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by: Dr. Carmela Harber


Dr. Carmela Harber
GPA 3.61

Todd Curtis

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About this Document

Todd Curtis
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Carmela Harber on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to C C 306M at University of Texas at Austin taught by Todd Curtis in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 72 views. For similar materials see /class/181386/c-c-306m-university-of-texas-at-austin in Classical Civilization at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
EXAM 4 GUIDE Medical Terminology Chapter 5 6 amp 7 Monday February 20th 2012 Cardiovascular System Leonardo da Vinci39s depiction of a heart Attention to realism Earlier artists were not realistic in their drawings Focus only on the ventricles Aristotle39s Cardia Aristotle 384322 BC Cardiocentric heart is the center of everything emotions and sensations are in the heart as well as thought Blood vessels and nerves both originate in the heart Innate Heat heat that keeps you alive in the heart lungs used to cool the heart prevent overheating Threechambered heart left and right and middle possibly from amphibian hearts NB Gr dynamis dynamo power energy or strength capacity to do something eg hemodynamics study of blood circulation Raphael39s School of Athens Platospiritual world metaphysics Aristotlephysical world Three chambered hearts Incomplete septum in amphibians and turtles Complete septum in birds and mammals Galen39s Cardia Galen 129 c310 AD Encephalocentric the controlling part is the brain Tripartite soul the soul is located in the liver nutrients and growth the heart innate heat emotion and the brain rational thought Right and left ventricles all blood from the liver came to the right ventricle arterial blood and innate heat stored in the left ventricle believed pores in septum allowed blood transfer between the two Leonardo da Vinci39s depiction took Galen39s form Hean Four chambers two atriums two ventricles Valves tricuspid aortic mitral pulmonary Ventricle L venter ventris belly dim ventriculus little stomach Ventriculo ventricular hypertrophy excessive development of heart muscles supraventricular above the ventricles ventriculography ventricles in other places than the heart ventriculi cerebri ventricles ofthe cerebrum Atrium Atrio atriotome device to make an incision in the atrium atriomegaly large heart vena atrii sinistri vein ofthe left atrium Roman atrium constructionhouseplace with open ceiling symbolic meaning first part ofthe house Septum L saeptum wall barrier closure Septum septate has body wall atrioseptoplasty surgical repair of the atrium wall musculus depressor septi nasi pullingdown muscle ofthe nasal septum Stenotic bicuspid valve a narrowing ofthe mitral valve Cuspo pointed L cuspid point bicuspid tricuspid Mitre Gr mitra headband Persian headdress In the roman catholic world the mitre was associated with priests L Corona garland or crown Coronary artery looks like a crown on the heart Used for things that are circular or crownshaped Corona dentis Coronal Coronary disease Coroner people who work with the crown tax collector associated with dead bodies autopsy because unburied dead bodies incurtaxes Aorta Gr Aorte what is hung up Aorto aortoclasia breaking up of the aorta aortomalacia softening of the aorta Ma39or vessels ofthe aorta Brachiocephalic from arm to headbrain Common carotid Subclavian below the clavicle Vessel Angio Vaso Vasculo Arteriosclerosis hardening ofarteries Arteriostenosis narrowing of arteries Arteriorrhexis rupturing of arteries Arteriostosis calci cation of arteries Arteriomyomatosis swelling ofthe muscles in the arteries Arteriosclerosis vs atherosclerosis Gr athere gruel Erasistratus39 arte Erasistratus 304 BC 250 BC Gr arteria windpipe Believed that veins carried blood and arteries carried pneuma air empty Explanation for arterial bleeding pressure gradient negative pressure attracts the blood M Gr sphygmos pulse throbbing Sphygmus Sphygmomanometer device that measures blood pressure Sphygmograph polygraph measures multiple parts Herophilus and the pulse terminoloqy Herophilus c 330 260 BC Diastole Gr diastellein to expand Systole Gr systellein to contract Rhythm Gr rhuthmos proportion from rhythm of musical instrument Bradycardia and tachycardia are placed under arrhythmiadysrhythmia difficult painful rhythm Stethoscope looking into the chest Rene TH Laennec 1816 Venovenostomy joining two veins Anastomosis joining two muscles Stoma cut hole mouth Stomatitis inflammation of the mouth Xerostomia dry mouth Wednesday February 22 2012 Cardiovascular System a Types of Circulation i Coronary ii Systemic going out with oxygenated blood iii Pulmonary reoxygenation ll Galen s cardiovascular system a Venous blood vs Arterial Blood i Ven darker blood lack of oxy Arterial lighter blood has oxy galen thought heat not oxygen b Pores in septum c Anastomoses but no circulation i Believed that veins and arteries were connected Didn t think there was circulation d All veins came from liver liver made blood e Blood would go to right and left ventricle f With lungs pulmonary artery provides nutritive blood to r ventricle Pulmonary blood in pulmonary vein goes into the L ventricle lll William Harvey disproves Galen 15781657 a Exercitatio anatomica de motu cordis et sanguinis in animalibus 11628 b Quantify it look L ventricle and how much blood is in it Based on