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Intermediate Spanish

by: Johnpaul Bradtke

Intermediate Spanish SPAN 4

Johnpaul Bradtke
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Johnpaul Bradtke on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPAN 4 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/177795/span-4-university-of-california-los-angeles in Spanish at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
MOTOROLA SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNICAL DATA High Temperature Accuracy Integrated Silicon Pressure Sensor for Measuring Absolute Pressure OnChip Signal Conditioned Temperature Compensated and Calibrated Motorola s MPXA6115AMPXH6115A series sensor integrates on chip bipolar op amp circuitry and thin film resistor networks to provide a high output signal and temperature compensation The small form factor and high reliability of on chip integration make the Motorola pressure sensor a logical and economical choice for the system designer The MPXA6115AMPXH6115A series Orderthis document by MPXA6115AD MPXA61 15A MPXH61 15A SERIES INTEGRATED PRESSURE SENSOR 15 to 115 kPa 22 to 167 psi 02 to 48 Volts Output transducer is a state of the art monolithic signal conditioned silicon pressure sensor This sensor combines advanced micromachining techniques thin film metallization and bipolar semiconductor processing to provide an accurate high level analog output signal that is proportional to applied pressure Figure 1 shows a block diagram of the internal circuitry integrated on a pressure sensor chip Features Improved Accuracy at High Temperature Available in Small and Super Small Outline Packages 15 Maximum Error over 0 to 85 C Ideally suited for Microprocessor or Microcontroller Based Systems Temperature Compensated from 40 to 125 C Durable Thermoplastic PPS Surface Mount Package Application Examples Aviation Altimeters Industrial Controls Engine ControlManifold Absolute Pressure MAP Weather Station and Weather Reporting Device Barometers Vs GAIN STAGEIIz TEMPERATURE AND SENS39NG COMPENSATION GROUND vw ELEMENT AND GAIN STAGE In SHIFT CIRCUITRY PINS 1 5 6 7AND EARENO CONNECTS GND Figure 1 Fully Integrated Pressure Sensor Schematic REV1 SUPER SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE MPXH6115A6U CASE 1317 SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE at M PXA6115A6U CASE 482 MPXH6115AC6U M PXA6115AC6U CASE 1317A CASE 482A PIN NUMBER PIN NUMBER 1 WC 5 WC 1 WC 5 WC 2 vs 6 WC 2 vs 6 WC 3 Gnd 7 WC 3 Gnd 7 WC 4 v0m 3 WC 4 vom 3 WC NOTE Pins 1 5 6 7 and 8 are internal device connections Do not connect to external circuitry or ground Pin 1 is denoted by the chamfered corner of the package Motorola Inc 2001 NOTE Pins 1 5 6 7 and 8 are internal device connections Do not connect to external circuitry or ground Pin 1 is denoted by the notch in the lead MOTOROLA MPXA61 1 5A MPXH61 1 5A SERIES MAXIMUM RATINGS Parametrics Symbol Value Units Maximum Pressure P1 gt P2 Pmax 400 kPa Storage Temperature Tslg 40 to 125 C Operating Temperature TA 40 to 125 C Output Source Current Full Scale Output2 lo 05 mAdc Output Sink Current Minimum Pressure Offseta lo 05 mAdc NOTES 1 Exposure beyond the specified limits may cause permanent damage or degradation to the device 2 Maximum Output Current is controlled by effective impedance from Vow to Gnd or Vow to V3 in the application circuit OPERATING CHARACTERISTICS Vs 50 Vdc TA 25 C unless otherwise noted P1 gt P2 Characteristic Symbol Min Typ Max Unit Pressure Range Pop 15 115 kPa Supply Voltage Vs 475 50 525 Vdc