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Week One: Unit 1: Single-Gene and Two-Gene Inheritance; Mendelian genetics and segregation of alleles; Molecular basis of different alleles.

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by: Jessica Niswonger

Week One: Unit 1: Single-Gene and Two-Gene Inheritance; Mendelian genetics and segregation of alleles; Molecular basis of different alleles. BI381

Marketplace > Southeast Missouri State University > Biology > BI381 > Week One Unit 1 Single Gene and Two Gene Inheritance Mendelian genetics and segregation of alleles Molecular basis of different alleles
Jessica Niswonger
GPA 3.5
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals

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About this Document

This is the first week of notes covering single-gene and two-gene inheritance, Mendelian genetics and segregation of alleles, and molecular basis of different alleles. This includes everything she...
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals
Class Notes
Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Single gene inheritance, two gene inheritance, mendelian genetics, segregation of alleles, Molecular, alleles, gene
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1 review
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"What an unbelievable resource! I probably needed course on how to decipher my own handwriting, but not anymore..."
Jade Pacocha

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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Niswonger on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BI381 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Dr. Rebeccah Kurzhals in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 174 views. For similar materials see Molecular Genetics in Biology at Southeast Missouri State University.

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Reviews for Week One: Unit 1: Single-Gene and Two-Gene Inheritance; Mendelian genetics and segregation of alleles; Molecular basis of different alleles.

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What an unbelievable resource! I probably needed course on how to decipher my own handwriting, but not anymore...

-Jade Pacocha


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Date Created: 09/03/15
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