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Cont. Organometalic compunds

by: Jennifer Notetaker

Cont. Organometalic compunds chem 2420

Marketplace > University of Toledo > Organic Chemistry > chem 2420 > Cont Organometalic compunds
Jennifer Notetaker
GPA 3.0
organic chemistry II 2420-001
Jianglong Zhu

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About this Document

This is the continuation of Organometalic compounds. Mainly over Organomagnesium and organo lithium compounds reacton with Epoxides, How to prepare Denatured hydrocarbons ,and Organocuprates.
organic chemistry II 2420-001
Jianglong Zhu
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jennifer Notetaker on Saturday September 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to chem 2420 at University of Toledo taught by Jianglong Zhu in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 54 views. For similar materials see organic chemistry II 2420-001 in Organic Chemistry at University of Toledo.

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Date Created: 09/05/15
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fquot Mg mm JURW 39 39 Inez I I Ah m rr hr r7611 H 1 HE 4 1 39 j J 1 39 quot 39C r COMPUU J 11 U fJ r 7 if fquot f H c quot C rv39 r w r mam 7 quotmh39m ii a Misfits14w W1 i l E 5 Or V J4 H 7 r 1 39 quot W 6 PamL Li i i LL 1 im m 6 L Maia agtizscmgrf lz if r WP 0 We 39 quotfquot i mpggs f r WV 4 V a H 5 V wk fic 5H 3W tquot9 a 7amp TL 3967ka CH3 f 1 39 TE quot H r r M h A CH Ll ib CHLCH 11 LE1 an a Otjrmocufra 7 V w I illh 39 EC rfj r i la C ilhgd 1f Imam Mczcmhs J gh EE h I quotx E U Q l W C39r r l Hatquot u n f a t if Q J T I r r 155 39 a Eu li39fq Q rd i 75 Pd 7 f 7 mm ac twig CHCH3CHJH r twain4443 5quot v H A 7 f 3 rr an 1 ga x Q J k 1 J U V 1 J I i I 7 7 h i 44 QM V I AIvquot 7 77 7 quot r 39 ll U i gtf I I Lquot 7 W 7 CH5 C H C H Cg F DEV j r quotU FEE C9gLPLLQngcLit1mfig s gizm F H mm mm C 4 nijgfu Lil irt WrMm u 3 7 7 Xx 3 7 gt if M CL waft hr w MEG Em DB 1 a I hunt 39 quot j quotj M J V I it m4h d 5 quot w a e C 1 e x C r I H 1 f Ln quotN39r we mqu r Dlr j l 070 Cul f i 5 I 2quot 39quot 9 539 I Lquot Fl 7 I39 7 i Q 7 a I m if q 7 r 39Wi a 3LQ awnoi f La 39 397 quotH J PLi J um Q Le M M un rff r lt 7 q J m wi x CHIN 7 CH Qgcub 3 MHEC f N WCF39ruj quotx R 5ft EU h 39I f 7 M65993 w saw Chapter two covers the topics of Motion in One Direction Everything in life involves motion We look at dynamics Dynamics is the study of motion and physical concepts Kinematics is a part of dynamics that represents motion In this chapter it talks mainly about motion on a straight line Motion is concerned with displacement Displacement is the movement of an object from one point in space and time to another point in space and time Any problem in mechanics can be solved using a frame of references which is a choice of coordinate axes that designate the starting point for measuring any quantity Note that a change in any physical quantity is represented by the Greek letter Delta A A Scaler Quantity is a quantity that has only magnitude but no direction where as a Vector is a quantity with both magnitude and direction Velocity is a vector quantity but is usually used interchangeably with speed which is a scaler quantity Velocity is de ned as the change in the displacement of an object divided by the change in the time it takes the object to move The SI unit is meters per second ms Instantaneous velocity fails to take note of what occurs during an interval of time Instantaneous speed is the magnitude of instantaneous velocity Acceleration is a vector quantity with dimensions of length divided by time squared Its S unit is meter per second squared mSZ39 Velocity and Acceleration can be differentiated with the aid of Motion diagrams A motion diagram is a diagram that shows moving objects with its corresponding time intervals The chapter further discusses acceleration one dimensional motion with constant acceleration Constant acceleration or Uniform acceleration is the type of motion that velocity of an object changes by an equal amount in every time period A Free Falling Object is an object that is falling under the sole in uence of gravity in the absence of air resistance Gravity has a big in uence in life All objects that are dropped with the in uence of gravity fall to the ground at the same constant acceleration and therefore hit the earth s surface at the same time According to the great philosopher Aristotole he believed that heavier items or objects fell faster than lighter objects which is actually not the case He failed to eliminate the factors that in uence the rate at which they fall such as air resistanceThe law of falling objects was later discovered by Galileo Galilei an Italian Physicist and Astronomer from observing that 2 separate weights hit the ground at the same time when dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy A feather and a stone will both hit the ground at the same time if dropped from the same distance in a vacuum space where there is no air resistance The term free falling affects both objects released from rest and objects being thrown up or down The magnitude of free falling acceleration is represented by the symbol g g is inversely proportional to altitude A decrease in g increases altitude and varies a little with latitude The value of g is 98 msz Acceleration is 98m32 when air resistance is neglected It is usually a negative value in mathematical calculations due to the downward direction of gravity The kinematic equations can be used if this is the case


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