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by: Mrs. Carmelo Deckow


Mrs. Carmelo Deckow
GPA 3.97


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Carmelo Deckow on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECON 0019 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 109 views. For similar materials see /class/177943/econ-0019-university-of-california-los-angeles in Economcs at University of California - Los Angeles.

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Date Created: 09/04/15
Sample Presentation from Slashdot news item 1 An anonymous reader writes quotThe National Academies National Research Council and the National Science Teachers Association are using the power of copyright to ensure that students in Kansas receive a robust education They re backed by the AAS The American Association for the Advancement of Science From the release quotthey have decided they cannot grant the Kansas State School Board permission to use substantial sections of text from two standards related documents the research council s National Science Education Standards and Pathways to Science Standards published by NSTA The organizations sent letters to Kansas school authorities on Wednesday Oct 26 requesting that their copyrighted material not be used issue copyright versus freedom of speech from Slashdot news item 2 Makarand writes quotWhile Hollywood is yet to gure out who will pay for the costly 100000 digital projectors required for the digital rollout of lms the Mumbai India based film Industry called Bollywood is settling for cheaper projectors of a bit lesser quality available at one third the price to proceed with their digital rollout Industry officials call this cheaper version of the digital cinema the ECinema in contrast to the DCinema which Hollywood is waiting for Over 1000 films are made each year in India and just 1 lm in 12 makes a pro t Transporting conventional celluloid prints to remote towns gives video pirates plenty of time to copy and make prints Digital cinema will cut down on piracy and help the industry to increase its pro ts puzzle sounds as if piracy poses a problem just 1 film in 12 makes a profit but then why are so many films made Possible Subtopics Is the number of films made in India large or small Why so many films if they are so unprofitable How much piracy is there in India If there is a lot of piracy how do film makers make money How Many Films are Made in India Is it a lot or a little Possible comparisons number of films number of dollars spent making films per population per dollar GDP changes over time comparison to other countries US Other countries with per capita income similar to India reliability of sources From the World Trade Organization units 1985 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 Number of long length feature films produced including coproductions EUR 15 547 526 578 544 574 514 Gmny 64 48 72 63 67 60 Espana 77 47 64 52 56 44 France 151 146 156 155 152 115 ltalia 89 119 129 127 105 95 UK 47 47 46 42 60 70 USA 356 477 583 519 450 NA Japan 319 239 230 240 238 251 Aus 42 34 27 30 23 29 Number of feature films released EUR 288 271 269 253 250 251 Gmny 309 303 334 288 263 263 Espana 409 328 329 318 306 345 France 456 370 438 381 359 387 ltalia 345 495 430 437 397 373 UK 248 277 283 227 236 WA USA 426 401 404 379 440 420 Japan 583 704 697 617 590 553 Aus 212 254 239 227 236 NA Film production investment million ECU EUR 15 93051 1636 1 3783 1 2530 1 2183 13504 Gmny 1069 975 117 1074 1446 1625 Espana 658 509 962 606 624 42 France 305 4757 5402 5335 4697 4373 ltalia 192 2205 3021 2393 1962 2161 UK 1722 203 2282 1853 1696 3343 USA 32667 35862 40029 34124 36123 41155 Aus NA 863 731 45 347 881 from httpwww 2003photohtm


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