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GC 440: Week 2

by: Allie S

GC 440: Week 2 GC440

Allie S
GPA 3.46
Commercial Printing
Dr. Weisenmiller

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About this Document

Week 2 GC 440 Notes
Commercial Printing
Dr. Weisenmiller
Class Notes
Color Theory, design rules
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Allie S on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GC440 at Clemson University taught by Dr. Weisenmiller in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Commercial Printing in Graphic Communications at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Week 2 9315 823 PM Review 3 elements needed 0 observer light object Theoretical gray is RGB 127R 1276 127B 0 CMYK 50C 50M SOY OK LAB 50L 0a Ob Actuagray is 0 CMYK50C 40M 4OY 10K D50 Illuminant and 2degree observer SOOOKelvin ADIIVE SU BTTIVE RGB and CMYK are device DEPENDENT 0 Lab is device INDEPENDENT Metameric pairs appears to be the same under one light but is different under another Graphic Design 0 Is somewhat subjective but requires a lot of strategic layouts thought and planning How do we evaluate the quality of an image Clarity sharp has depth wide tonal range pops detail saturation neutral casts striking Flat fuzzy outoffocus posterized banded color casts lowres lacking detail muddy dull trash in the details Need to strive for How WOULD You LIKE YOUR GRAPHIC DESIGN YOU MAY PICK TWO DIPPEDIN UGLYSAUCE FAST CHEAP CARELESSNESS l l l IMPOSSIBLE I UTOPIA l l YOU GET w AT you JUST IN TIME TRASH Go PAY FOR TO BE TOO LATE 1 AWAY FREE m AGAIN GREAT The graphic artist is limited by 0 Press Limitations 0 Format speed capacity 0 Media 0 Substrate quality color gamut of colorantsubstrate combination 0 Technology 0 Don t misuse QR Codes don t do something just for the sake of doing it 0 Brand Specifications 0 Spot vs Process Colors Color Bridge 0 Time 0 Budget Five Principles of Design Contrast Rhythm Balance Unity Proportion 1 Contrast provides emphasis amp catches the eyequot directs o What Creates Contrast Color Sizevisual weight Shape Texture 0 Visual Weight Visual elements possess weight or mass Some elements are physically large or small Some elements are visually large or small Color Contrast stark vs subtle backgrounds should be subtle to allow for contrast in foregroundtypography Color matters Size Contrast Works with the element of Proportion for emphasis Principle of Proportion 0 Appropriate size relationships between visual elements 0 Textual proportion Text size should be appropriate to the format of the layout Shape Contrast Organic shape vs Geometric shapes Textural Contrast Tactile sensation depth Principle of Balance Balance employs the use even distribution of visual elements within a layout to create a pleasing effect 0 If a design is balanced the visual elements appear to be equalized 0 Formal balance symmetrical o Informal balance asymmetrical conceptual Principle of Unity Unity is the inclusion andor placement of visual elements so that they don t clash with one another or the overall tone theme or message 0 All visual elements should support each other 0 Common visual elements unify pages in a publication Common Design Errors 3 rules of Graphics Rule 1 Deliver the message Rule 2 Do NOT let the design Obscure the message Rule 3 Don t use COMIC SANS 0 Comic Sans Papyrus Bradley Hand Curlz MT Kristen ITC Viner Hand bad fontsfor most occasions Using bad artwork 0 Good original photosartwork saved correctly high res 0 Learn to scanexpose properly Typographic Concerns Line length Widows amp Orphans Spacing Letter Word Line Using ALL CAPS Being too Bold Unjusti ed Justi cation Bad Runarounds Tracking amp Set Width The Spacebar 39Iiccklisl im hccking Your 39139 pc Hyphens Using tabs amp indents Quotes amp Apostrophes Paragraph Indents Reverse Type amp 39 Headline Hierarchy amp Keep yourself in check Spacmg Serifs amp Sans Serifs Paragraph Indents Avoid default indents o Integrate these into InDesign Paragraph Stylesquot 0 Or use Em Quadsquot Em space the distance a font creates Insert whitespace gtEm Space ShifttCommandM Do 2 EM spaces at beginning of every paragraph justification 0 Choose justification for legibility void Rivers of Whitequot Ilium im I982 Adobe Systems bui ds ward inning software mlwtimxs cc it and prime publishin39 u aphic design imaging dynamic 039 an and authoring mm emb e mastquotmen to create puihlish and theirser usually ric come Sue van39max types of The company39s products are tuned bv Web and graphic 3 u emitmum publishers document intensive quwatacitm business men and umsu u 39 the fourth iazgeaan 155 ha a persona mfnw i company with annual revenue of bi lion l employs met 1I empioyces u o du39v w as operations in North America mgr the Paci c im Japan and Latin America dube39s unrldwidc headquarters are in San Jmc Califcmi d its Web site is ioeaced unvagm 5mm Avoid ALL CAPS body text especially with script Avoid Underlining Avoid being too Bold Tracking vs kerning tracking is the whole moving Kerning refers more to pairs AV or We Widows and orphans Paper can be classified by either basis weight or gmz Basis Weight the weight of 500 sheets of the standard size of a er for that Classi An orphan IS a word or several words on the next column or page and a widow is a single word or gmz the weight in grams of one square Pw39fion of a word on the mete of any type of last line of a paragraph M dash is used for punctuation it identifies a change in thought An N dash is used for duration of time Common Design Errors Spacefilleritis Make your message paramount Don39t be superfluous Respect the use of white space it can add drama sophistication a professional look Don t crowd the page OR the edges of the page 0 Respect your page margins Don t Just fill space


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