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Week 2 CLAS 220

by: Hayley

Week 2 CLAS 220 CLAS 220 001

GPA 3.35
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne

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About this Document

This is the 2nd week of notes for CLAS 220. They consist of material covered in lecture and material out of the book.
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne
Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hayley on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 220 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Jason Osborne in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne Week2 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology Birth of Zeus Cronus marries Rhea 0 Have Zeus Hestia Demeter Hera Hades Poseidon Circumvention of Fate 0 He believes his Children will take over so he eats them all but Zeus Counsel of Uranus amp Gaia o Zeus is replaced w stone so he doesn t eat him 0 Hidden in Crete Chapter 4 Zeus Rise to power 0 Hesiod says there are more Greek Gods than most humans know or can name Zeus amp Cronus Zeus over throws his father Cronus he didn t eat him 0 Forces him to regurgitate his brothers and sisters 0 Theme Children overcome parents The Titanomachy Gods V Titans 0 Zeus wages war against father with his brothers and sisters 0 Hecatonchires and Cyclopes included Zeus released them from their imprisonment in the Earth where their father Uranus had locked them in Hecatonchires invaluable 100 hands hurlers Cyclopes forged Zeus lighting bolts 0 Cronus Allied with Titans Except Themis According to Hesiod Clymene is the mother of Prometheus According to Aeschylus Themis is the mother and her son Prometheus a They allied with Zeus o Page 8081 Gigantomachy Zeus V Giants GiantsEarth made 0 Challenged Gods 0 Born when blood from castration of Uranus hit the ground 0 Giants called Gegeneis Fierce and terrible war Varying details 0 Zeus defeats Giants and imprisons them inside volcanoes that s why volcanoes erupt 0 Theme Civilization overcoming barbarism Battle with Typhoeus CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne WeekZ 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology Typhoeus had 100 serpent heads 100 different voices and shoots fire from all of his eyes Very vicious and dangerous As soon as he was born Zeus began to attack it Battle was very intense and melted much of Earth Zeus defeated Typhoeus and threw him into tartarus underworldexist after mortal lifequotbad placequot Creation of Mortals 0 Created and molded by Prometheus Given life by Athena Mortals were of earth and water Crude earth shaped into rational beings Mixed with reason 0 Greek humanrational and always thinking 5 Ages of Men 0 HesiodOldest teller of myths Humans created by immortal Gods Olympus Gods Book was Work and Daysquot 1 Age of Gold times were things were golden good Existed under Cronus Carefree without turmoil Died in sleep 0 Inhabit earth as holy spirits ward off evil 2 Age of Silver Arrogance Children who lived for 100 years 0 Lived a short time as adult because of senselessness and irrationality Arrogant and didn t worship immortals 0 Hidden away by Zeus and covered over by earth 3 Age of Bronze kind of like Teenage yearsquot 0 Warlike followed Ares Didn t eat bread 0 Stable society was marked by bread eaters 0 Bread amp life are connected 0 Spent afterlife in Hades 4 Age of Heroes 0 Valiant in war more then just all bronze Had brains Demi gods 0 Age of war against Thebes Trojan war Dwell in Isle of Blessed CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne Week2 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology Ruled by Cronus released from bonds 5 Age of Iron 0 Age of current humans lifeTurmoil and hardships etc Good amp Evil Dishonored Gods 0 Parents were in conflict with children 0 Those who can fight will fight 0 Might equated w right 0 Praised from evil 0 Shame will not exist 0 Eventually be overthrown everything will come to an end for this age Prometheus p 88 Iapetus amp Clymene Sexual Union 0 PrometheusGenius Protector of Man Helped Zeus in war against Cronus Fills connections with humans and helps them 0 EpimetheusIdiot Brother After though Tricked Zeus On humanities behalf 0 Zeus needs sacrifice Wrapped flesh and fat in ox hide Wraps bone in fat Zeus was never deceived and knew what he was doing but chose bone in fat Humans kept flesh and fat Humanity is punished for trying to deceive Zeus Zeus will deny them Prometheus gives them funnel stalk so humanity can have fire 0 Zeus is furious and Bounds Prometheus to a rock and a Eagle eats his liver everyday for it only to grow back and be eaten again COO 0000 Summary of Prometheus 0 Known to help man 0 Pandora Pandora mortal All gifted one 0 Punishment for mankind 0 Man had fire now CLAS 220 4 Prof Iason Osborne WeekZ 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology Zeus needed revenge Hephaestus created modest maidenquot out of earth 0 Face of immortal God 0 Skills of weaving 0 Athena clothed her put garlands on head and crown o Page 91 0 She was created beautifully Athena but had the personality of a bitch meaning dog shameless you couldn t trust her and overall was a terrible person 0 Beautiful but evil 0 Gods gave her bunch of gifts and a jar of evil 0 She was given to Epimetheus Prometheus s brother 0 Makes her his wife 0 Gods created woman for punishment to man for his sin 0 Previously life was good until Pandora