Supply Current o 60 10 mAdc Minimum Pressure Offset2 0 to 85 C Voff 0133 0200 0268 Vdc Volts Full Scale Output3 0 to 85 C veso 4633 4700 4766 Vdc v8 50 Volts Full Scale Span 0 to 85 C vess 4433 4500 4566 Vdc 50 Volts Accuracy5 0 to 85 C 115 VFss Sensitivity VP 459 mVkPa Response Time6 tR 10 ms Warm Up Time7 20 ms Offset Stability3 1025 vss NOTES 1 Device is ratiometric within this specified excitation range 2 Offset Vow is de ned as the output voltage at the minimum rated pressure 3 Full Scale Output VFSO is de ned as the output voltage at the maximum or full rated pressure 4 Full Scale Span VFSS is de ned as the algebraic difference between the output voltage at full rated pressure and the output voltage at the minimum rated pressure 5 Accuracy is the deviation in actual output from nominal output over the entire pressure range and temperature range as a percent of span at 25 C due to all sources of error including the following o Linearity Output deviation from a straight line relationship with pressure over the speci ed pressure range 0 Temperature Hysteresis Output deviation at anytemperature within the operating temperature range a erthe temperature is cycled to and from the minimum or maximum operating temperature points with zero differential pressure applied 0 Pressure Hysteresis Output deviation at any pressure within the speci ed range when this pressure is cycled to and from minimum or maximum rated pressure at 25 C 0 TcSpan Output deviation over the temperature range of 0 to 85 C relative to 25 C 0 TcOffset Output deviation with minimum pressure applied over the temperature range of 0 to 85 C relative to 25 C 6 Response Tlme is de ned as the time for the incremental change in the output to go from 10 to 90 of its nal value when subjected to a speci ed step change in pressure Warm up Time is de ned as the time required for the product to meet the speci ed output voltage a er the pressure has been stabilized Offset Stability is the product s output deviation when subjected to 1000 cycles of Pulsed Pressure Temperature Cycling with Bias Test 0 2 Motorola Sensor Device Data mmmn MDmansAsERlEs mv Ewe 2 Des Sed omW Dugan ssu RM 3 Wm npumm Evcm lnmlusczkl Dupu some mm Dunnoquot Hwy 2 mumst mm mm mp mth base Ware 3 WWW mumquot mum Sam Super mu mum mm umerD5e m7 mmmavemmn Ewe A deu versus bsu me msm PM WWW sensara lvms vn mm W MPXM SAIMPXHM SAseneSvmssum sensaravemmV 5m mm mm mm and mm mnvm cm mums mmm mmm quah cman mm m m mquot WWWquot mam xs39cmmvemme um um anusemdwavasmevmssm mem Memamher vmmmm gm mammal mm mm m dwavmiv m mm wens an sens pm A luamsmcane w 5mm me same and W mm m anvrmrm mm Damn m naarv M mg m m WM Mme mm m Wm mmquotmm nmmmmmmwwppnmn mm m be mm m m 5mquot mm m mm Senst Dame m 3 MPXA61 1 5A MPXH61 1 5A SERIES Transfer Function MPXA6115AM PXH6115A Nominal Transfer Value Vout Vs x 0009 x P 0095 r Pressure Error x Temp Factor x 0009 x V3 V5 50 i 025 Vdc Temperature Error Band MPXA6115AIMPXH6115A Series 4390 Break Points Tem Mulli lier 31 Temperature 20 Error Factor 10 0 I I I I I I I I I I Temperature in C NOTE The Temperature Multiplier is a linear response from 0 C to 40 C and from 85 C to 125 C Pressure Error Band 31 Error Limits for Pressure I c E 20 40 60 an 100 120 Pressure nkpa I E Pressure Error kPa a a Pressure Error Max 15m 115 kPa 15 kPa I I c I 9 c ORDERING INFORMATION SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE Device Type Options Case No MPX Series Order No Packing Options Marking Basic Element Absolute Element Only 482 MPXA6115A6U Rails MPXA6115A Absolute Element Only 