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Week of February 23rd-25th History 202 Notes

by: mcunnin4 Notetaker

Week of February 23rd-25th History 202 Notes HIS 202-003

Marketplace > Tri-County Technical College > History > HIS 202-003 > Week of February 23rd 25th History 202 Notes
mcunnin4 Notetaker

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About this Document

These notes are what is on our next exam.
Dr. Chad Gregory
Class Notes
history, World War One
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by mcunnin4 Notetaker on Sunday February 28, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 202-003 at Tri-County Technical College taught by Dr. Chad Gregory in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see History-202-003 in History at Tri-County Technical College.


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Date Created: 02/28/16
Notes February 23 2016 World War One - Originally called “The Great War” because they weren’t anticipating a second war. A. Causes and Factors 1. Nationalism - The idea that people identified themselves with a certain country and bound by division on a map. - Customs like talking, living, speaking, etc. 2. Overseas Markers: Competition - Most oversea markets have advanced saturating the home market. 3. Entangling Alliances: Allies Central Powers - Britain Germany - France Austria-Hungary - Russia 4. Rise of Germany “The Balancing of Powers on a Continent” - You didn’t want one country to get control - Germany competes both commercially with trading and creating a navy be superior or equal to Great Britain’s Navy. 5. Mobilization Dynamics B. Balkans 1. Serbians aspirations of expanding. - Wanted a port like every great power. - Every time Serbia tried to expand Austria-Hungary wouldn’t let them. - 2. Assassination of Frances Fendinald - Done by Serbian terrorist group “The Black Hands” - Austria blames Serbia in its entirety besides them be a terroristic group acting on their own. 3. Austria threatens Serbia - They were harboring a killer within their country, which was their reasoning for threatening them. 4. Russia threatens Austria to leave Serbia alone or they’ll help 5. Germany tells Russia to back off or they’ll step in. 6. Germany’s big problem is a two-front war due to both sides being against them having to divide their army. - Germany goes through Belgium to reach France in a take over one side before taking care of Russia. 7. Germany Invades Belgium a neutral country. 8. Due to the invasion of Belgium which caused Great Britain to get involved after promising due to neutrality. C. American Entry 1. Customary Neutrality: Dates back to George Washington’s Address - It’s difficult to stay neutral due to the immigrants of the United States to stay neutral when they come from vast portions of Europe. - The Irish would support the Germans due to dislike of Great Britain. 2. Common Ties - They speak English - Business Ties 3. Trade Ties - Are trade with the allies’ jumps and our trade with Germany lowers. 4. Wilson’s Idealism - He always hoped that if the U.S got in a war, he had a say in the treaty that ends the war. 5. * Germany Submarine Warfare: - They would give a warning before they sunk you. - Then went back down to the water. - The opposite of what submarines are purposed for. - Notes February 25 2016h WW1 Germany Submarine Warfare - Lusitamia (1915) - 1200 dead 128 were American. - Left six boilers unlit making them slower; therefore a sub took them down. 6. Resumption and unrestricted submarine warfare. 7. Zimmerman Telegram: A telegram send from Germany to Mexico. - When decoded Germany promised all the land they lost in the Mexican War back if they declare war on the United States. - The messages never made it, it was intersected by the British. - British didn’t want to admit they were listening to US communication. - British made it look like it came from someone in the US and got away with it. - War declared April of 1917. D. Trench Warfare: - WW1 transformed Adolf Hitler’s life, he was a runner in WW1. - He used his resentment from the Reside Treaty to power his movement. - All the trenches combined could circle the globe at least once. 1. Trench Series - Usually in 3’s - Front Line - Support Trench - Reserve Trench 2. “Going Over The Top” - Come out of trenches try not to get caught in your own barbwire and try to attack the enemy head on. - Both had machine guns at this point of time. - The saying “Over the top” came from trenchwarfare. 3. Rats, Lice, and Mud -Rats could get as big as cats, from eating corpses. - Trench Foot: Feet rotting due to mud and water. - Shell Shock: PTSD Notes February 25 2016h - Basketcase: Quadruple amputee, you could carry their torso around in a basket the original meaning. E. Over Here 1. Selective Service Act - Authorizes Draft - 3 million were drafted. - 2 million signed up voluntarily 2. Government Growth a. 5,000 Government Boards are created. - War Industries Board - Private companies get government contracts to make combat boots for war etc. b. The number of Americans paying taxes: -1916: 437,000 -1918: 4,425,000 If you made below 4,000 a year you were exempt. - The number of federal employees doubled. - Nearly 5,000 government boards are created. - National Debts increases. - 1916: $1.5 Billion - 1919: $24 Billion Current Debt: 19 Trillion GDP: Gross Domestic Product C. Government Debt: - WW2 was the worst GDP debt. - 122% 3. Society a. Committee on Public Information - Posters, Speeches, 4- Minute Men. Etc. to build up the war before movies etc. Notes February 25 2016h - Got people to by Liberty Bonds - Propaganda b. Soldiers c. Speech in Wartime - Eugene Debs was arrested for his speech during wartime in thought that it hurt recruitment efforts. - Shenk v. U.S - Espionage and Sedition Acts - Justice in Charge: Oliver Wendall Holmes Jr. - He said you don’t have an absolute right to free speeh - National Security Trumps the 1 Amendment. - There’s certain things you cannot say during wartime. F. Back in Europe 1. Germany: Armistice 2. Woodrow Wilson’s: 14 Points -Woodrow Wilson went to Europe himself for the negotiations, unusual. - Wilson got a parade in Paris. 3. Versailles Treaty: a. Germany War Guilt and Clause -Angers Hitler and the German’s. b. Reparations: Germany has to pay allies 33 billion altogether, they cannot pay it back. - They paid about 4.5 billion until Hitler came into power he said forget about it. - Germany lost WW2 and had to pay reparation again, they just paid it in 2010. c. Austria-Hungary is broken up into five countries: Poland, Yugoslavia, d. League of Nations: International community of countries to police to world to avoid another WW1. 4. Article of 10: Congress won’t go for it, proposes sending troop from each league of nations all over to police things but senate won’t allow it. Notes February 25 2016 Woodrow Wilson wanted the US to be a part of the “League of Nations” but his own country’s senate shot it down. The US didn’t join the league of Nations.


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