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Thursday 9/3 Notes

by: Bree Reed

Thursday 9/3 Notes MARK 300 001

Bree Reed
GPA 3.5
Marketing/Supply Chain Mgt
Adam Mark Hepworth (P)

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About this Document

Marketing/Supply Chain Mgt
Adam Mark Hepworth (P)
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bree Reed on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MARK 300 001 at University of Tennessee - Knoxville taught by Adam Mark Hepworth (P) in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see Marketing/Supply Chain Mgt in Marketing at University of Tennessee - Knoxville.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
93 Notes Thursday September 3 2015 1105 AM We had a quiz today in class onlinebut it didn39t work so everybody received an A Ch3 Analyzing the Marketing Environment actors and forces outside of marketing that affect marketing39s ability to connect with the customer actors close to the company that affect its ability to serve its customers o Considered to be somewhat under the control of the marketing environment Larger societal forces that affect the microenvironment o Considered to be beyond the control of the organization The Company39s Microenvironment Areas inside a company Defines the companies strengths and weaknesses capabilities and limitations Microenvironment Plinko Interaction we have a strategy and control our chip we may hit pegs but we still control the chip Actors in the Microenvironment M w a low if ego at X at I i 1 u Provide resources needed to produce goods and services An important link in the quotvalue delivery systemquot Enlightened marketers consider key suppliers to be partners 0 Example Coors Light marketing advantage They talked to a supplier and they initiated the idea that the mountains on the label will turn blue to indicate that the beer is cold Help the company to promote sell and distribute its goods to final buyers 0 Resellers 0 Physical distribution firms help the company stock and move goods 0 Marketing services agencies 0 Financial intermediaries a financial institutions such as banks to help finance transactions Five types of markets that purchase a company39s goods and services Consumer Markets Business Markets Reseller Markets Government Markets International Markets U39IlgtUUNI are those who serve a target market with products and services that are viewed by consumers as being reasonable substitues Direct vs Indirect Competitors Competing brands under 1 roof 0 Example Abercrombie amp Fitch as the parent company and Hollister as the competing clothing company group that has an interest in or impact on an organization39s ability to achieve its objectives Citizenaction r a publics are Types of Pu bllCS Oftenlarger Citizen 7 than local Ann QCHOD l nllhlirc Tho VUUIIDJ I IIC teaher39s union wonbea citizenaction public Internal Publics Employees managers volunteers and the board of directors The Macroenvironment The company and all of the actors in the microenvironment operate in a larger macroenvironment of forces that shape opportunities and pose threats to the company There are 6 forces in the microenvironments of a company The Company s Macroenvironment Demographic forces The study of human populations in terms ofsize density location age gender race occ and other statistics upa on Marketers track changing age and family structures geographic population shifts educa1 characteristics and population diversity 0 Marketers need to track the changes in demographics because it could create a tn market needs A great deal of domestic date stemsfrom the census We watched a Levi39s commercial that only had women in it and it didn39t seem like it would be a commercial They are tryingto capture the audience ofwomen who are of different shapes ant ional endtothe ILeWB 3 sizes


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