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Week 1 Notes

by: Notetaker
Default_profile Notetaker
GPA 3.5
Anthropology of development
Robert shepherd

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About this Document

Icludes discussions in class and notes on the reading.
Anthropology of development
Robert shepherd
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Notetaker on Saturday September 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANTH 3501 at George Washington University taught by Robert shepherd in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see Anthropology of development in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 09/05/15
Week 1 The Stages Economic Growth Reading Take Off 0 Preconditions England I Political and religious settlements by 1988 I Industrial innovations I Its naval and trading advantages I Endowment in industrial raw materials superior to the Dutch I Change in 3 nonindustrial sectors Transport Technological revolution in agriculture Expansion in imports 0 Consequences I Increase welfare I Fear of impose power through force military I More labor I Capital must be institutionalize I Redispose investment resources 0 Note in order for take off to occur political transformation must occur first The drive to maturity 0 Apply to a range of modern technology to build its resources 0 Should be judged according to how society choses to allocate their technological capabilities 0 According to the author there is no correlation between income per capita and technological distribution The age of high mass consumption 0 Specialization forces people want more responsible for social disparity Beyond consumption 0 Serviceintellectual expansion Compares with Marxism What is development Class discussion NGOS Industrialization Mobility Economic growth Capacity building Education Technology infrastructure unilinealism health care Progress ongoing improvement Material and social change Social engineering Era of high modernism the state could use infrastructure to control mobility and achieve unilinealism 9 keep in mind that development is bound up to capitalism People are considered neoliberal because they believe the market works and the government is inefficientquot From the anthropology view government is broken down into different parts is not considered a single institution Definition of the era of high modernism set of practices that could be contradicted and change the physical and biological environment realities the biological realities of people being studied and all the changes the social realities of their key subjects Grass roots development mean that they figure out what people want and you give it to them Development began with the four point speech by Harry Truman 0 Global governments I Give complete support to UN and continue to strengthen with physical support 0 Economic growth I Continue world economic recovery reduce barriers to world trade peace depend on it o Dangers of aggression 0 Development I Making the benefits of scientific improvements to the underdeveloped areas of the world HW find some basic development projects little access to health care economic stagnate find some numbers that could give idea of how development has worked Notion of progress imply that all change is goodquot is false unless we define what progress is change can be bad Really existing people have the capacity to make decisions about their own lives increased agency ability of people to make their own decisions full of limitations Seeing like a state 0 Premise how do governments begin to affect changes on people How do you go on making people visible Premise of government was not to improve them it was to conquer and govern territory and extract from them If order to do development if that is about improving the human condition he recognizes that lots of people are vested in this 0 Now follows from that people have to be counted categorized and analyzed Therefore there has to be some control You simply standardize and generalize o Surnames are tools for government to control you Only recently in the history has people who are governing care for the state of their people Facout Administrative order 0 State capacity is not that the states suddenly have the desire to make people s life different at what point do states have the capacity to do this Faith in high modernism 0 He doesn t talk about modernism because modernism is presented in many different ways I What time period Subject matter are they talking about Late 19th early 20th Picasso cubism primitive art In the aesthetic sense modernism have something aesthetically different than what is he talking about Became suspect after the collapse of Soviet Union Is an ideology world view One of the things he talk about is greatness the bigger the better I Sameness uniformity in architectural organizational studies In east Asia South Korea there is a focus in CHANGE Change is simply going to happen 0 There is a focus in industrialization the factor becomes the model for reality There is this faith of a future perfect world find it in the language of the league of nations perfectly logical language for the world that the world could speak Esperanto nobody speaks it Perfectly planned plan but that never came true Le Corbusier The plan Voisin 1925 0 His proposal was to level the entire city and you cleanse and start over Everybody has the same space indoor pluming access to clean water From an economic view standardization makes perfect sense But the material and social reality are never separated it comes back to the first point 0 The more complex is the plan the more likely it is to fail 0 Following the rules are not very efficient someone envisions a plan follows a plan The most crucial people make the plan In a practical sense is idealistic By their nature plans fail that is the rule Plans encounter changes in knowledge and experience Metis 9 when someone asks how you know how to do something and they can t articulate it The zone the best way to think about this it with a ball or bat there are moments were you hit the ball and without thinking you know is good Intuitively intangible knowledge is not really interchangeable 0 Mark Twain was a river boat pilot because the pilot had a better knowledge of the harbor Experiential is crucial A challenge that people face when dealing with development because it can t be 100 controlled If development is experimental knowledge who does it serve to reorganize urban state Techne plans are premised on this because it is controlled 0 Things cannot be predicted and are simple part of the factors for gaining experiential knowledge Weak and civil society building civil society is growing in the united States makes no sense in reality It makes sense to kick out republic and single handed institute Why does he talk about trees in Prussia Radical simplify in reality this chaos is what it needs to survive and keep functioning There s more than one type of tree plant Also makes a point where they are trying to control a system that you don t understand and never created Brings up the example of language There is a structure to language but there is no creator To take British English how radically different are languages Nature is nature and we worship it For all the values of society there are successes that are connected to boundaries development successes often come about estate Violence If the state brings beneficial change through Violence then do we need Violence to progress


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