and her jar came along 0 Pandora removed cover of evil jar 0 Disease evils etc are spread throughout Earth 0 Man is miserable but hope remained 0 Closed lid on hope and held hope as a benefit to mankind 0 Men only have access to hope through a relationship with Pandora 0 Hope is bad because we only have hope when nothing else will work 0 Women are happy when things are good but will leave you when times get tough 0 Everything is entirely women s fault and they are not helpmates Those without wife 0 Only darkness and toil until you die 0 No livelihood Zeus and Io Io was a priestess of Hera She was loved by Zeus 0 She was hated by Hera Zeus s wife because he loved her 0 Wanted to punish her 0 very little consensual sex is offered by Zeus irresistible overpowering Zeus Deception Transformed Io into cow to hide from Hera Hera becomes suspicious and places a guard over Io as a cow CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne Week2 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology o Argus Panoptes All seeing 0 Eyes never sleptclosed at once 0 P 97 Zeus sends in Hermes messenger of Gods sneaky also known as Argos Slayer or Argeiphontes who tells him stories until Argo falls asleep and then cuts off his head 0 Hera puts eyes on peacock 0 Association with peacock Hera still suspicious Gadfly to chase cow to send her across earth when Io stops the gadfly bites her 0 Gadfly annoys you until you do something good 0 Essential to someone who wants to be better Zeus transforms her back into woman by touch 0 Has son named Epaphus Io s suffering shows the ultimate wisdom justice and mercy of Zeus Wickedness of Mortals Zeus and Lycaon Zeus wants to test mortals Lycaon despises gods murders guests and eats flesh 0 Guests are a big deal to Zeus o If someone doesn t care for guests they are punished Lycaon s house destroyed by Zeus Lycaon turns into wolf The Flood 0 Destruction of Humanity o Mankind must be destroyed 0 Flood wipes them out o Other gods involved Poseidon 0 Age of Iron p 99 Survivors starve Common mythological theme 0 P 100 Deucalion ancl Pyrrha DeucalionPrometheus s son Pyrrha Epimetheus daughter 0 Story from Ovid s Metamorphoses They were the only remaining mortals after flood Gods are supreme beings over all They always exist amp are all powerful Must be devoted to god even though he hates you CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne Week 2 8 3 19 4 9th Edition Classical Mythology The recreation of mankind Toss rock over their shoulder bones of mother earth Deucalion ancl Pyrrha Humans grow from rocks 0 Known as a the race of humans we see today 0 Life is hard bc of stones we are made of Deucalion ancl Pyrrha had son 0 Hellen o P 102 Parallels with Ancient Near East 0 Different types of basic myths 0 Creation 0 Succession 0 Flood 0 Descent to the Underworld 0 Heroking Gilgamesh West Asia 0 Mesopotamia o Epic of Gilgamesh Hero Flood n Utnapishtim Prometheus Bound Themes 0 Defiance of Gods o Suffering for principles 0 Individual vs society 0 Dangers of Tyranny Situation 0 Aftermath of Titanomachy ancl Gigantomachy o Olympian gods as rulers of the universe 0 Enemies of Zeus punished severely He does not allow resistance Both humans and immortal gods 0 Prometheus was older god New god overthrows older god Tyrant Tyranny o Stasis civil conflictconflict within city in Greek city states Wars among aristocrats CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne Week2 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology 0 Rise of Tyrants Defenders of Middle Class Rule without legal constraints a Can do what they want regardless of law a Break the law in order to serve justice Building programs Support for arts Second Generation Overthrow of Peisistratids o Tyrannicides Heroic not bound by law rise and kill tyrant o Athenian DemocracyAll people get to vote Conflict with Persia 0 Battle of Marathon 490 o Prometheus Bound 480 Date is debated Zeus as a tyrant 0 Authority but not standing up for justice He just has control 0 Cant talk about current conflicts politics through tragedy Expressed through comedy and mythology 0 Was a harsh and unnatural ruler Takes power and forces people to follow Destroys anyone in his way 0 Paranoia stemming from absolute power tyranny Associated with powerEnemies Trust no one ordeal o Tyrants use who they can and discard them easily after Paranoia that the person is too powerful o Wants people to love the law of tyrant Prometheus as Trickster 0 He was a sophist Professional educator Line 62 o Sophists in Athens Value rhetoric Relativity to truth Claim to teach children to speak well so they could gain power in society Prometheus as mankind s savior 0 Saved humans from destruction 0 Stopped Zeus from destroying CLAS 220 Prof Iason Osborne Week2 83194 9th Edition Classical Mythology 0 Gave them fire and other things 445 468 476 506 Prometheus unrepented 0 He knew what he was doing but chose to do it anyways 266268 0 Will never cower to Zeus 7374 Reactions of Gods 0 Human reactions Fear Obedience Devotion Pity for victims 0 Prometheus says other gods are lesser than him 937 0 He would rather live in a eternity of punishment than follow Zeus Hephaestus o Pity 2830 0 He is suffering for what he Prometheus did but he feels bad for him 0 Doesn t resist Zeus Okeanos 0 Don t resist the irresistible force 0 Avoid punishment 322324 Chorus 0 Face tyrant bow to him 0 Don t fight if you can t win


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