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by: Henderson Schneider
Henderson Schneider
GPA 3.56


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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Henderson Schneider on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MED 0160B at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see /class/177931/med-0160b-university-of-california-los-angeles in Medicine at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Fund Manager Responsibilities DOM Fund Manager s Manual ii i i y Rvised eptember 19 2008 r General Responsibilities a Responsible for financial oversight and fund management that passes internal and external auditing standards a Responsible for communicating financial status on all funds managed to Divisional M80 and individual Pls and other departmental personnel as appropriate a Responsible for explaining rules and regulations of pre and post award administration of the University various funding agencies and Department to the individual Pls a Responsible for learning and understanding the various guidelines and restrictions affecting pre and post award management of all funds a Adhere to all deadlines both internal and external regarding pre and post award fund management a Adhere to generally accepted accounting principles GAAP as outlined by the University and the Department of Medicine 1 Adhere to the OMB circular A21 and OMB circular A110 and all other agency guidelines regarding sound cost accounting standards a Function as a resource for faculty staff and other fund managers within the Department a Respond to emails phone calls and other inquiries in a timely manner 1 Continue to learn and educate yourself on new policies systems and funding agencies Daily 1 Review all PAN notifications Travel Express reports and other nonmandatory email notifications Follow up with preparers if changes are necessary 1 Approve order forms for research supplies travel etc 1 Check email 1 Check voicemail 1 Follow up on outstanding issues 1 Deposit any checks received gifts reimbursements CampG checks etc received a Process gift transmittals as necessary a Process subaward invoices as necessary Obtain Pl s signature on subaward invoice prior to processing to assure work has been completed by subawardee Monthly 1 Check with your Pls to determine if they will be submitting proposals to an upcoming grant deadlines and assist the Pls with the preparation and submission of the proposals 0 Let OCGA andor DOM DRA know of upcoming proposals 0 Submit all internal papenNork goldenrod 740setc to OCGA within 5 business days of proposal submission 1 Notify MSO of any new contracts grants gifts and endowments for presentation at the monthly Department of Medicine Executive Committee DMEC meeting a Assure you have the most up to date version of the following where applicable Fund Manager Responsibilities D D D DUDE DOM Fund Manager s Manual 0 ARC Approvals o HSPC Approvals 0 Human Subject Training Certificates Prepare any RAS forms for grants that should be starting the next month Set up new awards Review agency award documentation and Award Synopsis for terms and conditions and for accuracy Verify TOF s to other departments with Pl Complete and submit any necessary SPARs or fund change requests Process and expense transfers for nonRAS prespending Establish any subawards Assist Pls with the submission of any requested JIT information to funding agencies Run the SOM QDB Salary Cap flag for your division to assure all contract amp grant funds were flagged correctly by EFM Print all PPP5302 Payroll Ledgers for your division via Document Direct File in the appropriate binderfolder Print all FSO100 General Ledgers for your division via Document Direct File in the appropriate binderfolder Print the FSOSZSA Invalid Transactions by Account for your division via Document Direct 0 Prepare any necessary UPAYs to correct invalid transactions 0 Follow up with Payroll if journal entries are required Reconcile ALL ledgers for funds you are responsible for to assure all expenses are allowable and allocable to the fund being charged 0 Prepare any necessary NPEARs 0 Prepare any necessary UPAYs o For clinical trial funds reconcile patient care costs to assure clinical trial fund was charged appropriately eg expense should have been charged to insurance etc and at the correct research rate Run SOM QDB Object Code Unallowable amp Warning Report for all contract amp grant funds to assist you with determining if all expenses are allowable 0 Prepare any necessary NPEARs Run the CTS monthly telephone bill for your division Review bill to assure no inappropriate phone use Have employees reimburse for personal calls deduuclactsadminampizTar etURLhtt wc2cts htt si4waisuclaeduilslo inas xizA uclaeduUCLAcgibinwelcomeAdmincgi Prepare monthly financial reports using SOM FPMQDB 0 Meet with MSO to go over financial statements 0 Meet with Pl to go over financial statements 0 Save financial statements on the DOM shared O drive 0 Make any necessary adjustments to expenses and to financial statements based on meetings with MSO and Pls Run 9H Reconciliation Report via the SOM QDB for your contract and grant funds Compare actual expenditures against sponsor approved budget to assure spending is within allowable agency rebudgeting guidelines If projected expenditures fall outside of the allowable rebudgeting prepare the necessary prior approval requests for rebudgeting to the agency Review the 9H TOF Adj Neededquot amount on the SOM QDB Summary By Sub report on all contract and grant funds to determine if a TOF is truly needed and if so process the TOF from 9H to a direct cost sub For clinical trial funds determine income earned and invoice sponsor Prepare Overdraft Report for all of your funds for submission to Giti Zarenia Prepare and submit any agency Progress Reports that are due this month Review revenue accounts for your contract and grant funds see chapter in the DOM FM Manual for how to Fund Manager Responsibilities DOM Fund Manager s Manual 1 Prepare any No Cost Time Extensions for contract and grants ending using OCGA s online Prior Approval Request Form Prepare within 3045 days of fund expiration date httgwwwresearchuclaeduocgaformsEmail Approval d2htm a Run Division s Hampl list via BruinBuy and follow up with PAC preparers on any outstanding Issues a Process petty cash account replenishment requests 1 Prepare a Close Checklist packet for any funds that have ended during the past month BiMonthly 1 Attend Fund Manager Meetings 1 Attend Biobasics RACC Lay Seminar 1 Run the FPM Chart of Accounts for your division and assign the Fund Manager and Internal Pl to any FAU s where this field is blank Change the Fund Manager name for those Fund Manager s who are no longer in your division 1 Double check that all NPEARs have been processed within the 120 day rule Prepare and submit any pending NPEARs 1 Using the OFSR reports run the Accounts Receivable Report under Financial Systems then Summary for your division Follow up with EFM andor agency on any outstanding Accounts Receivable items Quarterly 1 Run the NIH Over the Salary Cap report for your division via the RNET reports available in the UCLA Financial Web Reports to determine if any faculty were paid over the NIH salary cap on a capped fund 0 Make corrections for any findings 1 Run the Detail Open Encumbrance report in SOM QDB o X out any old encumbrances via BruinBuy or PAC 1 Contact Account to request X out of encumbrances you cannot close in BruinBuy a Contact Purchasing to release any Ps Gs andor Hs a Run the SOM QDB Financial Reports FSRs Follow up with EFM on any reports due that are older than 6 months a Review all ERS reports for new ERS quarter Once reviewed corrected and verified get reports certified by appropriate individual employee Pl supervisor etc 1 Assess rent andor other expenses ie phone utilities copiers etc that are charged on unrestricted funds and distribute among applicable contract and grant funds via NPEAR a Review the Revenue accounts for all contract amp grant funds to assure monies have been received from the agency o If not follow up with EFM andor the agency 1 Check UCLA Staff Development catalog and enroll in any classes that are related to yourjob a Review gifts for release and follow up with Gifts andor General Accounting if necessary a Review the Cash Received Undistributed CRU funds to assure there are no income received that belong to your division 1 Prepare any necessary carryfonNard letters 1 Attend OCGA s Research Administrator s Forum RAF 1 Review Sales amp Services funds to determine if a revised application needs to be submitted


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