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Week Two Notes

by: Kelsey Carroll

Week Two Notes SOWK 201 002

Kelsey Carroll
GPA 3.46
Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare
Betsy Spriggs

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About this Document

SOWK notes of August 30th-September 5th
Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare
Betsy Spriggs
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelsey Carroll on Saturday September 5, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOWK 201 002 at University of South Carolina taught by Betsy Spriggs in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 77 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Social Work Profession and Social Welfare in Social Work at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 09/05/15
Week Two Classroom Notes SOWK 202 CHAPTER 2 Introduction to Social Work Social Welfare Helps maintain the stability and welling of society 0 Includes government 0 Programs 0 Services 0 Institutions Allocation of resources 0 Money 0 Personnel 0 Expertise Social welfare the array of government programs services and institutions designed to maintain the stability and wellbeing of society Social Welfare PolicyThe legal mandates that specify the profession39s clients what services will be made available to designated populations how services will be delivered the duration of services and how intervention outcomes will be evaluated and measured What impacts how a person thinks about policy issues 0 Political social religious and economic ideologies Safety net services that protect people from spiraling downward economically or socially Conservative VS Liberal Persona responsibility Larger safety net Fat tax Redistribute wealth Earn success Supports social intervention Peope cause their own problems Graduated tax system Social Control policies and practices designed to regulate people and increase conformity and compliance o If then statements 0 If you do this we will give you blank Social Worker Involvement in the policy arena Helps society address individual needs Helps confront social control redistribution Means Testing is assessing whether the individual or family possesses the means to do without a particular kind of help Social Justice 0 Protects human rights 0 Provides basic needs Goamotivate social workers to be advocates Goals of Advocacy Fairness Equaity Freedom Service Nonvioence Colonial America 16071783 0 Mutual Aid Communities responsibility to take care of their neighbors not the government or an agency 0 Settlement Laws designed to control the distribution of public assistance the settlement laws were the domain of small units of government and speci ed a period of residence for the receipt of assistance 0 Poor Laws of Colonial America 0 Similar to the Elizabethan Poor Laws Deserving poor Elderly children physically and mentally handicap Nondeserving poor Able body men and women who choose not to work drunkslazy Outdoor Relief assistance to the deserving poor in their home and communities Indoor Relief assistance in institutions where nondeserving poor were sent to work Origins of Social Advocacy 180039s o The United States expanded West Orphan trains 0 Beginning of foster care Dorothea Dix o Founded asylums for the mentally ill Progressive Era 18901920 Increase in immigrants Economic crisis of the 189039s Laid the foundation of social work Charity Organization Society and the Settlement Movement emerged dealing with dependency Shift from agriculture to urbanization Settlement Movement environmental factors related to poverty 0 Hull House jane Addams and Ellen Gate Starr created this establishment which housed a daycare working women39s club lectures cultural programs a meeting place for neighborhood political groups 0 Edward T Devine 0 Founded the New York Charity Organization Society 0 Founded the New York School of Philanthropy in 1898 Eventually became Columbia School of Social Work First school of social work 0 Mary Richmond 0 Founded the BaltimorePhiladelphia Charity Organization Society 0 Wrote the rst book on social work in 1917 Social Diagnosis Introduced methodology and common body of knowledge World War 1 19141918 0 Cause to Function Porter Lee said that social workers shifted their professional attention from a concern with politics to a concern with the ef cient day to day administration of social welfare bureaucracy 0 Expansion of practice settings private family welfare agencies 0 Expansion in Hospitals Schools Private welfare agencies Guidance centers Children s aid societies Mental health The Great Depression 1929194039s Stock market crash in 1929 economic disaster Rekindled the quotcausequot orientation that had been abandoned and lobbied the government to provide an adequate standard of living for all FDR called for a large federal relief fund 0 New Deal unemployment insurance social security system old dependent kids disabilities 0 Social worker Today newspaper was created labor unions were formed and relief agencies 0 Harry Hopkins social worker appointed head of Federal Emergency Relief Administration 0 Social Security Act of 1935 expanded welfare activities service and programs for the poor World War II 19601967 0 Nearly full employment for all Americans 0 The National Association of Social Workers was formed NASW It helped unite the profession through guidelines and ethics that de ned responsibilities in 1955 0 Result of the DepressionNew Deal 0 New jobs for social workers with a deeper understanding of human needs and renewed interest America s War 19601967 0 Civil Rights Movement 0 Gays 0 Women 0 Mentally and Physically challenged 0 People of color 0 New Frontier John F Kennedy talked of poverty peace corps aid to families with dependent kids 0 Great Society Lyndon B Johnson 0 Social Welfare Initiatives 0 Head Start 0 Medicare 0 Medicaid 0 Food Stamps Reaganomics 19811989 0 President Ronald Reagan o Conservative platform 0 Individual responsibility for o Trickle Down Economics President George WH Bush Conservative approach 0 Million points of Light 0 Communities developedfunded services and programs to address local needs 0 Impoverished communities had few resources to contribute 911 and Bevond 2000Present Social welfare initiatives overshadowed by 0 Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan 0 Global War on Terror 0 2010 Affordable Care Act 0 Improved access to affordable health coverage 0 Reformed insurance company practices for coverage of mental and behavioral health 0 Social workers help people navigate new systems Limitations of Social Welfare 0 Social Reforms 0 Make a difference to millions of Americans sometimes fails to meet stated or ideal goals 0 Crisis intervention VS Prevention 0 Low social mobility remains History of social welfare policy 0 Needs to address root causes of social economic and political inequality Example 1963 March on Washington led to the 1964 Civil Rights Act


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