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Class 2-4 Notes

by: Sofia Carrillo

Class 2-4 Notes BUS 200

Sofia Carrillo
GPA 4.0
Intro to Business for Non-Business Majors

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About this Document

Notes for classes 2-4 BUS 200
Intro to Business for Non-Business Majors
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sofia Carrillo on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BUS 200 at University of Miami taught by Spiegelman in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 103 views. For similar materials see Intro to Business for Non-Business Majors in Business at University of Miami.

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Date Created: 09/04/15
3 32615 lmro nquot Pousm essiass Q i h economy 335mm 4 pmdudion oPgocdS Suufces E lunumicsr 311 0 how a 300th was HS Sana magmas h pschL 0 Dyi ht r S P pioduchonm nputs 20 iht prcdbcj o PIUCESS ljwcluclio pro dlsrlbu c 8 Sewices 6635 S M 00419 7th Service jog pmduca I r I ylabord human inpl 39 th am produdion Pmcess ex lucuiij 0d a Umws g 0nd thlu ri Jim 2 MUS mpukcm GbFCH39S quot39 Wished upHal madnndrb equipmen quot m0 L uml 1169 023 l and PM 313 minamiwcder Him 1mgmu 6635115 Usabli m mm awm1 3mm human sowc 8 PEan who mm in an 0 an39ilzalim of On HS banal Hin rrtprmwr shipacombina ricn 0939 innua on Mimiw as willingncss 0 qut39 AW msKS equired Jm treadt 4 cpefate um busmgses how 3w 013011126 1911331 ml 4 apumt is mpcran 6 dLLJlmmi N chvi OLHpuk giHyeemmLUKEh LC ems1 amount Saskm in which a cnsicns Ckbtt MM 10 Patina in what quaniiheis are ciufdzd Ix Jth mm b mags eccapt39mhsnv MEWS Priua owmu39 hip quotH L prcduchon igl nm d 81im q 313360quot m mhfch Hm 3cu 4 CU The13 MUSquotc of in Radars c pmduch on 5 ri tjulCL les ih 1f allocmon ti ggfmtialism39a tonemic SJS em C HaMGEt Sad 36 Puth c ul if gh P g Ka musmes Qm nbimdkw h pnwdc owmship t cpm 39icn a less m ch39L i dbSh ms 5J quotiScaJ39pU liojquot po nuj implanmwad b39 m presidlmk39 m Congress v mm bLJ m gcu k etcnomic PDIiLLj enumd39f th presidinlr m mam in vlho Wm 11th 3m nah oiling qcvquotr spin mg 4quot J mxam Plaid1M C C dimmm m acmemt an hrs own minwcnefarbwpchqi21Pubic waded D3 cmkral banIQCmWJK 047 mmj EMS i Em Gi39d ir do 56 M lo 0 mazst ri es quotm 12 Ei nbmf w Scanned by CamScanner mien r V r hi haijESL CLJtampSwSQw be com twice Q Sa w gJmQg Jmparzmnt wflm com39roL OP business chkesww w H H a u dyg ons ccoxnmom ngmomingraegesmgngt quot lSmC i39CLLb6SYlK bemdLo 80vtrnorsEEDHHJndWECtE mw h h w S EumpmmccmmjmbanKmf gi maF Scanned by CamScanner 33115 if m W fu usma e a 39 emzes39 3 ice a cSUPPlEjE Demand HCUWE I 0 5 demand 1 Gad qua h39hj a 39CUNQTJrhUE l snochan efmtdeman d quot price 906 up guamihj s dema goes up mo39rc mmon aduwnwardslop equot l hd wand J L Upward slope would be Some chin like SioCkS w n Gk meow him o bugmings hod are expensm aim ood3hmanupwmdslopm f hi w W pricallma more desirabu H S m a Carmin marker 1 SU v39l39 cww 539 ram 39Ions nip bcween quotWit price 139 Jrht amnh fhe rms qre willing to Supplg quan nm apalon Jme suppILjCuw supplgd0 502tchan8 a 4hr gym m supmg changzs Smolij C1er doasn amp shi Jr Them 8 a movemem along 4m cuwe Wt ml 1 ShiilJr Huceaui limf 39w i winercn themando Q 5i suppzj cums I39n raseclr Svpphj demand Shims Up 41gt Jrhe 14M Incrwse 7 0 subsiiiu m could mm 39M cum Scanned by CamScanner 39 QRIS Ll Li r rjcrmm 600C132 7 SUPWEj i Demand nwme goes ff 1 a nicer podC4 L4 demand Br baseball cards 39 demand 7 man 0 make people hin1lt he price IS going UP rods 6 anWQ 3amp5 4 demand Pbr 300d Sees dawn P S P 3 Wng Teshaueshonj km a5 Q Q equilibriummqu ar i tjv Eexpeamion or rising prices s D 531 of labor 90in L could Cause 34m Suppl uwkgfo ShiH down o jaxes w a TmCDmc mse Cal 651 pa wll jsaks Scanned by CamScanner


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