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Introductory Biology

by: Amanda Yeckel

Introductory Biology

Marketplace > University of Washington > Biology > Introductory Biology
Amanda Yeckel

Dr. Mandy Schivell

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About this Document

Lecture notes from 5-7-14.
Dr. Mandy Schivell
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This 7 page Reader was uploaded by Amanda Yeckel on Tuesday May 13, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Washington taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 104 views.


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Date Created: 05/13/14
39539 ah 3 p p E M 4 quot a39 nu I vi I ATGAAATGGCCCCAT J F eA if TACTTTACCGGGGTA FA AUGAAAUGGCCCCAU V fhEJ MetLyS Trp Pro1Hs f r L W 9quot quotquot 57 UGAAGUGGCCCCAU 339 K 539 AUGAGAUGGCCCCAU 339 v397 quot f 1 39 5 39 1 2 bitquot K 4 km 1 3 rv E AUGAAAUAGCCCCAU 339 x V 39 l 39 p 3 E amp quot in I E TE 9quot 3quot 39 5 39 O quot e 5 39 quot P 2 s 7 95 r V K 5 A uguggcc cc cm 3 I 2 A wH ampw 539 AU pAUGGccccAU 3quot F M M p 2 quot J a lt39 39f S 117 I W 1 7 if 7 gL LC5 V W5 2 2 69 W71 N CAGTAGAT rr i GT C T CTL PC ft Wquot 7 quot66 L i K fr r1Hi etr fr 11 1 I K T I39 4 quotr 1 1 T T u 1 H CAGTAGA crcATcT 7 h 0WWW aM WC i D mMa 7 WC S 1 7 7C5 50677 an em cfzczx294 5 3 om A 0029 mam ff Ca zg p mc7 cc7f qelt M U 7 6772772F 7L6 P 3 7quot I 2 M2 7 4 g 6 5 N R7 twcgzvz 4 3 6 I jgO 7 quot A5 Idd 0 0 0 0 E M QCCOC397 9 8 J 116 14 421112 gi quot1 n2L hLv CEE LLE 14 PROCESS RERLICATION TRANSCRIPTION TRANSLATION y l Type of molecule synthesized polymerized Activated subunitsi End where synthesis 7 X y M l l y V occurs Carla12 C ill catalysts n6l iC J E I required for fl amt Iquot 0 3 lot SCTWL wmm J P synthesis Mwwaratq it alifi l 0 What is Pl it A recogrf df r b P 5 y initiatilrfrei O p p W0m5lquot V LWll mma a L h I mm W at is I 0 0 pz A recognized for flid Oi quotTamm Pc Z P If G H termmation C mi B 118 LijiiiihiilliiliIlllllilllllillw1g N 0 57 em 7 J mz a M 70 I I r J b Kx Ewxwmx xkqsxss x nQ A at ampP M E Q Q mQ p a pg m u w N N mm m C y xmv R 2 mwwr Wm P v 3 wm ma M Ev xk fM mgttumx ads Kw Qgxrm ma w uxq g 9 P j m T 3 zh U E E sQ a M u L S M C Eusiu wCSS E Z 6L4W 397 m7c7 V 2 r 54 34 4 We 39n 0 CH 6iIIamp7quot 121 77461quot lmf J Caz2c V an rag azafedx cezz 0 U1 ap Cf 39 rz I 4 W 39 la 5 F quotquotquot392 411 N quotquotquot I IquotMVP j39 T 1 3 ltf c 22 gt a y 0d W H U iJ quot u J fail E1 Chi13931 5 T T T H cm 0m K v p p J F 39 4 L r E quot7 ft I quotI p a fl r r quot M 5 F 1 quot 39 i r A I1 l v f L Zm5 V LZJUCZy reg Mriff 24 zM75 l7 677W f V 7 77I6 66 09076 122 CddmliiIdidIidlilj11114I lMIWlli5lalVlI7 E 3 m i I 2 a N 3 mm aw m NQC 9 n S A S E Av A P P Raga 0 0 z ad mQ3m 123 x w SS4


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