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General Chemistry Laboratory

by: Michael Reilly

General Chemistry Laboratory CHEM 20L

Michael Reilly
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michael Reilly on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 20L at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 217 views. For similar materials see /class/177985/chem-20l-university-of-california-los-angeles in Chemistry at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
CHEM 20L Spring 2009 Report Guideline for Assignment 2 Important Notes 1 The procedure for this experiment is provided as a handout handed out in class and posted on VOH Use this version not the one in your manual 2 A mandatory laboratory safety check will be conducted at the beginning ofthe lab Students without proper laboratory safety protection will be dismissed from the laboratory without make up time I Online Technique Videos amp Resources For This Experiment Go to the following Web site and click on the appropriate titles to download the videos corresponding to solution preparation and spectrophotometric analysis httpoiduclaeduWebcastchemistryindexhtml Some other web sites you might nd useful are Chemical Hazard Symbols httpwwwemahukorkepchemsnfpalabelhtm Beer s Law Tutorial httpwwwchemuclaedugchemlabcoorimetricwebhtm Online resource on solution concentrations httpwwwchemuclaedugchemlabsonconcwebhtm ll Prelab Report Guideline Any prelab reports that are not turned in within the rst ten minutes of the lab section will receive a zero Both the prelab and postlab reports must be written in your lab notebook 1 Title ofthe experiment 2 Reference Write a complete reference for the experiment including the title of the lab manual author edition and page number of the experiment in the manual Include a separate reference to any and all changes to the procedure that you know you will make hint you have a handout 3 Short introduction Summarize in 2 3 sentences the background and the goal ofthe experiment In another sentence or 2 list the theories and techniques that you will use in the experiment Notice that this comes to a total of 35 sentences 4 Procedure Write an approximately 1 page procedural summary using a numbered list format You may use sentence fragments here as long as it is clear what you need to do at every step You should list all of the important steps in the procedure The goal ofthis is for you to spend time understanding what you should do first second third etc and to be able to identify which steps are most important and why Please do not use multiple columns or arrows just write a clearly numbered list In addition to the numbered list please draw a schematic diagram ofthe dilutions you will make you might want to draw pictures of beakers with liquid with appropriately labeled arrows for this part 5 MSDS information Look up the properties listed below for Brilliant Blue FCF You may use the following Web site as a starting point for the MSDS information httpwwwvinayakcorporationcomsyntheticfoodcolorhtm Make sure to cite all websites used Note that printing directly from the web pages will not be accepted a Product Name b Chemical Formula 0 Formula Weight d Melting Point Boiling Point and Density e Health Hazard Data summarize in your own words f Spill and Disposal procedures summarize in your own words 6 Prelab Questions You must show all work and use appropriate units and signi cant gures to receive credit for your work a What is the molarity ofa solution made by dissolving 04257 g of MgC2 in a 100 mL volumetric ask b Given 5 mL and 10 mL pipets and 50 and 100 mL volumetric asks assume that you may use only one pipet and one volumetric ask for each dilution giving you 4 possible combinations what are the possible concentrations you could make in one dilution ofthe NaCl solution above 0 Calculate the Transmittance if the absorbance is 0854 d Calculate the absorbance of a solution if the transmittance is 05 Is this a valid reading of the concentration lfnot what do you need to do to measure the concentration properly e What is the composition of your blank solution for the experiment you are going to do III Data to be turned in at the end of your lab period 7 Data and observations Start a new page in your notebook for this section Make the following 3 tables which will be filled out in your laboratory period a the equipment you will use for each serial dilution leaving plenty of room to write a scheme for how the dilution was actually done b the measured absorbances of the three most dilute solutions c the spectral data A and A for the solution chosen indicating which solution you have chosen IV Postlab Report This is a group report Refer to your laboratory syllabus for the due date of this postlab report due during week 4 Your postlab report must be handwritten inside your lab notebook Notes About Group Reports and Group Experiments 1 All members in the group MUST contribute equally when working on the experiment as well as in writing the postlab report 2 Each group member must prepare ahead oftime when writing group reports This means everyone must review materials from lectures or from your chemistry textbook or from online resources on topics that are relevant to the concepts used 3 It is the responsibility ofthe group members to plan ahead on when they should get together to work on the report In other words maintain good communication between group members 4 It is the responsibility of each group member to honestly describe the work that he or she did during the experiment and in writing the report No one should take advantage ofthe other group members Report to the course instructor or your TA ifyou feel that other group members are taking advantage of your work 5 Each member in the group must understand the concepts behind the entire experiment regardless of which portions ofthe report or experiment a person is responsible for This is especially important for the exams 8 Write the name of each group member on your report as well as the individual responsibilities when performing the experiment and writing the report 9 Data Table Organize your data into neat clear and organized tables Include a diagram of your dilution scheme 10 Calculations and Plotted Data Make sure to show all work and use appropriate units Plots should have a title and labeled axes a Calculate the molar concentrations for all the solutions based only on the procedures that you designed not your results b The value forthe molar absorptivity for Brilliant Blue FCF is reported in the literature at 620nm as 1 38X105 M1 cm1 Using this value and the measured absorbances at 620nm that you collected in the lab calculate the experimental


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