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Week 2 Notes

by: Jaclyn Barker

Week 2 Notes Comm 325

Jaclyn Barker
GPA 2.902
Kendra Mann

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About this Document

Kendra Mann
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jaclyn Barker on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Comm 325 at Ball State University taught by Kendra Mann in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Interviewing in Communication at Ball State University.

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Date Created: 09/04/15
Comm 325 Week 2 Notes 91 Ch 2 An interpersonal Communication Process I ji39l The Interview Parties s They connect in the middle Relational Dimensions Similarity have in common with Interviewer lnclusion feel included chance to speak LikinglAffection being respectful Control essential to interview Trust most essential to interview Global Relationships Gender in Relationships Interchanging RoIes During Interviews Directive Approach Interviewer directs with questions and controls time Nondirective Approach Interviewee takes control Combination Approach Perceptions of the Interviewer and Interviewee Perceptions of self Self concept Self identity Self esteem Selffulfilling prophecy Cuture and Gender Differences Perceptions of the other party Communication Interactions Levels of Interactions Level 1 exchanging safe topics Level 2 Deeper topics exchanges but not full disclosure Level 3 Discussing topics with full disclosure SelfDisclosure Gender Cuture Verbal Interactions Terms Multiple Meanings spelling the same but interpreted differences Ambiguities words hard to define Sound alikes words that have different meanings but sound alike Connotations way it sounds can be negative or positive Jargon language used in a field by specific people Euphemisms make words sound nice in replace of a bad word Naming crucial Power Words Regional and Role Differences Gender Differences Global Differences Nonverbal Interactions Gender and Culture Differences Feedback Listening for comprehension Listening for empathy Listening for evaluation Listening for resolution The Interview Situation 93 Ch 3 nitiating the Interview Perceptions Tlme of day week and year Place Surroundings Territoriality Questions and their uses Open vs Closed Questions Open highly opengives Interviewee open range Moderately opentopic is more restricted AdvantagesDisadvantages get to know you form of ice breaker understand how to handle situations reveal infor that you didn t know time consuming might be uncomfortable Closed Moderately closedsmall bits of info Highly closedvery direct questions usually yesno answers AdvantagesDisadvantages direct answers saves time feel uncomfortable ess personal Bipolar Questions either open or closed Types of Probing Questions Silent probes someone doesn t give enough info allowed to sitin silence Nudging probes use short phrases to encourage the continuation of the conversation Clearinghouse probes clearing out categories lnformational probes questions to get more info follow up to tell more Restatement probes reask the questions if they weren t answered Reflective probes check for clarification Mirror probes a summarization of the conservation Neutral and Leading Questions not giving a choice Loaded Questions more trapped Common Question Pitfalls The Bipolar Trap asked the question but wanted more info The Tell Me Everything The Open to Closed Switch The DoubleBarreled Inquisition The Leading Push The Guessing Game The YesNo Response The Curious Probe ask a question that is irrelevant The Quiz Show testing knowledge Complexity vs Simplicity The Don t Ask Don t Tell


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