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Week 1

by: Jenna Sminkey
Jenna Sminkey
GPA 3.7
Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
Manoussos Grillakis

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About this Document

Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
Manoussos Grillakis
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jenna Sminkey on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH461 at University of Maryland taught by Manoussos Grillakis in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers in Mathematics (M) at University of Maryland.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Week 1 Monday August 24 2015 243 AM UOQ Mga xngw 032qu gouL xmox gdgkcm 0 250 uk E S ix hug Wabxon xwk e 0w unwownxV L l tk 1 How do wt Compu L BALMx7 xN q owe eov6roMo9x oG lt ltcg 1 LW0 7quot v85 0 ons Lack Kco u ZN Mum K EX kw L1 Lgvmh COWNa 2k MaxTow wk reuo opgcat39xohs l 31 Zreuo romp L P DMZ vouo ow395 quot MLS ramE Z S o 7 7 0 5 vowel 39 mv FS P b rowS L l S O 7 2 O O 7 R vac caoMmbKOWS 394 lY k 39 E g mppev VanoYuJLoa Wtgtlt g kN 1 1 I Saw owc39or a3 6m or xoxKMQ 9 3 D Zslt 7 0 g xv 393 olt LAO B m 5w c Hmnokg cm 0280 Nancy m K 7 S CD to 9 AK 2row owl d39 royal row row39s H Y39ng o o S mguw quot 5quot C canmqt DC 3 00b o 2 39 K O 2 quot 6 cc lt0 rm oJUL o o 5 4 1 a 1 3 b H 5 lt k a 0 O E 7 quot 32quot V La 0 O G lt o He c lt7 o za 4 lt50 1 Mms c wcxx a or Mr R m oudcof a O O 395 Vala D O O g Ha SLb lal lt a 5 quot n a O 5 72 2 393 39 29 xxvz Em 39 3 3 x 6 rcg Kaka oodluu nGm clt Vk manuk QWEltgtlt39 o5kcm o6 L Cox Wodmocxx m hm 39 quotLy ayet game on NC ow o V439Muk mw vt ow ltof C3ltom 4cv c quot Pquuxxamp Tinequot x xi szTS 19 Rlt lt39 M t Irxa b axb gec g m Wotxon 09 o 31gt PKahe 59 L R mtrhlt KS o tc canewlcxf rm 69 numbers 0 Q s on Gor ohk an ax m1 P row AA 39 cokmwm a a mu 0mg mm Ka0103 0n 5 quot6 on MY moecv39xx memm PAVEv33 oux r c6vwvw 1 ER l LLouwvf 3 1 3953 812 A R otc cor 39 ox Louan o G WM X Z 3 fquot 1 L 1 Ks vx u Mpcer c s 5 1 3 cow 24 lt39Z Zcomp TR 5 the sex oG Ngmrg w39xHx A gowxpavxewts Low 3 L R 3 xl yz ltn owe eaJL MMFE r cC www K wt cm as mtgr operokxon 34 AH rw amp39 Fall 2015 Page 1 N umnm mam 5quot 01000 banalaw dt 40 722100 05 JD bylaw 023 03286 2 3 J 90 D 210 01 n POAJIOV g 0 I n l 3 O U O 4 NI 0 300 09 Luv45 rzvvq v OLUWCOL C dvz 0 f6fgt go OLVWCOI 0100 N goyyog J4 yd Jud fox0 OLVW 2 Nathant 6 lab 490 Cog00 03 fr Duogt03 b65u1 Julyoz 0 o O xUkv oVov u yoPizanu 0C T M ampI N All N J zdXu 127333 Vuyd yonwhy 2300 V0930 lb fLVIJlSGt v n52 pH X I mxm 1 rX 0 II N l a use 1 H 975 u k k XT N H z i I g 16 II 430 I110 O 0 0 O uvVLU bgo Adi0 JUOOC v 0 N l K quotJ MPOOnv VWd XCOx lVaaoLlun Vv w WK 0x O o I f 6 nnl 0 Ilka x IHJJr O 0 0 M Nl NI 0 V 9 4 HI Od v s db NI quot x eanX mXIm NC A z N B l zlnv aIL XG d xl J LJ74 67 P 474 CXNI XINXdIJ TO OIVnXML ex 1x N n NXNXNI 2 I z I IELOW CoZJU MHMX If vr aux INXS 16 Hid woundid kmhd naV o V naoJWJ4J9 rrurJ f fl IIlr ny uViLd 1 f thaz d 1NMK7d IlbNVLJ L La twrl d rHXMU J6 Mad 2 fwxauuxrcuxj n cur6 z Mug DJ gt 2 C43 Ir La fCVJZD LL AIWCX L 4 Isl N x HEX I Cumaatj r NN 43 xJ Hrx j w W356 gx 1 HRH L16X PI n oxl ood FVJQJ urrxbad J M99 a HfuPVJ4 Mv xUvd OLW i w 1 all anznquAJO Pvr y hula a b44571 n x luauan d szot PZC ODQW Avr M e t 302 fXJO 445px quotX wO C0 v dd6U Jngn L902 Cdd UQ able dry1106 80 z 9 XTLSE CV92 6 526 luv ABCO 2 ach 6 W cha w M 39 J U hi 2531 2 f owv udao v656 uvvwwzg MWgt3 J fl 06905 Boy51100 f M563 0510726 Czof gnv 0 N Jrgt126 Ir nJuerIssO Ir XJZZV HA quot vi541104 IfHVHPG IT XNHJO MCoruaoianZ n u VAC6 Ir fly n30 avC1 C ITJ XJIQ lfrun 540 3an a I v or 0 d 30 0 r AIMQ J JAIO 0y CO065 deQLVCiQ ULLI Jul IL v U T 939 PI o a x 0JvrrWV AXMVXN V 0 o MdIOUL 4x N X x I 3 14 g 303 PuPJ WW uMDf b bw god L62 lvnyz monv qq w HONnvanlflrdnapr fp yum nu ngd v2 m nDI r 600 VD 1 wbgdd 0 Co b vzxou Jul3w 6 C953 6 0 JCZCjOd O I I J 4 6 X l 6 X L W X x26 It Eyes0 If p VF r d GalZ3 VQVIVx X lt56Igtp0 JP5N6 HXHFG t1 xN0 Is 4910 l r 6 J 3 I X fa 6 I 0 I AvrQ CXC6X 6Y6 Jr 6 410 6 NIPFVMJQ boydvb 6 420 X7532 6 M av glbiijo 04v 0301 JZBC p0 ne5 auygu m AMER Nix bwouwafvg 4 iodvdy I X All 0 loo30 p150 gzyuaLv d 1150507an 080 01012 r n 490ng 10 DOC rLdQEJIC 10 120 g l gtrvr THa v L1 gtX I 4 4 x E E 9 Jr quotvf I X fl PaS Os v yOmv ydlC 33 L L A l I J my r NM L 1 XHJNrv J y Bod0 udeliyo shag fqu quotNMJ 4 y x4 n2 vr J b3692 Jo 32 C01 600yulojgtL N 44 3 Hfhcdur H M4 V II NHX V n 5 4 4X ovCOVlovdao L dg MInvnvd 00 09 AJng wb l gt 051411 4 PCO Jyzo yvnvo Loyd v9 4 wbdQOZSC 46 M20 vr Q i


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