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Drugs of Abuse and Behavior - Week One Notes

by: Cristina Saiz

Drugs of Abuse and Behavior - Week One Notes PSYC 3346

Marketplace > University of Texas at El Paso > Psychlogy > PSYC 3346 > Drugs of Abuse and Behavior Week One Notes
Cristina Saiz
GPA 3.1
Drugs of Abuse and Behavior
Dr. Adolfo J. Alvarez

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About this Document

They're a week late but these are the notes I had from the first week of class. There's a lot of information that we covered so feel free to take a look! If you have any questions about anything se...
Drugs of Abuse and Behavior
Dr. Adolfo J. Alvarez
Class Notes
Drugs of Abuse and Behavior, Psychology, UTEP
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cristina Saiz on Thursday September 3, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 3346 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Dr. Adolfo J. Alvarez in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 102 views. For similar materials see Drugs of Abuse and Behavior in Psychlogy at University of Texas at El Paso.


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Date Created: 09/03/15
Week One Drugs of Abuse amp Behavior Drug any substance excluding food water sugar vitamins that affects or changes the forsttructure of the body andor function of the body Example cocaine changes the function of the body and repeated use can change the form of the body Toxin some drugs when taken in high dosages become a toxin to the body Active ingredient contain different chemicals the ingredient in the substance that produces the desired effect Drug Classifications APsychoactive drugs drugs that change 1 Cognitive Processes unobservable behaviors A emotions example if persontakes cocaine when they are sad the cocaine will make them become really happy B memory example Rohypnol causes loss of memory when drug is taken commonly known as date rape drug C thinkingreasoning D sensory perception example changes hearing vision senses substances such as LSD or peyote create visual hallucinations 2 Behaviors observable actions Example marijuana causes the user to get the munchies it slows you down makes you extremely giggly and laughable Abused drugs NonAbused drugs Cocaine because it produces pleasure it is an Zoloft amp Prozac antidepressants misused drugs easy drug to abuse of because people don t use them as recommended or intended example taking more than what is prescribed to you NonMedical use Medical Use Snorting cocaine Cocaine being medically used for nose surgeries because it helps with the bleeding Abused Addictive Drinking every day or night after work to help you When life revolves around the drug and you sleep easy cannot do anything until you ve had your fix LSD not typically used daily but still abused Nicotine the active ingredient in tobacco NonPsychoactive Drugs Aspirin changes pain m pain Penicillin when a person is sick it changes chemicals in the body to balance them back to normal Both aspirin and penicillin can be misused drugs Legality enforced by the states federal government DEA Marinol is synthetic THC that is federally allowed to be sold 3 Major Classes of Drugs Stimulants aka uppers stimulate the nervous system accelerate the nervous system euphoria produce energy boost grandiosity decreased sleep decreased hungerappetite Examples cocaine crack cocaine Adderall prescribed for ADD crystal meth coffee as mild stimulant nicotine mild stimulant depending on the dosage and the drug type it may not cause certain effects such as euphoria Depressants downers bring you down slow down the nervous system euphoria like alcohol relaxation sleep Examples alcohol barbituates some time ago was used to produce relaxation and help a person sleep Valium used for anxiety is categorized as a Benzodiazapine inhalants gas paint thinners some markers Narcotic analgesics reduce pain but cause euphoric effect amp can be abused such as Vicodin amp Oxycontin Hallucinogens generally some can stimulate the nervous system Defined as a sensory experience without external stimulation dreams amp migraines are examples of hallucinations without the use of a drug Heterogeneous dig the effects vary hallucinations illusions quotnew insights to the meaning of life communion with human kind Examples LSD PCP peyote magic mushrooms marijuana mild hallucinogen DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Lists disorders and the symptoms associated with each different disorder Has 10 categories of drugs 1 Alcohol 2 Caffeine 3 Cannabis 4 Hallucinogens 5 Inhalants 6 Opioidsnarcotic analgesics fall under this category 7 Sedatives Hypnotics amp Anxiolytics anxiety 8 Stimulants 9 Tobacco 10 Other for drugs that don t fit any category such as anabolic steroids DEA breaks them down into 5 categories not necessary to remember won t be on the test anabolic steroids depressants hallucinogens narcotics stimulants Origin of drugs Natural found in nature cocaine derived from coca plant marijuana amp tobacco mushrooms bufotenine produced by Colorado River Toad produces hallucinations Synthetic man made methodone for addicts to wean off heroin crystal meth SemiSynthetic derived from natural drugs heroin which is made from morphine obtained from opium in poppies Drugs Names Botanical Names Opium poppy9 Papaver somniferum somniferum comes from the word sleep BrandTrade Names Sarafem amp Prozac drug name fluoxetine9 chmically they re the same but they re named differently because they come from different companies Brand name will always be capitalized Chemical Names LSD dLysergic acid Diethylamide 25 Marijuana Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol THC Chemical Formula Names Alcohol CZHGO Street Names Heroin H smack dope chiva or tecata in Mexico Dope can also be a generalized name for all drugs sometimes too


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