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Music 125 Week 6 & 7

by: Bryce Buser

Music 125 Week 6 & 7

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Music > Music 125 Week 6 7
Bryce Buser

Sean Wagoner

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About this Document

These are all the notes taken in class for weeks 6 and 7. They are combined because the midterm was in week 6 and there were not many notes for the one class we did have that week.
Sean Wagoner
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This 4 page Reader was uploaded by Bryce Buser on Wednesday May 14, 2014. The Reader belongs to a course at University of Oregon taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 152 views.


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Date Created: 05/14/14
Music 125 M W 12120pm CRN 36881 Week 6 amp 7 Lecture Notes Corresponding Readings Text p 202279 Please note that Wednesday May 7th was the midterm and there are no notes Due to this week 6 and 7 notes have been combined to make them a length that is worth reading over Monday May 5 2014 History InClass Listening Eine Kleine Nactmusik A Little Night Music 3 Movement Composer Wolfgang Amadous Mozart Large Ternary from Minuet and trio Minuet Slow Dance Trio Three instruments Classical Mindset InClass Listening Symphony No 5 in C Minor Composer Ludwig Van Beethoven Form Minuet and Trio AABB CCDD AB Monday May 12 2014 History Classical Periods multimovement works Images presented in Class Harpsichord 2 keyboards When a key is hit a string is plucked Monodynamic instrument has only one Volume Inside is made of wood Forte Piano Made to have different volumes Inside is made of steel if you put that much strain on a harpsichord it would break in half Can play loud of soft because the strings are hit with hammers not plucked Most widely played instrument in the world Piano Sonata Sonata multimovement work InClass Listening Sonata in C sharp minor Op 27 No 2 Moonlight 1 movement Composer Ludwig van Beethoven Motor Rhythm Continuous beat provides a stream of sound Observations Unnatural unfinished unsettled uneasy make listener ask What s next Sad minor key InClass Listening Opera Don Giovanni Act 1 Scene 2 No 35 Composer Mozart Opera Buffa with an element of Seria Recitative and Aria 2 Kinds of Opera Opera Buffa Comic People wore street clothes brought food talked and laughed They would throw food at the performers if there was something they did not like or at each other for fun Opera Seria Serious The upper class tended to view these operas more than Opera Buffa People would dress up and act formally at these performances Terms in Opera Libretto text spoken or sung written by the librettist and not the composer Prima Donna 1 lady of the opera today is considered an unkind term Castrato males who could sing high points and were castrated so they could continue Most admired in society and were not outcasts Some are on the earliest recordings Don Giovanni Takes place in a Spanish town Giovanni is a serial seducer and goes after a young girl who is engaged Elvira Giovanni kills her father and Elvira asks her ance to get revenge Giovanni runs and a list is created about Giovanni s women in several different countries Giovanni encounters a statue of Elvira s father that his possessed with his spirit He tells Giovanni to repent which Giovanni does not and gets dragged into the Earth down into Hell Wednesday May 14 2014 History The Romantic Period 18201900 InClass Listening Eine Kleine Nactmusik A Little Night Music 3 Movement Composer Wolfgang Amadous Mozart Dedication to form Bright and cheery and aloof 4 Elements of the Romantic Era Emotionalism Exoticism Nationalism The Supernatural In Class Listening Symphony No 9 New World Composer Antonin Dvorak 1893 Elements related to North America and Native Americans Making reference to exoticism of Native American music Also has a bit of emotionalism and exoticism InClass Listening Symphonie Fantastique Composer Hector Berlioz French Five movements instead of four Giant orchestra of over one hundred people Programmatic Symphony Hector was not emotionally stable Character in Symphonie is not emotionally stable either Hector Berlioz Herriot S 9 Hector s love after she was Ophelia in Shakespeare s Hamlet She never wrote him back 1830 Symphonie Fantastique She realized it was about her 1833 they were married then separated after years of unhappiness Symphonie Fantastique 1 Movement Composer falls in love with a girl who does not return her love Idee Fixe 2 Movement He finds himself at a party and his beloved s image haunts him 3 Movement Countryside soothes his spirit but he is still worried 4 Movement He poisons himself and then he dreams he killed his beloved and watches as an onlooker as he dies Idee Fixe nal though interrupted by his head bouncing down the steps March to the Scaffold 5 Movement His beloved comes to the place where he is now with a roar of delight from the supernatural around them and she spends eternity mocking him Notation Ledger Lines represent notes too high or low to be on a staff an additional line on a stall Middle C the connecting note for the two staves also the center of the piano Dmz39z rz39 Shastaeovich I 906 975 Music mode of self expression Shostakovich Russian living in the capital Lenin was in power then Stalin Played piano and his talent was caught early Started some composition and that was where his true talent was National composer his experience as a composer under the Soviet Union


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