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Week 2 Notes

by: Jonathan Warburton

Week 2 Notes History 103

Jonathan Warburton
History 103
Sharony Green

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About this Document

Week 2 notes HY103
History 103
Sharony Green
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jonathan Warburton on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to History 103 at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Sharony Green in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see History 103 in History at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Day 5 Key Question 0 What motivated the English to settle in the Americas There was religious and social turmoil but both were trumped by the lure of riches Things you should be interested in 0 Critical turning points 0 Idea of freedom Freedom to move through space in hunt of food Paleolndians indigenous people Freedom to move through space in hunt of riches a new route Freedom 0 Colonist Which ones In 1607 Jamestown found by English 0 Was named afterJames 1 of England Bible named after him By the 157039s English transoceanic voyages take place Sir Walter Raleigh o Discovers outer banks of Virginia 0 Lands on Roanoke Island Virginia Company 0 English stock company created by King James to establish colonial settlement in North America 0 Governed by a board of directors who are in England and not in the colony o Dissolved in 1624 Indentured servant 0 People who exchanged working in Virginia for housing clothing food and eventually land Contract Servants o Servants of the Virginia Company 0 Often included hazardous work 0 Abuse was not unheard of with indentured servants women included 0 People who settle in Virginia were people who were unwanted tain John Smith An English soldier The initial leader ofJamestown quotYou don39t work you don39t eatquot Saved the colony 0 Saved by Pocahontas from being executed Most 16th century Europeans were not worried about what country they39re from but actually they identi ed by how they worshipped English Puritans o Landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 Cap 0 O O 0 Day 6 King James o In 1611 King James orders new printing of the Bible 0 Key Question 0 How did the early colonies compare to one another The colonies were sometimes similar but also different politically socially and economically House of Tudor 0 Henry VII 14851509 0 Henry VIII 1509 1547 0 Edward VI 15471553 0 Mary I 15531558 0 Elizabeth I Virgin Queen 1558 1603 0 Anne Hutchinson o Puritan women who claims that she has special powers Kicked out of Massachusetts colony Challenged patriarchal authority Killed in attack from Native Americans 0 US Chronology o 1607 Jamestown founded 1607 24000 Algonquians in Virginia 1617 20000 lbs of tobacco exported 1620 Pilgrims arrive in Plymouth 1621 350000 lbs of tobacco exported 1630 Massachusetts Bay Colony founded o 1669 2000 Algonquians in Virginia 0 First women and enslaved people arrive in Virginia in 1610 and 1619 respectively 0 Nathaniel Bacon 0 In 1676 Bacon leads a rebellion in Virginia Centered around his desire to have land 0 William Berkeley Royal Governor of Virginia Denied Nathaniel Bacon land Proposed to build a fort to protect from natives Declares Bacon guilty of treasons 0 Wanted to be the governor of Virginia and wanted to prosper from deer skin trade 0 Promised freedoms to indentured servants to get them to join in his rebellion 0 Burns down Jamestown because Berkeley found him guilty of treason Chesapeake o The region is shaped by its location next to the Chesapeake Bay 0 Virginia and Maryland Was known for tobacco cultivation 00000 0 Key ways the colonies were set up Joint stock company Colony is set up by a company 0 Ex Virginia and Massachusetts Bay Proprietary governmentA charter that is held by and individual or group 0 Ex Maryland Lord Baltimore is their founder Land grant Colony is set up via a grant 0 Ex Plymouth 0 In their case their church is their government New England colonies o Largely inhabited by people able to pay their way to Americas 0 Middle Class settlers o Balanced malefemale ratio 0 Generally came here for religious reasons 0 Known for sh not growing crops Pilgrims o Radical Puritans who arrived in Plymouth Massachusetts in 1620 The 1630 arrival of the Massachusetts Bay Colony Puritans gure into a massive migration of some 80000 Briton to new settlements over the next decade The Massachusetts Bay Colony set the stage for the rest of New England to develop usually Roger Williams 0000 Banished from Massachusetts Bay Colony Founded Rhode Island Thought the English church was corrupt Rhode Island is the smallest of the colonies It was known as the rst settlement in America to allow freedom of religion One of the most important slave trade locations How did the early colonies compare to one another 0 Economically different Virginia and Maryland tobacco is primary crop whereas New England colonies generally contribute sh to the colonial economy Politically different Virginia and Massachusetts Bay are joint stock companies while Maryland is a proprietary one Plymouth39s government is their church Rhode Island buys land from indigenous people Socially different In Virginia men outnumber women In New England people often settle for religious reasons have bigger middle class no planter elite Socially similar Women and people of color are eventually generally oppressed in all colonies although not initially in Rhode Island Religion is critical issue in New England


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