 J 000 m mg n fUSer39m may Irmaed wg 5 1gejndg enrmjs Sec grdors carried own 1g x h r QUE w Mfaim WpOW A Chaoj We a39bjmoe 0 mm 6V6fo ifImam quotthou ILhems vel ighif woeer 01 3mm as Son 04 Heaum w 3Whggh WIHISWS umdd mm m STOTHS orMohi f aximinigwcc Weir 39 W1 m5 mac W991 nardSChWS p 39Sr39on o H Um abzb w Uni t JUO CJWEnf thawhour ww QQ mammal w New 9 mao0nnut 39 I 39 556mm Umu xsal 0W grinquot 2 39 39 39 human 0 r Show 0033710613 whc s 090 6mmth harm i J N w i CaUc mm 21am cw Un1wf5 l 1 anOdme gwww Nil 111 HfaW l Qack 6 n I x WW Mm W050wa 3 Wm Erma lt1 am I a JJ 39 N m ness 242 5 3 MA sjm 1 I A v a h 35quot r 1 m 1 we g r xx quot w 49 u p A By 4 fr A a m A 9 A a n A ow m Egg F Ch J w 39 aw Wm ms HL 5 VS H HMWO Heaum Heavm lol 5 people 6 bo lten 9hms S from hewo 93W for mm m Highb ini ors Q J men I j I 39 96091 UmV 6arty m71Way on w ho 14 15 a imam60 360an 0 7fo Wm 49 Hmym Jf wfa 39 Owe2mle wetHag Sm 65 mm Us Shbog n 1 0 mm for when A O f U 33 undubiswmodtmg quot Show WaH fn quotW39md W gov m04 JIMth 013315de own be we UchUw quot LW H 0U rquot39 aw F SKJ aws womb w13h on em Hq 4r good i063rt95 6 hOM ng w 0 H hj 4 14m 1 S39EC Y OGQampI g tm r Confuoims Wfo 15m 1 9 v f 3mr 706 clamfeafivmf0r 100fm nun W 1 We 04 Mn 66am moum5amo 609 of man 09 i190 p m 1 danger Ordrr di of WW 03405 are hy OUi 9l Firm MOW WW 9W paw f 9 inth15m mm h


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