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Anatomy Lecture Notes Week 2

by: Sarah Grandgenett

Anatomy Lecture Notes Week 2 Biol 240- Fundamentals of Human Anatomy

Marketplace > Kansas > Biol 240- Fundamentals of Human Anatomy > Anatomy Lecture Notes Week 2
Sarah Grandgenett
Biol 240- Fundamentals of Human Anatomy Lec
Dr. Victor H. Gonzalez

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About this Document

Second Week
Biol 240- Fundamentals of Human Anatomy Lec
Dr. Victor H. Gonzalez
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Grandgenett on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biol 240- Fundamentals of Human Anatomy at Kansas taught by Dr. Victor H. Gonzalez in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 70 views.

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Date Created: 09/04/15
Anatomy Lecture Notes Week 2 This week we deal a lot with tissues and glands and although there are many different types it s very manageable material if you can think about what the words mean and put it together from there Plus my Mnemonic devices are practically poetry Tissues cells with a common function The four main groups of tissues are 0 Muscular tissue moves things 0 Epithelial tissue covers things 0 Connective tissue binds supports transports things 0 Nervous tissue gets really anxious before testsControlscoordinates things Mnemonic Tissues Must Eat Carbs Now Three main types of muscle 0 Skeletal muscle voluntary striated has many parallel lines and grooves or striations 0 Smooth muscle involuntary propels substances along internal passageways 0 Cardiac muscle involuntary striated Mnemonic Muscular Skeleton s Smooth Cadence Epithelial tissue 0 Characteristics regenerative avascular innervated exposed to body cavity 0 Functions protection produce secretions absorption diffusion sensory reception 0 Shape 1 Squamous flat 2 Cuboidal cube or round 3 Columnar column like 0 Number 1 Simple 2 Stratified 3 Pseudostratified o Goblet cell produces mucus Glands o Epithelial cells 0 Make and secrete a product 0 ER and Golgi ap Are well developed in glands o Unicellular or multicellular Exocrine gland o Secretes sweat or saliva o Transported by ducts Types of glands o Merocrine secretions exit via exocytosis o Holocrine secretions produced in cytoplasm cell destroyed when exits o Apocrine in areas with hair follicles secrete sebum Mnemonic My Apologetic Hologram Endocrine gland 0 Used to transport and release hormones


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