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9/4 Class Notes

by: KatieNotetaker

9/4 Class Notes SOC 1523

GPA 3.43
Social Problems

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About this Document

This just basically goes over what he said would be on the test
Social Problems
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by KatieNotetaker on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 1523 at University of Oklahoma taught by Clay in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Social Problems in Sociology at University of Oklahoma.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Exam 1 Review 09042015 Sociology study of human group behavior 0 We use scienti c methods 0 Theoretically driven Empirically based Intended to be a hybrid discipline 0 Between history and philosophy Threatens core values 0 Some will argue we don t have core values Hard work Success Materialism Freedom equality OOOOO Macro theories 0 Durkheim Max Weber and Karl Marx Micro Theories o Mead Something could be done starts with Enlightenment Progress is possible 0 Human beings are rational Enlightenment 0 Age of reason 0 All of our social problems were created by people 0 Humanism 0 Everyone was created with this ability of reason 0 A lot of the ideas from the constitution come from the enlightenment Table 11 social sciences Psychology vs sociology O 0000 0 Both try to explain human behavior Exceedingly dif cult We are hard to predict What makes us behave the way we do Psychology explains human behavior by conditions that originate within the individual We do what we do because of impulses our brain etc Explanation comes from within Sociology explains how you have to look at things outside the individual Groups what culture are they a part of Social psychology The blend of both 0 Anthropology vs sociology 0 Anthropology focuses on cultures of the past 0 Traditional pre industrial society Sister discipline of sociology Sociology Post industrial societies Globalization 0 Good parts 0 Provides lowercost goods for consumers in the US and other advanced industrial nations 0 Brings new jobs and more rapid economic development to developing regions of the world such as the Indian subcontinent and China 0 Bad parts 0 Takes jobs away from workers in the world s wealthier nations including the US 0 Facilitates the rise of new forms of crime and other social problems Social problems are brought to peoples attention through the media Barry Glassner Focuses on the media Sensationalism and violence Rupert Murdoch Tremendous power 0 Owns magazines tv stations The opium problem in China 0 400000 addicts the role of power Social safety net 0 Something should be done 0 We don t know what 0 Cultural wars 0 Different perspectives of the role of government 0 Should they provide social safety net or not 0 Extreme conservatism vs the social Darwinists Social Darwinists believe that the government should not provide social safety net Status 0 Indicates what class we are Primary vs Secondary Groups 0 People spend a lot of time in secondary groups 0 mine shaft societies 0 gazelle shaft societies Social disequilibrium 0 From functionalism 0 Society has changed so fast so that is why there is this social disequilibrium Durkheim o What makes society healthy and harmonious Shared values We all agree on a set of values If we don t there will be a social problem Manifestations of social disorganization Various social research methods Zimbardo Stanford county prison experiment 0 Human behavior and authority


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