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Organic Colloquium

by: Michael Reilly

Organic Colloquium CHEM 247

Michael Reilly
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Michael Reilly on Friday September 4, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM 247 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see /class/178006/chem-247-university-of-california-los-angeles in Chemistry at University of California - Los Angeles.


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Date Created: 09/04/15
USJ Writers Workshop USJ Writer s Workshop Dr Tama Hasson Faculty Advisor USJ Undergraduate Research Center Center for Academic and Research Excellence 2121 Life Science Building The URCICARE of ce recruits develops and Agenda What is USJ The 3 types of articles Submission information USJ is A journal created written designed and edited by UCLA Undergrads An opportunity to publish yourwork experience publishing and editing learn about science Interview Articles FORMAT lntegrated preferred over Q amp A 15 paragraph Introduces the interesting nature of the person being interviewed Text works towards a goal telling a story about the faculty member Photograph of the interviewee 13 eye catching graphics from the faculty member s research N Pquot P Interview Articles TIMELINE Due January 7 2008 Set up appointment with faculty member 1week to confirm Let them know in advance that the interview will be recorded Read about the faculty member39s research Come prepared with questions What might other student s nd interesting Look at recent review articles Take notes on your impressions during the interview Record the interview with a tape recorder Transcribe this record39 9 ASAP This must be done by Thanksgiving at the latest USJ email usjUCLAgmailcom Interview Articles TIMELINE Due January 72008 5 Listen to the tapes read the transcripts and write the story 3weeks Think about the type of photos and data images you might like to include 6 Give your article to TWO OTHER PEOPLE TO READ Integrate their comments 7 Images amp Text must be approved by the faculty member interviewed 1 week USJ Writers Workshop Review Articles Format Up to you 15 paragraph Introduces the interesting nature of the topic and the conclusion of the review an abstract Text works towards a goal telling a story Break up the text with section headings 3 eyecatching graphics from the eld with sources Can have a short conclusion or discussion section References are required so the reader can learn more usually 810 Review Articles TIMELINE Due January 7 2008 9 P 5quot Read other reviews in your eld of interest What papers are they referring to Choose a TIGHT FOCUS for your review Choose a CONCLUSION you are trying to reach with your review Write your review keeping to your focus and your conclusion Remove extraneous material 3weeks Give your review to TWO OTHER PEOPLE TO READ Incorporate their comments It should be accessible to anyone Review Articles TIMELINE Due January 72008 IF YOU ARE REWRITING THE INTRO TO YOUR THESIS SAME RULES Choose a TIGHT FOCUS for your review Choose a CONCLUSION you are trying to reach with your review Write your review keeping to your focus and your conclusion Remove extraneous material 3weeks Give your review to TWO OTHER PEOPLE TO READ Incor orate their comments It should be accessible to anyone For Review amp Interview Make sure you follow the guidelines Images at 300 dpi in tif format References in the correct format Submit a copy via email and 5 printed copies by January 7 2008 How do I know ifl have enough data to write a research paper Must reach a novel conclusion with your experiments Can t just conclude that something is not involved or something is not essential Need to identify a new component a new method a new link etc USJ email usjUCLAgmailcom Required Parts of a Paper Abstract Write this LAST Intro uc ion Materials amp Methods Results DiscussionConclusion Acknowledgements References FIGURES Figure Legends USJ Writers Workshop Introduction Includes eventhing the reader needs to understand the results section including common abbreviations Must include references to reviews and other ticles Sets up the hypothesis to be tested in the results section Don t summarize the results introduce the question Option Have a figure in your introduction Materials amp Methods Provides all the information necessary for the reader to reproduce your work Go thru the results section and list the methods used Use this list to create headings Provide the necessary methods or references to those met 0 s Include tables if there are long lists ie bacterial strains used primers used plasmids used constructs created Look at papers in your field and use a similar at Materials amp Methods What if my pro39ect is to create a new method Then your methods go in the results section Results Present your work in an organized fashion DIVIDE into individual SECTIONS with titles that are your conclusions Within each section I Introduction to the qu tion The approach The r ult refer to a figure The conclusion Figures Types 1 Schematic ie general organization of gene or protein 2 Data cells gels scans spectra graphs 3 Table Lists that are useful for comparison 4 Diagram complicated pathway Figures Rules about Fi ure there are man All figures must be referred to Figure 2 It is okto have a figure have multiple panels but if so they must be labeled A B C etc Go through EVERY panel of every figure in the text USJ email usjUCLAgmailcom USJ Writers Workshop Figures Rules about Figures continued 0 All figures must have a number a figure legend and a title 0 The figure title should be the conclusion of the figure or a summary of the figure If you are basing your figure on someone else s figure you need to state where you got the idea For example This figure is a revision of Figure 4 from Smith et al 2000 Figures Rules about Figures continued All figures must be submitted at 300 dpi Compare Graphs on Page 102 not SOOdpi to Page 82 Compare graphics on page 45 amp 46 not 300 dpi to those on Pages 17 and 25 Figures The figure should stand alone The legend must include everything the reader needs to understand the figure including 0 Explanation of all abbreviations used 0 Explanation of any arrows 0 A brief summary of the approach ie is this a Western Blot a DNA gel NMR MALDITOF Immunofluorescence Staining 0 Point out key parts Results a sumup Present your work in an organized fashion 0 DIVIDE into individual SECTIONS with titles that are your conclusions Within each section Introduction to the qu tion p roac The r ult refer to a figure The conclusion Range on average 48 Figures Discussion Organization 0 First paragraph is a summary of your work and the major conclusions 0 Next paragraphs Integrate your work into the rest of the field Include references 1 per paragraph minimum 0 You can include a model or diagram Last paragraph Where to go next with this study USJ email usjUCLAgmailcom Acknowledgements Include 0 Funding source Your Program 0 People who assisted you with the experiments or taught you necessary s H s 0 Be as professional as possible


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