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Week 1 Notes

by: Taylar Saul

Week 1 Notes Life 102

Taylar Saul
Attributes of Living Systems
Stephen Stack

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About this Document

Attributes of Living Systems
Stephen Stack
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylar Saul on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Life 102 at Colorado State University taught by Stephen Stack in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Life 102 Week 1 828 Diversity of Life and Evolution Taxonomy Attempts to organize the diversity of life Life 3 domains Bacteria o Prokaryote No nucleus 0 Unicellular Archaea o Prokaryote o Distinctive Eukarya All of the listings below are known as Kingdoms o Animalia o Plantae 0 Fungi o Protists Evolution is the overarching theme of Biology The scientific evidence shows that all organisms living on earth are modified descendants Earliest life 35 billion years ago Accounts for the similarity and diversity The Chemical Context of Life Matter Anything that has mass and takes up space 25 chemical elements are essential for life 96 of living matter is Listed in order of which element has a larger 0 Oxygen O 0 Carbon C 0 Hydrogen H o Nitrogen N All protons have the exact same negative charge Proton Neutron Life 102 Week 1 Electron Atomic mass The weight of protons and neutrons EX httpwwwchemteaminfoAtomicStructureNuclearSymbolhtml Atomic Number of protons in nucleus EX In URL above 83 1 Isotopes Some are unstable regarding their nucleus Atomic reactions Involve nucleus The neutron ejects an electron Chemical reactions Involves electron surrounding nucleus generates energy breaks makes molecules Energy is being Energy is being AbSOFbEd ReleaSEd Every element has orbitals or shells The shells contain the electrons that belong to the element Depending on the element it can have a large amount of shells but for this class we are only studying elements that have up to 3 shells The first shell is called 1s orbital and can contain up to 2 electrons The 2nd shell and so on can contain up to 8 electrons The 2nd shell contains a 2s orbital which is more of a circular orbit and a 2p orbital Which is more of a figure 8 orbit The 3rd shell also contains both a 3s orbital and a 3p orbital Valence Electrical charge an atom has when it is either full or empty on its outer shell Outer most shell Involves chemical reaction Contains valence electrons Life 102 Week 1 Inert elements Neutrality hlas filled the shell Notice the outer shell 23 is not full In order for the element Carbon to be full it either EX needs to get rid of 4 or gain 4 electrons So C Electronegative Strong tendency to pick up electrons Covalent bond Sharing electrons Molecule 2 or more atoms Important Losing electrons is much easier than gaining Ionic bonding Elements involved become ions Ion Atoms or molecule that carries one or more full electric charges


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