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by: Jennyfer Skiles


Jennyfer Skiles
GPA 3.86


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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennyfer Skiles on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DESMA 0155 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 85 views. For similar materials see /class/177925/desma-0155-university-of-california-los-angeles in Design Media Arts at University of California - Los Angeles.




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Date Created: 09/04/15
Oskar Fischinger 1900 1967 ABSTRACT BIO Abstract filmmaker filmmaker and painter Born on June 22 1900 in Gelnhausen Germany as the fourth of six children Started painting at an early age due to influence by painters that would come to his town to paint its beautiful landscapes Attended a trade school in Frankfurt and eventually earned an engineer s diploma Started abstract filmmaking due to the encouragement of the theater critic Bernhard Diebold in 1921 Married his first cousin Elfriede Fischinger in 1932 Made over 50 short animated films and painted over 900 canvases Died in January 31 1967 after years of illhealth BACKGROUND Originally studied violin and organ building for mathematical harmonic theory Made special effects rockets starships planet surfaces for Fritz Lang s Frau lm Mond Woman in the Moon His series of black and white studies synchronized with music came to be in such demand that he had to bring in his entire family to work with him in his studio Experimented with a threecolor film process called GasparColor which allowed him to create his first color film Kreise Worked with Paramount 1936 MGM 1937 and Disney 19389 but was not satisfied with their limits and alterations Frustrated with the film industry he later took up oil painting and completed his final finished project Motion Painting No 1 1947 DESCRIPTION Abstract Film influenced by Walther Ruttmann s abstract film with musical score LightPlay Opus No1 and Tibetan Buddhism toward meditative mandala structures Examples Made in Germany 1927 Seelische Konstruktionen Spiritual Constructions 1930 Studie No 6 1933 Kreise Circles Examples Made in America 1937 An Optical Poem for MGM Studios 1943 Allegretto 1947 Motion Painting No 1 1952 Muntz TV Commercial DESCRIPTION Characteristics of His Abstract Films Uses movement of simple shapes to convey feeling Shapes are very synchronized with music if there is any Shapes move smooth and organically Transitions are smooth and seamless with the music and oftentimes shapes will merge with one another in a type of metamorphosis which reinforces the organic movement Described as his feelings and moods in graphic expression Achievements Invented the Lumigraph in 1950 a type of color organ October 1935 King s Prize at the Brussels World Fair 1949 Grand Prix at the Brussels International Experimental Film Competition 1977 Winsor McCay Award 1984 Olympiad of Animation s list of the world s greatest films ANALYSIS Oscar Fischinger s work embraces a sense of simplicity but at the same time the tight interplay of the music with the shapes and forms give Fischinger s work a timeless quality that still continues to be a source of inspiration for others In one of his essays about his work Fischinger refers to his work as being very tied to his feelings and emotions He also urges artists not to create based on the motive to please the masses but create from hisher Creative Spirit and trust that it will be the best heshe can offer This may perhaps be why his work is so powerful in drawing emotion with or without music In this way perhaps what many of us often miss is a sense of connection with our work We are not perhaps as passionate or enlightened because we feel we are only completing someone else s demands rather than our own Yet just because we have certain restraints should not keep us from trying to merge our own interpretation and feeling into our work Rather we should strive to merge with our work and let it speak through us CONCLUSION Even though Fischinger s work may seem outdated now with our world of special effects and virtual realities I still see his work with a sense of marvel and appreciation This is not only because he was able to accomplish so much with so little technology but also because his passion is so visible in the work he completed The synchronization of shape with sound is so entrancing because the shapes seem to take life and the viewer is drawn to want to be within that world rather than the world we live in because it seems to offer a life without fear destruction or tragedy In many ways I wish I could have a similar approach of optimism passion and creativity to complete the different assignments we are given in our classes but somehow I know what no matter how hard I try there will still be a sense of dread and fear within me because of that necessity to please teachers and get good grades Yet regardless it is something that I feel I must constantly strive for and may someday reach REFERENCES Video Links 1927 Seelische Konstruktionen Spiritual Constructions httpwwwtudoucomprogramsviewle4gOanXl 1930 Studie No 6 httpwwwtudoucomprogramsviewxb4nlgs9UFO 1933 Kreise Circles httpwwwtudoucomprogramsviewclrlOrYsD2c 1937 An Optical Poem MGM httpwwwtudoucomprogramsview1 b6wAr7knYw 1943 Allegretto httpwwwtudoucomprogramsviewoOVOCJitASQ 1947 Motion Painting No 1 httpwwwtudoucomprogramsviewPvmbCzO1q48 1952 Muntz TV Commercial httpwwwtudoucomprogramsviewE7nCZ3JOOYs REFERENCES Duncan Michael Oskar Fischinger at Jack Rutberg works of experimental film pioneer Brief Article Art in America June 2001 FindArticIescom 26 Apr 2008 lthttpfindarticles comparticlesmim1248is689ai7549681 1 gt Fischinger Archive 27 Jan 2008 Elfriede Fischinger Trust 26 April 2008 lthttpwwwoskarfischingerorggt Fischinger CVM pages 7 Nov 2007 Center for Visual Music 26 April 2008 lthttpwwwcenterforvisuamusicorg Fischingergt Fischinger Oskar Bildmusik art of Oskar Fischinger Long Beach Long Beach Museum of Art 1970 Fischinger Oskar Oskar Fischinger 19001967 paintings drawings and watercolors Los Angeles Tobey C Moss 1982


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