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by: Erica Kugler
Erica Kugler
GPA 4.0
Special Topics: Cybercriminology
Kellin Treadway

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About this Document

Notes over hackers and the hacking subculture
Special Topics: Cybercriminology
Kellin Treadway
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erica Kugler on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJ 290 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Kellin Treadway in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 110 views. For similar materials see Special Topics: Cybercriminology in Criminal Justice at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.

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Date Created: 09/04/15
Computer Hackers and Hacking 0 World Wide Web analogy 0 WWW building 0 Web pages rooms within the building 0 Hackers people w or wo access to the rooms depends on type of hacker I Two types of hackers internal and external 0 Internal have authorization to access a computertechnology device Can use access to cause harm intentionally or inadvertently o Externals do not have authorization to access a computertech device 0 A hack typically involves modificationalteration of computer hardsoftware to enable technology to be used in a new way whether for legitimate or illegitimate purposes 0 Not all hacks are technical I Shoulder surfing gt steal info by looking over someone s shoulder I Social engineering gt prey on people s weaknesses to have them divulge info 0 Kevin Minnick hacker prosocial engineer 0 Many hacks involve using vulnerabilities o Vulnerability flaw in hardsoftware point of compromise present in all technology 0 Exploit use vulnerability to carry out an exploit which is a program that takes advantage of vulnerabilities to give a hacker access to unauthorized systems 0 Hacking can take on the form of theft espionage terror and fraud 0 Hacker individual wprofound interest in computerstechnology 0 Person uses that knowledge to access computer systems w or wo authorization from the system owner 0 Hacker Circumflex gt hackers are a diverse group diff skillknowledge levels and motivation o NV novice 0 CP cyberpunk 0 PT petty thieves 0 VW virus writers 0 OG old guard 0 PC procriminal o W info warrior 0 PA political activities hacktivist o Motivations for hacking revenge financial curiosity and notoriety I Revenge VW lies on most skilled line of the hacker circamplex circle I Financial PC lies on most skilled line of the hack circamplex circle WPT lie below most skilled line I Curiosity OG lies on most skilled line of hacker circamplex cirle NV lies near the center of the circle I Notoriety PA lies on most skilled line of hacker circamplex circle CP lies below the most skilled line 0 Novices are also called quotscript kiddies 0 take the work of others apply it to a system and see what happens 0 cyberpunks deal mainly with webpage defacement virtual graffiti 0 Old Guard old school hacker hacks for good purposes generally not malicious in nature 0 Different types of hackers based on legality of actions 0 White hat hacker person who hacks but has authorization to do so 0 Black hat hacker person who hacks wo authorization to do so I Malicious hackers 0 Gray hat hackers act in ways that can be white hat or black hat depends on intent o Hackers gt what do they look like in reallife 0 Range of education levels 0 Majority are male 0 Not necessarily socially isolation have onoff line relationships wother hackers o Victims of hacking 0 Nature of attack depends on basis of the targets I Nonnationstate actors act wo state sponsorship and have no connection to an organization win the government or military 0 These hackers target businesses and home users I Nationstate actors act wstate sponsorship and thus have connections to the government andor military 0 These hackers target other governments and the military of other states History of hacking 0 1950s emergence of technology hacker as a word est at MIT o hacker referred to people who worked to find solutions to speed up processing systems 0 1960s hacking as a counterculture ideal hacker ethic o Hacker ethic I Access to computerstechnology I Information should be free and available to all people I Mistrust of authority I Hackers should be judged solely by their skills I Can create beauty on a computer hacking can be an art form I Computers can change life for the better I core belief information should be openfree for people to understand how things work people should hack in order to identify ways of improvement 0 1970s 1St computer crime laws est Computer Crimes Act of 