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Week 2 Notes

by: Nia

Week 2 Notes Pol_Sc 1100

American Government
William Horner

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About this Document

Notes for week 2
American Government
William Horner
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nia on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Pol_Sc 1100 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by William Horner in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see American Government in Political Science at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/06/15
Poli Sci Week 2 Notes 83 1 Lecture 4 Origins of American Political Thought Framers Religion 0 Came to America seeking religious freedom 0 Came to escape poor treatment in England 0 Free Will Puritans Power of the people gives the government its authority to govern Natural Law Idea that there is an existing code of the universe moral code and were all born knowing these things 0 Unspoken law 0 Declaration of Independence 0 Respect the rights of others 0 We know we have our rights 0 Strong in uence on the framers 0 Government is violating the natural rights 0 Believe the government exists to protect the natural rights of the people 0 What is right and wrong is evident to everyone 0 Subjective and unclear 0 Ambiguity gave it room to grow and develop 0 More inclusive now Distrust of Power 0 Wanted a government based on the power and sovereignty of the people 0 Didn t completely trust the people 0 Not a direct democracy representativerepublic 0 Pick the people but not the law Distrust of Rulers 0 Wanted a government powerful enough to get things done but feared a group of people having to much power 0 Power of government is divided l Checks and Balances l Federal power is separate from state power Clockwork Universe 0 Isaac Newton 0 Believed there was some being whom created the universe and started it like a clock 0 If you design the perfect system you can set it in place and it will just continue 0 Wanted to create a government that could function forever on its own Economic Inequality Framers worried a lot about this 0 Land was being foreclosed on 0 Shay s Rebellion Daniel Shay You need to have a strong government who can handle issues before they become uproars and rebellions Democratic Theory 0 We believe in a government that is based on the power of the people 0 The only legit government is the one where the people make the laws for themselves and believe in the sovereignty of the people 0 Have a say in laws Lecture 3 Democratic Theory Legitimacy A belieffeeling that the people have that a government is rightmoraljust and therefore should be obeyed How to establish legitimacy 0 Religious Belief this is how god wanted it to be 0 Tradition These are the ways things have always ben The framers believed the ways of determining legitimacy weren t right 0 Which religious view is the right one 0 Wanted to break the idea of monarchy 0 Turned to the constitution and the idea of democratic theory Theorists of Democracy 0 The only legit form of government is the one derived form the consent of the people 0 Rousseau 0 Swiss 0 The Social Contractquot 0 Why is it that we don t judge children by the same moral standards that we judge adults I Adults have the capacity to make choices and decide which direction to take I Children act off desires and impulses 0 To be able to make moral laws for ourselves is freedom 0 The moral government is the one in which people give themselves laws 0 Republic 0 Democracy is a government that is based off the people participation 0 People obey the laws because they feel obligated because they played a part in making them 0 Give up some freedom and independence to the government in return for an institution that protects our natural rights Locke 92 Theorists of Democracy Rousseau 1700s Locke 1600s 0 In uential on framers 0 Executive authority I Has the right to rule and do things that aren t necessarily granted I Have the authority to do things in the name of being the executive l People have the right and obligation to overthrow the executive if they over step 0 The only legit government is one in which the people support who rule them 0 Not a supporter of democracy 0 The only good moral government is one that is supported by the people I If people don t support they may decide to overthrow it 0 Representative government I Not practical for everyone to participate Montesquieu 0 Advocate for representative government I Need a representative government for large populations 0 Felt government shouldn t be allowed to become so powerful that its oppressive l Limited government authority I Individual rights Elements necessary for a democracy to be legitimate Personal liberty 0 Citizens have to be able to choose to participate in the political process I Supporting ideas candidates of their own choosing I Don t have to participate 0 Legal equality 0 One person one vote 0 We all have the same legal in uence over the decision making process 0 Each persons vote has the same weight 0 Choice among alternatives 0 As citizens we should be given a real choice to make 0 Should be more than one candidate running for office 0 There should be different ideas and agendas presented to us 0 Freedom of Speech 0 Not all speech is protected speech 0 Have to have the opportunity to express our political points of view Regularly Scheduled Elections 0 People have to have a way at a regular interval to participate in the political process 0 Decision Rule 0 Has to be some clear and accepted way of knowing who has won the election 0 Generally majority rule 0 Connection between participation and government action 0 People who are elected have an obligation to do what they said they would 0 Election should make a difference in government policy and behavior Articles of Confederation 1783 0 Right after revolutionary war 0 Government designed to have virtually no power to govern 0 Fear oppressive government 0 Protect the rights of the individual states more than one cohesive country 0 Strong alliance between 13 independent countries 0 States had a lot of power 0 Rules 0 No power to tax no taxation without representation 0 No judicial branch I Citizens don t vote for them I No one to solve disputes at the federal level 0 No standing military 0 Unicameral legislation I No checks and balances I No individual votes 0 Nonpartisan legislation I Not divided as democrat and republic 0 Each state only had one vote 0 No executive branch I Feared executive authority I Thought executives were undemocratic l Royal governors Intentions of the writers 0 Designed not to work 0 Problems with the system who complained and why 94 Articles of Confederation Purpose Create a government that could do very little Felt a sense of unity gt way to bring themselves together Designed not to work 0 No taxes 0 No judicial branch 0 No executive branch 0 No standing military 0 Unicameral legislation 0 Each state had one vote 0 No power to regulate trade with other nations or states 0 No regulation of money 0 No federal currency 0 Every state had their own money 0 Cant pass legislation without a 34 or unanimous vote 0 Needed super majorities 0 States didn t want to surrender these powers to the authority 0 Similar to the modern United Nations Problems with the system who complained and why 0 People involved in businesses 0 Hard to do business without regulation 0 Tariffs and tax on imports 0 Different currencies 0 NationalistsPatriots 0 Those who fought in the revolutionary war and advocated the cause 0 Wanted a strong united states 0 Feared that without power to make foreign policy or negotiate treaties or raise an army that there was no way for the country to stand up for itself and make other countries respect it 0 Needed a stronger national government Tried to hold conventions 0 First one failed in 1786 l Anapolis MD 0 Put together a call to the congress to authorize another convention after that 0 James Madison amp Alexander Hamilton Constitutional Convention Need a unanimous vote in congress to change the articles of confederation Everyone came to the convention but 1 state How they made it happen 0 Dramatize the cause gt make it clear that something needed to be done 0 Shay s Rebellion 0 Something bad is going to happen 0 Wrote letters to newspapers and leaders of state legislatures to say uprisings are coming I Need to change things before rebellions start happening more 0 Adopt the right type of rhetoric 0 Patriotic rhetoric 0 Publicize the idea that other european powers don t take the US seriously I They doubt the survivability of the US 0 Have to do something if we care about the country 0 Defects Embarrassment 0 Gain the support of unifying charismatic leaders 0 George Washington Most famous and trusted person in the US I If George Washington thought it was a good idea it must be a good idea 0 Ben Franklin 2nd most liked person I Came to the confession despite not being able to talk or give speeches 0 Celebrity endorsement 0 Appear innocuous nonthreatening until plan of action is certain O Asked states to come to a convention to make amendments to the articles of confederation I Thought there were going to be little changes not a brand new constitution l Making some improvements


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