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Music: Chapter 2 notes

by: elzbietaag

Music: Chapter 2 notes MUNM 1113 003

Marketplace > University of Oklahoma > Music > MUNM 1113 003 > Music Chapter 2 notes
GPA 3.76
The Understanding of Music
Dr. Armand Ambrosini

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About this Document

Everything we talked about in class with a few extra notes.
The Understanding of Music
Dr. Armand Ambrosini
Class Notes
MUNM-1113-003 - The Understanding of Music
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by elzbietaag on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUNM 1113 003 at University of Oklahoma taught by Dr. Armand Ambrosini in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see The Understanding of Music in Music at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
The Understanding of Music Chapter 2 The Middle Ages The Middle Ages often used to cover the entire period the Medieval Period this word was invented in the 19th century or the Dark Ages often used for the early part up to 1000 a period of roughly 1000 years from 476 when the last Roman Emperor was overthrown to 1453 when Constantinople the capital of the eastern half of the Roman Empire fell to the Turks Feudalism was a political division of territory into units that was based on a system of vassalage modeled on the church s system of vassalage Chain of power Power of God i I i King Pope emporer it i i i Duke t Feudal lords pr39eSts amp aroris o1 deacons CO rts i Pope Gregory the Great 540604 directed a codi cation of Christian practices so they would be brought to universal conformity o Gregorian chant or o Plainsong or o Plainchant or o Chant Each mass the most important service by far was made up of many chants each fulling a separate function 0 Alleluia from the mass for Christmas Day CD1 2 1 common people serfs I Extra Notes The medieval folks were much more able to accept the unknownuncertainties l The Understanding of Music Didn t change the information 0 Word for word copies Roman catholic church hasn t changed much since those times and that it extremely true Pope Gregory discovered musical manuscripts Each mass has many chants Mass proper changes every day Mass ordinary never changes Gregorian chant 0 Latin Flexible rhythm Church mode pitches plays down sense of do Monophonic texture Male only voices women should be silent in church Poetic ambiance 00000 The rise of Polyphony sequences amp tropes o Organum earliest type of polyphony consists of Gregorian Chant and one or more additional melodic lines added above it Parallel organum the added voice exactly paralleled the original chant note against note at the interval of a 4th or 5th Free organum more independent voices the added voice might develop its own melodic curve contrary motion Melismatic organum the lower voice utilizes a phrase of Gregorian chant each note of which is greatly prolonged while the upper voices elaborate freely against each prolonged note The Notre Dame Composers Leonin c11251202 and Perotin c11801238 o 2 Perotin Organum quadruplum serdunt CD1 8 Rhythmic modes used Extra notes 0 quotChurchquot refers to the body of Christ 0 The idea of chanting can be traced to every origin until Gregory truly de ned it 0 Tribes used to chant to eachother 0 Open space in church mysteries of faith 0 Pride an over high opinion of oneselfthe rst of the 7 deadly sins 0 Gossip stems from pride 0 Stained glass is supposed to tell a biblical story 0000 OO O The Understanding of Music Adding new material on top of old material Celebrate Saints for all cities Seguence one thing after another Trope entirely new composition stuck between old composition Parallel never crosses Free is independent Melasmatic lower slow 0 Medieval Secular Music 0 3 Bemart de Ventadorn c11501180 Con Vei a Lauzeta Moverquot CD1 4 Secular songs The troubadours poetcomposers ourished primarily in southern France during the 12th and 13th centuries and entertained the upper classes Their primary poetical concern was the idea of courtly ove Strophic form vs through composed exible monophonic church modes oxyton ove messages 0 4 Philippe de Vitry 12911361 Garrit Gullusln Nava Fert CD1 5 Secular polyphony The motet a polyphonic secular composition with at least one sacred Latin text adding secular material on top of sacred material sorhytm pieces constructed with a voice comprised of a color borrowed repeating melodic line and a quottaleaquot repeated rhythmic pattern are called isorhythmic one voice presents both recurrent rhythmic and melodic material Ars Nova Vs Ars Antiqua Roman de Fauvel magic donkey Grants your wish it always comes true Age of anxiety Age of corruption Age of warefa re Period that suffered from illness King Phillip the fth of France By the end of this period there were 3 popes so means similar The Understanding of Music Ars Nova means new art


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