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Week 1: Nuclear Chemistry

by: Jessica Niswonger

Week 1: Nuclear Chemistry CH 186 - 01

Jessica Niswonger
GPA 3.5
Found of Inorganic Chemistry
Philip W Crawford (P)

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About this Document

Week one of notes. Includes things said in class, items written on the board, corresponding power points, and all examples worked out. Yellow highlight usually symbolizes definitions Green highl...
Found of Inorganic Chemistry
Philip W Crawford (P)
Class Notes
Nuclear Chemistry, Chemistry, Beta emission, alpha emission, beta, alpha, particle, nuclear, positron, radiation, electron capture, electron, neutron, Gamma radiation, gamma, nuclear reactions, reactions
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Niswonger on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CH 186 - 01 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Philip W Crawford (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 122 views. For similar materials see Found of Inorganic Chemistry in Chemistry at Southeast Missouri State University.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Nuclear Chemistry Ch 20 Etiljfgi39l39i 39 L EQETJLE ILEJZ 33 if 3 Way Magus 39 39 3 m Ovth th 9 I W w ln w arm I l39 I 39 x r m 7 spam Wheel9 FMoqd im rj nmwmg 35 3mewa 39 nonpon1 hcpu5 7 o pa rTfoLQ r r 7 7quot h quot 7 7 ol 39 v u39u t n I I I r V r ylt 1 I 1 1 I m g f f 39 quotWVJ 1 u U 11 5L 7 rn Scanned by CamScanner l1Etli IIL5Lr lm w Hat5x 3911r311 quot 38 quot 4 L 150 o EX qzu a 1H3 cw J 0c 302H 34 m 0 Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Chemistry Ch 20 v Eleictrro will dro Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Chemistw CH 20 843 15 o if collision has enough energy nucleus will break 232 Ey qZMl Elliev 39QO 39 H l w 361 5 iiFeio IAAW inept 738 I 13 0 r 39r2lLt9RA i Np h l e 3 Fe in imw We Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Chemistry CH 20 82815 Nuclear Stabilitv Observations Why are some isotopes radioactive ch other How is it possible for so many protons to exist in the nucleus if they repel ea To answer this one must consider empirical observations regarding nuclear stability neutronproton ratios Note no single rule allows the prediction of whether a particular nucleus is radioactive or what kind of decay process it might undergo if radioactive 7 Z aim i i39 39539 CW h it P Pquot uquotquotf Example 10 natural isotopes of SN 250 2 natural isotopes of W 249 Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Clmmistry CH 20 82815 Consad er neutron to proton ratio Plot of Number of Neutrons vs Nunle of Protons In Most Stable Nuclldes39 wMrm wm it CII quot h 40 50 50 TU 80 an 100 I u m I lapu oruoc rim 1 9 a lm39JHlIiIIhmmum I NumberofPromns Scanned by CamScanner Nuclnm filmnialw SH m quotth 1 Minamwa1w dvn H L J 277 quotI w Na f 7 ga pair 5 T I 339 a 1quot w yid i39 lire I ii at i 11 I m 1 quot39 hquot 41 quot 39 a 5 tnI12 d quotquot a quotn 4 p MW f Ix Er r l 1th if I 539 in if q r r an L n a J r k f i I E f Pi ii 111 V Full will lifej R39H LZI I I 4 f inquot 7911 3 AL 1 L 3 I 7 Rm 5 Q 1 T w 1 391 mu 4 7 I ll39 t I I I I I I I l 35 51 quot quotLi ALEJL 39er Fquot 239 I J 39I r quot n k u 39 39 I a 3 I 39 V39 39mw aaiic 1 mAmvaimvya nuw ni Protons Neutrons Number of stable isotopes Odd Odd 4 Odd Even 0 Even 0le Even Even 1 6 f 1 4 12 Scanned by CamScanner


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