482 MPXA6115A6T1 Tape and Reel MPXA6115A Ported Elemem Absolute Axial Port 482A MPXA6115AC6U Rails MPXA6115A Absolute Axial Port 482A MPXA6115AC6T1 Tape and Reel MPXA6115A ORDERING INFORMATION SUPER SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE Device Type Options Case No MPX Series Order No Packing Options Marking Basic Elamem Absolute Element Only 1317 MPXH6115A6U Rails MPXH6115A Absolute Element Only 1317 MPXH6115A6T1 Tape and Reel MPXH6115A Ported Element Absolute Axial Port 1317A MPXH6115AC6U Rails MPXH6115A Absolute Axial Port 1317A MPXH6115AC6T1 Tape and Reel MPXH6115A 4 Motorola Sensor Device Data MPXA61 15A MPXH61 15A SERIES SURFACE MOUNTING INFORMATION MINIMUM RECOMMENDED FOOTPRINT FOR SMALL AND SUPER SMALL PACKAGES Surface mount board layout is a critical portion of the total design The footprint for the semiconductor package must be the correct size to ensure proper solder connection inter face between the board and the package With the correct pad geometry the packages will self align when subjected to 0660 1676 0060 TYP 8X 152 CI TE J L MTVP ax 254 a solder reflow process It is always recommended to fabri cate boards with a solder mask layer to avoid bridging andor shorting between solder pads especially on tight tolerances andor tight layouts D 1 395 Figure 5 SOP Footprint Case 482 0050 0387 127 983 TYP 0150 81 El ll ll ll El 0 02 TYP 8X El 7 069 CI 0053 TYP 8X inch 1 5 mm Figure 6 SSOP Footprint Case 1317 and 1317A Motorola Sensor Device Data MPXA61 1 5A MPXH61 1 5A SERIES SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE DIMENSIONS ILI D 3 PL I 025 0010 T B A NOTES I 5 2 I I I DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING PER ANSI f v 4 I 32 j 2 CONTROLLING DIMENSION INCH 3 DIMENSION AAND a DO NOT INCLUDE MOLD G MAXIMUM MOLD PROTRUSION 015 0006 5 ALLVERTICALSURFACESSquot TVPICALDRAFT I T MILLIMETERS S Iml MAX MN M CD CD CD PROTRUSION CU 5 SEATING PLANE PIN 1 IDENTIFIER CASE 482 01 ISSUE 0 NOTES DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING PER ANSI VI45M 1982 CONTROLLING DIMENSION INCH DIMENSION AAND B DO NOT INCLUDE MOLD PROT 4 MAXIMUM MOLD PROTRUSION 015 0006 5 ALL VERTICAL SURFACES 5 TVPICAL DRAFT wzv PIN 1 IDENTIFIER SEATING CASE 482A 01 ISSUE A 6 Motorola Sensor Device Data MPXA61 15A MPXH61 15A SERIES SUPER SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 0298 0278 l LJ I DETAIL E GAGE PLANE 00 0 0 10 02 CASE 1317 03 SSUE B NOTES 1 ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES 2 DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING PER ASME VI45M71994 IMENSIONS DO NOT INCLUDE MOLD FLASH OR PROTRUSIONS MOLD FLASH OR PROTRUSIONS SH LL NOT EXCEED 006 INCHES PER SIDE A ALL VERTICAL SURFACES TO BE 5 MAXIMUM LUDE MENSION DOES NOT INC AMBAR 39 ROTRUSION ALLOWABLE DAM BAR PROTRUSION SHALL BE oaa INCHES MAXIMUM 0023 0013 DETAIL E Motorola Sensor Device Data MPXA61 1 5A MPXH61 1 5A SERIES SUPER SMALL OUTLINE PACKAGE DIMENSIONS CONTINUED L400 I ALL DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES 2 DIMENSIONING AND TOLERANCING PER ASME Vl45M4994 IMENSIONS DO NOT INCLUDE MOLD FLASH OR PROTRUSIONS MOLD FLASH OR PROTRUSIONS SHALL NOT EXCEED 006 INCHES PER SIDE ALL VERTICAL SURFACES TO BE 5 MAXIMUM IMENSION DOES NOT INCLUDE DAMBAR ROTRUSION ALLOWABLE DAMBAR PROTRUSION SHALL BE 008 INCHES MAXIMUM GAGE 0345 39 PLANE 0325 I 0010 I o 0002 0048 130 0038 E nnnn amph 0130 DETAIL E ohm I Iquot 0200 0180 0390 I 0370 l DETAIL Ef BOTI39OM VIEW CASE 1317A 01 ISSUE A 8 Motorola Sensor Device Data


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