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Organic Chemistry I Structure and Reactivity

by: Michael Reilly

Organic Chemistry I Structure and Reactivity CHEM 30A

Marketplace > University of California - Los Angeles > Chemistry > CHEM 30A > Organic Chemistry I Structure and Reactivity
Michael Reilly
GPA 3.71

C. Merlic

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About this Document

C. Merlic
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michael Reilly on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 30A at University of California - Los Angeles taught by C. Merlic in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 101 views. For similar materials see /class/177967/chem-30a-university-of-california-los-angeles in Chemistry at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
Review Session Chem 30A Jesus C Spring 08 HQ L 1 Based on the molecule shown below answer the following questions a C d V e v f g h A B 3 How many chiral centers are present in the molecule 1 n Assign the right configuration for the carbon labeled as B qub l 2 How many atoms are sp hybridized Is the ether in the cyclohexane ring axial or equatorial MK 4 V l r 0 What is the name of the functional group assigned as D 393 9mquot l What does the abbreviation OEt stand for as shown in group A quot A 355 What is the degree of unsaturation How many sp3 hybridized carbons are present in ring C 3 What is the common name of group E 1 f EJUI VJ39D V quot7 How many pi bonds are present in the molecule Review Session 2 Chem 30A Jesus C Spring 08 Draw two reasonable structures for the molecule shown below Show curved arrows on each structure that is required to convert each resonance form into the other Show all formal charges and lone pairs as appropriate a Clm39hiz I a The confonnation with least torsional strain is Answer is b The confonnation with the most torsional strain is Answer is c If the Terrbury group is replaced by a cymiide group the torsional strain of the s 5 quot Di 1 39 118W Inolecule Increaseg 01 decreaSes 01 l39emallls unchanged Allsurer 13 Rd 1 3 Review Session 4 Chem 30A Spring 08 Jesus C For each pair shown below choose the best answer that indicates the relationship between the compounds A Equivalent representations of the same compound B C onformers 1 Constitutional isomers D is and tram isomers E None from AD As answers place the letter of the terms in the square boxes to the right of each pair 1 K quotquot i m at rm x w m z 1 not 1 39 x is r m We sz J 3 39t M a a Xxw I fAxm 1 w i 3 7 39 1 NJ 1 CHnCH x e i 4 I H 9 A i V quotquot01 t H 5 CH5 f r 1 e A f NWJ jl39 M M39 rrrr zitquot J quot39 N j 1 H Br a b 1 CH 39 H quot gquot 3 H N a l 3 i i Y iJ tJ 5 P Bre H F H E i71 Review Session Chem 30A Spring 08 5 Draw curved arrows to indicate the acidbase reaction and draw the products for the compounds shown below l i C H3COO gt r E Us all A EH mix 3 LJ quot BH3 6 Circle the alkyl halide among each ofthe given pairs that you expect to react faster by an 5N2 mechanism Explain the reasons of your choice 10 Fquot 3 c1 W AA V I T PWIrv lo fa U L J 3 A B Br Br 4 A 4 QB DNquot Vxn JOB rd CquotCUr39 Cd 3 239 39L II YI 5 A B v 3 Review Session Chem 30A Spring 08 Jesus C 7 Give the major product of the following reactions Show stereochemistry where appropriate a p i IBr A w Peroxide 39 r Lquot 0 H3 Lindlar catalyst d 391 NmNI Is i E J 0H C 3 1 393 BIquot HuO CLH 11101 gt Review Session Chem 30A Spring 08 Jesus C 8 Give the major product of the following reactions Show stereochemistry if it is needed f a B rert BuO K W Y mrBuO K K I CH5039N b WBr gt 3 ethanol v C 831 3 E gt O Na isopropanol k r CgHgO39Na Pin 9L C1 39 I I iiiCgH5J H ethanol H Tb 1 H pr 1 UTJ k K Ha h I e V err Buo39K J i Y rerrBuOH V B L N B f 39 chjoNa ethanol Review Session Chem 30A Spring 08 Jesus C 9 Stereoisomers of 2 amino 3hydroxybutanoic acid are shown below COOH COOH H 52gt H NH2 H A NHzm HOOC 39 NH2 it HO H H390Hm HO H CH3 CH3 CH3 I II III C QSEmWw f a What is the relationship between structures I and II f39 f b What is the relationship between structures II and Ill Can n N N jib Which structure represents the 2R3R isomer 10 Provide a reasonable mechanism to account for the transformation shown below Include all the C appropriate intermediates curved arrows and the corresponding formal charges a O H a p 1 l sto4 1 2 H20 gt C10quot12002 d OH t l H r Terpin OH J Limonene oquot H r 7 h y H H H I 3 4 m H9H 1 H9gt7 0 gt b H 53 f7 H


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