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Week 2 Notes: 09-03

by: Keely Haggar

Week 2 Notes: 09-03 GEOL 1200 - 004

Keely Haggar
GPA 2.0
Physical Geography
Jake Armour

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About this Document

Here are Thursday's notes including all clicker questions and answers!
Physical Geography
Jake Armour
Class Notes
geography, natural geography, armour
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keely Haggar on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEOL 1200 - 004 at University of North Carolina - Charlotte taught by Jake Armour in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see Physical Geography in Foreign Language at University of North Carolina - Charlotte.

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Date Created: 09/03/15
Geology 1200 090315 Pretest due by midnight Monday Plate Tectonics Dynamic Study Module EC n MG Open for practice Attempt many times Why are earthquakes not detected deeper than 700 km a Seismic waves cannot travel that far b The pressures are too high to allow to break c The temperatures are too high to allow rock to break d Seismographs cannot pick up signals that far away When oceanic crust comes in contact with continental crust it subducts Types of Plate Boundaries gt Divergent Plate Boundaries gt Convergent Plate Boundaries o Destructive and violent 0 Old rock is being shortened or remelted 0 Evidence for plate subduction is the WadatiBenioff zone gt Transform Fault Boundaries o No new crust is created or destroyed 0 Most join two segments of a midocean ridge I ie The North American Plate and Pacific Plate San Andreas Fault California 0 Sliding and shearing Foci Where the energy in the earthquake originated where the crack or the fault ruptured The Moho Represents the boundary between the crust and mantle PeruChile Trench Due to the complex subduction process a lot of the Andes are volcanic Everest 29000 above sea level This is a land mass where neither succumbed to the other They both thickened and became shorter gt The collision of India and Asia produced the Himalayas Chain of active volcanos created by subducting oceanic lithosphere Eventually the continental crust of India converges with Tibet Resulting in the Himalayas Volcanic activity ended when subduction zone stopped subducting Testing the Plate Tectonics Model gt Evidence from ocean drilling gt Hot spots and mantle plumes o Caused by rising plumes of mantle material plume extra high temperature mantle 0 These hot spots can allow us to track plate motion both direction and rate I Mostly in oceanic crust because thinner


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