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Transcription and RNA

by: Gloria Godswill Basil

Transcription and RNA Transcription

Gloria Godswill Basil
GPA 3.9
Fund of Life Sci Div of Life

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About this Document

This is the lecture note about transcription and RNA , the notes includes everything you need to know in this chapter. Good luck studying!!!
Fund of Life Sci Div of Life
Class Notes
Lecture 4) Transcription and RNA
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gloria Godswill Basil on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Transcription at University of Toledo taught by Leady,B in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Fund of Life Sci Div of Life in Natural Sciences and Mathematics at University of Toledo.


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Date Created: 09/06/15
Lecture Outline RNA and the mechanisms 0f transcriptinn H V wi i vif 4 Ag W 7 f F W l a 1 E r l a T ransc m i E e e gi bww 5 m e au 1 is par cesang n Aiming acng Chater 4 a a A 9 L N e 9 e 4444 e i molecules are I e i 1 a j 9 W W A can be more easily F i a W A iAe e V fit j l form nucleasemes e ee 5 y w W 1 Haw 955 in rmamn Flaw rm NA in mtEns L Extressinn 3 L a A E x Equot a 39 i u m A w I 1 DH 771 47 471 1 a Ila r N made i r IaL v The sugr i quot 5 539 PF r H Li lj n 1 L I I 1 1 r A L 39 1 n A 3 Y E 7 I l gt L we a a1 r a rquot M 1 a 4 x 7 r r I i Hg 1L A u 1 H 4 l W H 7 a e Vquot T F 394 P 1 E illl lL L r lF uJ L 1 Elf if ul m 1 E L p H141 W p FF rk W Q N h 17 11quot 1 I 7 sh apes by ntemal Contains uracil U 39 7 x J a E 7r 7 E E39 If J1 Eli r r NJ I r I g i L L x rquot 7v L A I 1 A v A V I H y quot 1 39 V J 4 39 H L 39 J 39 5 ILL f I M r 39 39 I b law A I 39 7 3 A L a it E 39 r 1 Fens many EVE RNA as F m igpnde L a Llr i l Single Strand f d airs wth 1 F W m i M L w 7 E A 39 1 i39 397 39v 7 Haj 1 l r L 1 r l h 4 7391 I r 39 1 I W m A i K L A n 39 MA yr 4 r 7 3 I L 1 7 g L 1 A m w w 7 base airnw t r r r 4 V 1 quot w Inf rm lm Haw frrm DN u ii r lmm The central wimp quea nsr 1 dues genetic infarmatian get frm we HUCIEUS ta the V 1 frm a A r r e is made in the prcess of V e w e 7 A w Tw an npm Tran c ptin PE 1 i1 1 E J Q1 A H 1 39 Timle Alt7waVn1Ec TEE r P1 7 ifm39l quot 7 quot 1 1 1 at 1 7 l 39 quot1 7 huuj i 9 rage l l c u 1 3 11 1 ETTAEcn w EAnt a 1 34in rt Iris5413 we r F 15 1 311 1 1L 39 rmnt w s and whch 31m n1 1 rage quot V to EMquot FL 5 T 1 11 Q a Email I ELIFEE Ll J1 W i EJMWHE 117 E45 Hi Li 1 L 39Er 7 7 u dquot quot E J 7 f Tim scrltl a n is inaii ii i it quot pumm tir seq EE and Midi t a rminamr summit Th muscl rlt Eirnthi imd in 1 same imc m HA I it I 39 E1 1 w r r r r r I f P fi dl lm ii 1 Mumlat f f tri i ptl nag mAiu 74 7 L W jim mm 7 e i E i l 391 L f r E F L 1 9 J 5E m m MJ l f AVE39 1 V F l x 5 1 7 7 f7 u 7 7 n mgt L7 7 i 777 V i w 1 LE 3 Thquot iiif h EFm f jaa ri 7Wquot F Ei m i m n WASHER 7 7 W 7 7 w r 7 7 7 quot A 71 I f u 7 777 mT r i limping stand A rm 17quot if 39 i 17 J 1an Ihil timingquot 3 u H if thI af rming gt r7 4 f a If 7 H m n1 w J A C 1 r n L 4 7 7 VF 7 j W 7 W 39 r k w L 4 LV r w r1 7 7 u J 1 7 7 i if 7 W 7 7 7quot W g h 7 l e m Tquot 7 l hlt l a the I invalith M ii ph hl 1 Jr 3Equot 391 1351 7 a 1 7 irt vii J is A a if V f if 1 r k y L x N A 7 7 W r 7 39 7 VI Ll39 1 77quot 4 4 a a y I rig I m r rush 39a t rr quotEmmi italHHS N FL Ingram rid mans apear in the primary NA tiransscriit s premRN intmm ar rem ved ifer the n 14 a w h nu F quot quotv 1r 739 mr 7 77 3314 L39 3 TEN Lust 1 1 N193 FER 31 r m IV V rr r L r a T quot 77 lt i HE W 5 quotENE jg E E fl EH kl mu nj ff a rj m M 1 st r if at 3 rm quot r3 MEI m H1 TilId gt1 1 f L hi 5quot Elm r L 3131quot El FE E r Ii quoth r I 175 L L 77 7777 7 77 if h 7 g 7 J i 7 g i 7 V77 7 W 7 7 if nun A a A 2 Ei fif 39hfg raga Elmq E W 7 D5 1 47 n H r A Mm J 1 Mmrw w e a A 39 39 l r g e Eit 39 W MHlinglr j HHA than it Hf Fam hylgmanmlm VJ J k 39 am in i Shims h 1 quot quot Hi I H I x A J r L E J 39 7 7 1 H PF 7 fr ff 7 7 77 quot quot 7 n 7 r L ri39 E7quot739 b1 71 7 7 r 7 W71 n A u39l n n 7 7 4 P 39g r39 n 7 d a EL 7 p u l 39 T run lulu n A A 3933 t H wm Ip w 7 NEE after the GdhA a for an idnzyme m wt I thi PWNA than anther enzymv dds 100 t ATE the May assst in export from nucleus impu tant far sitarlity f mRNA HE E E h Firaf f lh w Mi I Elihii l 1394 if I H H E SEUETIGS are w intrans t Urdu the t prd Iquot iquot u 1 391 nthnay g m f thlis murmur hurlIn a 39h Elam Ew F F i mm W W V f r 7 iv A 7 J 77 A 7 1 quotV T gr 7 A hi3 FE I ELF f i 5394 1 i 4 w E p w 1 I E r 1 t r 1 v7 a y rng t Equot v r fij39FEf39h a E r 7 393 FlTi39s i39 huh Li I JJaHf a FaE m a 3391 15 J hi Fi 7 u 7 973 w w L L x 1 r L i L I r l w a t i A Swim rm 1 mm 729 an rm 5 i U min a id fawn h rair IE quot3 n i 7 iii rug n T quotPwH u BF H as an F I En p w a J uan ENE1 if F wag i ir 39 Wquot a a a yifmirf a a 39J in Wage 9 I i m a Ta a In I 7quotquot


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