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by: Janie Mills


Janie Mills
GPA 3.98

Megan Seaholm

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About this Document

Megan Seaholm
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Janie Mills on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIS 315K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Megan Seaholm in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/181372/his-315k-university-of-texas-at-austin in History at University of Texas at Austin.


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Date Created: 09/06/15
HIS 315K Spring 2015 Seaholm Second Exam Study Guide The second exam is scheduled for class time on Monday 323 Be sure to bring a bluebook to class The American Revolution 1 a Describe the government that the patriots created for the new republic of the United States i at the national level ii and at the state level Why did the patriots create a relatively weak central government and why did the individual states retain so much power 0 How did the state representative assemblies change a How did the American Revolution affect the status of women b How had patriot women supported the revolution c What was Republican Motherhood d Why did the idea of Republican Motherhood emerge 3 How did the American Revolution challenge the social order that had prevailed in 18th century colonial society 3 a Did the American Revolution expand political equality in terms of equal suffrage Why or why not b What was Civic Virtue 4 What happened to the Loyalists who remained in America after the revolution 5 a What about religious toleration B Did it expand or contract because of the revolution 6 Foner writes that American independence spelled a loss offreedom for Indians Can you explain this 7 Why did anti slavery sentiment spread during the American Revolution How did this affect slaves Did some slaves gain their freedom 0 How Did slaves petition for freedom 0 What was an example Did some states abolish slavery a When the House of Representatives of the new United States received a petition for abolition of slavery in the US in 1790 what happened b What arguments were presented in the committee report and in the House debate Why did the US Congress agree NOT to end slaves The 17805 and the New Constitution 1 What were the achievements and problems of the Confederation government 2 Explain how the expansion of individual debt create challenges for the new state governments What did debt ridden farmers like Daniel Shays want state governments to do to help them What was Shays s Rebellion a Why did some especially creditors believe that state governments that put a hold or stay on debt collection were acting as tyrannical majorities b Why did James Madison say observing the turmoil of the 17805 Liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as well as the abuses of power i What did this mean a What was the nationalist faction of the late 17805 b Who were some who aligned themselves with the nationalist faction i What were they worried about ii What changes did they think were necessary When and what was the Constitutional Convention What generalizations can you make about the delegates to the Constitutional Convention Why were they worried about excesses of democracy Describe the major features of the constitution written in the summer of 1787 How were the following features embedded in the constitution i federalism ii checks and balances iii separation of powers How did these features and other aspects of the Constitution intend to correct the problems of the 17805 that so concerned the nationalists Was slavery discussed at the Constitutional Convention What did the Constitution say about slavery Why did the Constitution protect slavery Who were the Federalists and the Anti Federalists What were some of the issues often raised during the ratification debates What were the Anti Federalists worried about When and why was the constitution ratified What were the Federalists major arguments Anti Federalist James Winthrop from Massachusetts wrote several essays to oppose ratification of the Constitution Why did he believe that a Bill of Rights was essential to the Constitution What was the Bill of Rights When were the Amendments that constitute the Bill of Rights ratified 0 Can you identify at least 5 of the rights secured by these amendments 17905 1 During the 17805 and early 17905 open warfare between the US Army and Native Americans continued in the Ohio Valley What was the Battle of Fallen Timbers and the Treaty of Greenville 2 What issues made the politics of the 17905 so divisive 3 a Who were the Hamiltonian Federalists and who were the Jeffersonian Republicans b How did these factions or political parties differ in their goals for the United States 4 What was Hamilton s financial plan for the US 0 What were the major features of his plan 0 What did he hope to accomplish Why did Jefferson and Madison and others oppose aspects of his plan What were the main challenges in foreign affairs in the 17905 What was Jay s Treaty How did the French Revolution and the ensuing global struggle between Great Britain and France shape early American politics What did Joseph Ellis mean when he wrote this about Jay s Treaty Underlying the debate that surfaced in full blown fashion over Jay s Treaty lurked a classic confrontation between those who wished America s revolutionary energies to be harnessed to the larger purposes of nation building and those who interpreted that very process as a betrayal of the Revolution itsel I What was the Whiskey Rebellion 0 Why did President Washington believe that it was essential to put down that rebellion 0 Why did Jefferson oppose Washington and Hamilton s move against the Whiskey Rebels What does Ellis mean when he writes that John Adams inherited a supercharged political atmosphere that was a recipe for political chaos that even the indomitable Washington would have been hard pressed to control No one else including Adams stood much of a chance at all Why was the atmosphere supercharged What was the XYZ Affair How did Madison and Jefferson interpret the XYZ Affair and the second delegation to France The Alien and Sedition Acts The proposed creation of the New Army According to Ellis Jefferson and Madison believed that during the Adams presidency the Federalists had captured the government from the American people 0 Why did they think so What were the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions 10 What does Ellis means when he refers to two founding moments 1776 and 1787 1800 1814 1 Why is Thomas Jefferson s election as president referred to as the revolution of 1800 2 What was the occasion for the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution Why did Hamilton support Jefferson in the contested election of 1800 What was the Haitian Revolution 0 what affect did it have on the US What was Gabriel s Rebellion How did it turn out o How did it affect slave codes in Virginia 10 Jefferson hoped to dismantle the Federalist system when he gained office How much did he dismantle o What did he leave and why What was Marbury v Madison 1803 and what is its significance What was Fletcher v Peck and what was its sig nificance What was the Louisiana Purchase 0 Why did President Jefferson approve the Louisiana Purchase Who were Lewis and Clark 0 What was their expedition Why did Thomas Jefferson as president persuade Congress to pass the Embargo of 1807 o What did he hope to achieve What effect did the embargo have When James Madison was president Congress enacted Macon s Bill No 2 0 Why did Madison favor this bill o What problem did he hope to solve What was the response concerning the bill o of the French 0 The British Who were the congressmen known as the War Hawks o What were their concerns their goals Who was Tenskwatawa 0 what was his prophecy Who was Tecumseh o What did he encourage Native Americans to do to preserve their nation What was the 1811 Battle of Tippecanoe Why did Madison ask Congress for a declaration of war against Britain Why is the War of 1812 called the 2quotd War for American Independence


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