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Week Two Notes - Spanish Colonialism and Resistance

by: Alea Stutz

Week Two Notes - Spanish Colonialism and Resistance 160D

Marketplace > Montana State University - Bozeman > History > 160D > Week Two Notes Spanish Colonialism and Resistance
Alea Stutz

GPA 3.93
Intro to the American West
Amanda Hendrix Komoto

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About this Document

Notes on the characteristics of Spanish colonialism, the long-term reasons for uprisings against it, and details on the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. Includes the aftermath of the revolt, and the eventual...
Intro to the American West
Amanda Hendrix Komoto
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alea Stutz on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 160D at Montana State University - Bozeman taught by Amanda Hendrix Komoto in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see Intro to the American West in History at Montana State University - Bozeman.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Intro to the American West Week Two Notes Spanish Colonization of the American West 1528 Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca o Lands in Florida 0 Native tribes chase him away too intrusive Stranded on the coast of Texas and enslaved for 8 years 0 After freed travels the southwest as a magical healer Starts spreading stories of a hidden city of gold called Cibola 1541 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Hears of de Vaca and searches for Cibola Sees himself as a quotdivine conquerorquot Reacts to native resistance with extreme violence torture and killing 1598 Don Juan de Onate Tells natives of New Mexico they are subjects of the Spanish Empire 0 Lead political conquests along with missionary religious work Establishes permanent stay in American West for Spain Spanish gifted helpful natives with entire villages to run Leading native got to reap the bene ts of cropseconomic output but was supposed to payfeed all the people in his encomendero But since the Spanish depleted the food supply people in the encomenderos often starved Bene ts of Spanish Presence Characteristics of Spanish occupancy 1 Healing foreign diseases 2 Protection from other tribes 3 More supplies to trade 4 Employment opportunities as apprentices in the new towns 5 Access to weaponry Enforced religioussocial changes over existing systems Deprived tribes economically Increased violence among local tribes disparity with weapons Severe punishments for disobedience Enforcement of religion Destruction of land gold searching Changes to jobs and society Spread of disease Encomendero towns established Violence towards The Pueblo Revolt 1680 Reasons for Revolt Characteristics of Revolt Drought when the Spanish came sign from Gods Spanish violence Disease from Spanish Promise from Pope o More crops 0 Return to old social structure 0 Free from forced labor Fluid communication between 24 towns Nonverbal messages via smoke signals Known number of participants before attack Set date of attack 100 miles worth of villages involved across 6 languages Spaniards towns are illprepared isolated farms The remains of a church after the revolt of 1680 Rundown of Events Tribes steal horses 0 Halt communication between Spanish towns 0 Move quickly from town to town Tribes disgrace Spanish towns 0 Churches destroyed 0 Dead bodies left burning o Idols offended Spaniards retreat to Santa Fe 0 9 day siege blockade of food and water broken on August 21 0 Spanish survivors travel on foot to El Paso in the attempted Acoma Pueblo Revolt of 1975 47 medicine men were arrested 13 men executed 500 womenchildren enslaved and all men of the village had one foot chopped off Pope was one of 43 medicine man who was released He lead the revolution of 1680 After the Revolt Tribes acceptadopt some Spanish traditions o Livestock textiles crops 0 Expansion of ranchesfarming techniques Eradicate Christianity kill 2123 missionaries Spark other small revolts until 1696 o Pima Nueva Leon Quilme Collapse of the Pueblo Alliance Drought continues after Pueblo Revolt doubting Pope s word Internal con ict within Pueblo raids for foodsupplies Outside tribes Utes and Apache attack Pueblo 1693 Don Diego de Vargos o tasked with recolonizing American SouthWest brought 100 soldiers 70 families 13 friars limited violence since Pueblo was weak rst town established 1695 complete reconquer by 1698 0000 New Spanish Colonialism quotSpirit of Accommodationquot 0 more tolerant of existing socialreligious standards 0 replace Encomendero system with quotRepartimientoquot towns where natives work for overseer every OTHER year 0 encourage religious practices but do not enforce them over existing traditions Use Pueblo land as a buffer zone between Spanish empire and FrenchBritish colonies 0 Protect valuable mines in Mexico Forced labor continues 0 Hire Pueblo tribes to capture Utes and Apache natives for as Spanish slaves 0 Growth of Indian slave trade 0 Atmosphere of violence and rape Racial classes based on parentage o Spanishindian indianAfrican mixedspsnish etc o Determined education availability job possibility


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