1978 Notion of hacking moved into the home wemergence of home PCs Phone phreaking gt expression of discontent wphone companies I Ex Captain Crunch John Draper whistle pitch allowed free calls 0 1980s PCs video game systems BBS bulletin board systems Hacker Manifesto o Hacker Manifesto gt procriminal hacking in order to make info available to all people I Written by The Mentor o Hacker vs cracker gt hackers build things crackers break things 0 1990s hacking becomes more malicious rise of computer security industries 0 Phishing schemes become more common I Email scams to obtain a person s financial info ex Nigerian prince asking for S 0 Rise in hactivism hacks for politicalideological purposes 0 Rise in DDoS attacks DDoS distributed denial of service gt overload a server 0 Conflict between malicious hackers and ethical hackers I Divide between those who follow Hacker Manifesto and Hacker Ethics Code 0 2000s to present globalization of technology critical infrastructure protection to guard from attacks Titan Rain attacks gt nationstate actors Chinese hacked the US TJ Maxx hacks gt stole company and customer info data breaches Operation Bot Roast gt by FBI track down computers wmalicious software Hacker Subculture o 3 tenetsnorms that structure hacker behavior technology knowledge and secrecy 0 These three tenets structure the behavior of both malicious and ethical hackers 0 Technology hacker spaces I Hackers operate onoffline and have social connections 0 Virtual web pages forums 0 Real conferences meetings 0 Knowledge I Goal of hackers expand their knowledge of technology I Names about hackers regarding skill and knowledge level 0 Cracker gt less skilled more focused on destruction 0 Ex webpage defacement 0 Usually cyberpunks o Lamer noob novice hacker who is just starting out o Blackwhitegray hat hacker 0 Script kiddie gt beginning hacker like a novice 0 Usually engage in web defacement o Secrecy I Use nicknames quothandlesquot to represent self in digital world conceal true ID I Handles can be idealsconcepts or projection of hacker s attitude Laws about hacking 0 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act 0 Keywords 0 Blackhat hacker I Unethical hacker exploit vulnerabilities 0 Bulletin board system BBS I Online location for the sharing of hacking infoskills Chaos Communication Congress CCC I Hacker conference Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section CCIPS Computer Fraud and Abuse Act CFAA I Federal law against cybercrime Convention on Cybercrime CoC I 1st international treaty addressing cybercrime I Standardized national laws on cybercrime offenses Crack I Malicious hack Cracker I Deviantmalicious hackers break crack into networks Denial of service I Program that renders communication services useless I Type of civil disobedience for politicalsocial agenda Exploit I Program that takes advantage of vulnerabilities so a hacker can gain access Grayhat hacker I Hacker wmixed unethica motives I Lack of consistency in hacking behavior shifts between good and bad Hack I Change in computer hardsoftware to be used in a new way Hacker I Person who gains access to systems either w or wo authorization Hacker ethic I Ideology for hacking that emerged in the 1960s 0 Access to computerstechnology o All info should to free and open to all 0 Mistrust authority 0 Hackers should be judged by their hacking skill alone 0 Beauty can be created from computers 0 Computers can better people s lives The Hacker Manifesto I Prohacking even if it breaks the law I The ends gaining information justify the means breaking in wo authorization I Written by The Mentor Handle I Nickname a hacker has when online Nationstate actor I Hacker who acts wthe sponsorship of a government Nonnationstate actor I Hacker who acts in the absence of state sponsorship the average hacker Noob I Nickname for a new hacker wlittle skill Phishing I Email scam to gain a person s financial info Phreakphreaking I Tampering wphone networks I Ex Captain Crunch John Draper Red teams I Hackers that work to identify vulnerabilities and make systems more secure Script kiddie novice I Play aroundexperiment with hacking tools Shoulder surfing I Hackingstealing info by looking over a person s should while heshe is online Social engineering I Preying on people s vulnerabilitiesweaknesses to get them to divulge info I Kevin Mitnick Pro social engineering skills added in his hacking Vulnerability I Flaw in the system that hackers can use to gain access to conduct exploits Warez I Pirated software and material Whitehat hacker I Ethical hacker find and fix vulnerabilities


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