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EFB 336 Lecture and Lab Notes Week 1

by: Jacob Erle

EFB 336 Lecture and Lab Notes Week 1 336

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Foreign Language > 336 > EFB 336 Lecture and Lab Notes Week 1
Jacob Erle
GPA 3.85
Dr. Donald J. Leopold

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About this Document

Here are the notes from lecture Wednesday and this week's lab at the Student Experiment Station. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know what parts I should focus on, or if there is...
Dr. Donald J. Leopold
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacob Erle on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 336 at Syracuse University taught by Dr. Donald J. Leopold in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 88 views. For similar materials see Dendrology in Foreign Language at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 09/04/15
Dendrology 336 Lab Notes Week 1 Lafayette Road Experiment Station Remember Maple Ashes Dogwood MAD for opposite arranged leaves When identifying a conifer it s a good bet it is in Family Pinaceae Bolded words are important terms that should be known Species Identi ed Populus tremuloides Salicaceae Quaking Aspen pioneer url c n a very wide distribution grows quickly has very extensive root system reproduces clonally Species ID attened petiole shade intolerant buds are nestled near petiole and twig not gummy or sappy Nonexfoliating bark Crenateserrate margin Picea glauca Pinaceae White Spruce quot395 i Species ID Glaucous waxy bluegreen needles Cones are long elliptical and cigarshaped Sterigmata projections where needles protrude from Glabrous no trichomes hairlike structures along stem Betula populifolia Betulaceae Gray Birch Species ID Deltoid triangularshaped leaf Truncate base running perpendicular to midrib leaf ends in at tipbase Attenuate elongated apex Fruit l StrobilusAmentCatkin any kind of conelike structure containing seeds amp scales dispersed by wind at maturity Nonexfoliated Warty granulated branches Doubly serrated margin Betula papyrifera Betulaceae Pa perWhite Birch Species ID bark peels off in sheets vs yellow birch that peels in quotcurlsquot eaf has doubly serrated margins base is more rounded spur shoots typically found in 25 or 35 Populus balsamifera Salicaceae Balsam Poplar r g iFI v n 77 i Species ID Buds are sticky Terete rounded petioles Bark has thick ridges Species ID bark exfoliates in curls often found near swampswetland areas grows on rotten nurse logs Moderate Shade Tolerance twig has Wintergreen scent when broken Alnus rubra Betulaceae Betulaceae Red Alder Yellow Birch Nitrogen Fixers Species ID eaf is darkgreen on dorsal side white on ventral side smooth gray bark trianguar pith Carva cordiformis Juglandaceae Bittern ut Hickory a I I F pi VIquot quota 5 V I n 3 a l Ii 1L1 I1L Ii 4 MI E E lll E E 7 v n l l F I l la is I3 I ll I I J lE l I i l l I a I El l H 71H D w gt I l I 1 l L l DI eaves are alternate pinnately compound with 711 lea ets Sulfur yellow colored buds only tree that has these Abies balsamea Pinaceae BalsamFir Species ID radiay aligned Spireshaped needes have 2 white bands on ventral side bark and cones are resinous very sticky Larix Iaricina Pinaceae Eastern LarchTamarack Species ID Deciduous conifer needes in bundles clustered on spurshoot projections sterigmata the middle solitary at the end of branches Red Spruce Picea rubens Pinaceae near Species ID needes are shorter thinner than white spruce Picea glauca at facing forward running parallel to front of twig cone is intermediate length compared to other conifers Picea mariana Pinaceae Black Spruce Species ID short softer needles than red spruce Picea rubens Branches are pubescent l short downlike hairs Roundish cones persistent for many years 2030 popuar in wetlands Pinus banksiana Pinaceae Jack Pine Species ID bark has deep ridges cones are serotionus l seeds remain in cone for long period released by natural event re form is somewhat contorted dark bark NEVER ORANGE 2 needles per fascicle sharply divergent Apophysis portion of cone scale exposed when cone is closed dorsa unarmed umbo l protrusion on back on apophysis EFB 336 Dendrology Notes 9215 Plant specimens can be found in lllick 3rel oor hallway Basic Terminoloov BOLDED A plantstrees are successional l Pioneer Species Primary Succession and Climax Species Secondary Succession Pioneer Species are more shade intolerant cannot be sustained in places with lots of shade cover Ex Quaking Aspen Climax species are more shade tolerant Ex Hemlock This can be important with maintenance and management of these species Pioneer Species Climax Species Shade Intolerant Shade Tolerant Short and far dispersal Quaking Aspen Short and longlived seeds Short Lifespan 50 70 years Long Lifespan several centuries or Ex Paper Birch Gray Birch millennia Ex Hemlock Arbor Vitae Redwood Sequoia Bristlecone Pine Produce seeds at earlier age Produce seeds later on 30 50 years rst few yea rs Seed Ecology many mechanisms used for seed dispersal wind birds seed longevity greatly varies between species Ex SalX popular vs Prunus pensyvanica l have seed bank cold strati cation seed in layers of moist medium vs no requirements needed cod strati cation used to delay seeds from germinating early Ex Red Oak cold strati cation of 90 days vs White Oak no requirements needed size and age aren t always directly correlated varies between species coring the trees doesn t necessarily hurt them taking a crosssection probably will DBH Diamter at Breast Height Forms of Tree Reproduction Seeds Root Sprouts Quaking Aspen Sassafras BasalStump Sprouts Epicormic Sprouts sprout after re has moved through Broken Plant Parts Cottonwood Willow can be broken up by natural forces storms torrents


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