how much blood in L Ventricle gured out how much blood a person would be producing per day Remember food is made into blood not enough food was being eaten to make the right amount of blood cTied off arm and figured out that blood moved a certain direction in the body IV Arteriole Venule capillary V 3rd declension Sing PL a Nom var es b Gen is umium i Sanguis blood Sanguines ii Sanguinis Sanguinum iii Varix Varices iv Varicis Varicum v Venter ventres vi Ventris Ventrum VI 3rd Dec Neut i Var a ia ii is umium f iii Cor heart Corda iv Cordis Cordium v Lumen Iumina vi Luminis luminum vii Pectus pectora viii Pectoris pectorum a Pectus carinatum nom Sing b Angina pectoris gen sing c Ateria dorsalis pedis gen sing d cavus nom sing e Venae cordis minimae gen sing f Cipulmonale nom sing g Testis nom sing h Rete gen sing VII Dr No has ectopia cordis which means heart out of place VIII You are on a medical mission in Peru You are told to avoid a particular phlebotomus verrucarum From its name what do you know about this bug Vein incision wart sand y cut into vein and leave warts IX Symptomatic Terms Aneurysm Gr aneurysma a widening b Aneurysmoaneurysmotomy c Eury Gr eurys wide wide broad think estuary d Eurycephalic broad head e Eurytherm animal that can survive in wide range of temps f Saccular L saccus bag sack saccus Iacrimalis Fusiform L fusus spindle Dissecting L dis apart secare sectum to cut i Bisect ii Prosection dissect before iii Resection to cut back iv insect entomology cut into 390 i A patient comes to your office co profuse sweating oppressive pressure in the chest and racing heartbeats What are the medical terms for this patients symptoms Palpitations j What is the difference between myocardial infarct and myocardial ischemia lnfarct necrosis Stuff in artery no blood ow to area lschemia hold back k lnfarct l infarcire to stuff in l lchemia Gr ischein to hold back m lscho hold back X Europa Europe and euro Europa princess zeus becomes bull b Europe named because everyone was looking for Europa XI Obstruction a L ob before in front of b L struere structum to build pile up arrange c obstruent Xll Constriction a Constringere to draw together iContogether ii Stringere strictum to draw tight iii Stricture iv Constrictor vAstringent drawing towards substringent L astingere f Xlll Occlusion Occludere L ob before L Cludere clusum shut close Fetal inclusion malocclusion conclusive 5105 Friday February 24 2012 Blood and Lymphatic Systems Phlebotomy in Ancient Medicine Prophylactic preventative medicine different weathers and seasons may cause diseases eg excessive amount of bloodhumor during the winter Therapeutic the treating ofthe disease ifdisease is associated with blood then get rid of that blood Evacuation too much blood causes too much heat fever Diversion cut to divert blood away from the area some veins you should and shouldn t cut Cupping o 2 vessels on side 0 cut an area heat the vessel put the cup over it to make a suction and draw blood from an area even more o holistic Chinese medicine mainly for chi puposes o pulling toxins from the body Phlebotomy today not used typically used for diagnostic purposes phlebotomist someone who draws blood NOT used for therapeutic reasons anymore except you still see some cupping with glass vases Hematocrit Gr Krinein to judge or separate Spins blood around and separates its components Components of blood Plasma stuff that goes around the solid portions ofthe blood red blood cells Serum clear uid left over after coagulated blood Solid red blood cells erythrocytes thrombocytes blood clots white blood cells leukocytes Blood fluid PLASMA Gr PlasmaAnything molded or formed Plasmapheresis process of carryingconveying plasma taking bad plasma out ofa person and putting in good plasma for immunity Plasmid vs plasmin u Plasmin chemical connotation in u Plasmid living thing part ofthe thing idquot Living organism that has formed or parts of a living organism that has formed Neoplasm vs protoplasm u Neoplasm neonew new growth oftissue somewhere assoc with cancer something you don t want u Protoplasm proto rst cellular plasma Endoplasm vs ectoplasm u Endowithin or inside endoplasm ER plasma inside the cell reticulumnet net or inner portion of plasma u Ecto outside ectoplasm outer portion of plasma Blood fluid SERUM L whey o Sero blood serum or clear bodily uid Serous has clear and uidy qualities oulture growing the microorganisms associated with serum bc you re looking for an infection 0 L Cultus tending tilling Hemoculture tilling of blood Biopyoculture pus taking exedate focus on the livingthings in that pusblood Agriculture land growing ortilling land Horticulture gardens tilling and tending ofa garden Silviculture growing forest trees 0 cyte cell erythrocytes red blood cells leukocytes white blood cells thrombocytes platelets 0 000 0 lt0 Cw70w7w7w7w7w70w70 O CYTO Gr kutos vase orjar Cell L Cella room Hooke and his microscope examining cork cytosis microcytosis small red blood cells macrocytosis large red blood cells anisocytosis not equal in size red blood cells poikilocytosis irregular red blood cellsdiverse red blood cells diverse in the way they re shaped reticulocytosis net Combining forms for cells Nucleo nucleus kernel Central portion cu Polymorphonuclear pertaining to many forms 30 30 30 O 3 3 3 3 Sim 2 g WJWJW39JW39JO Nucleomicrosome small body in the nucleus small material in the nucleus Mononucleosis condition of one nucleus Karyo L nucleus Gr kernel Central portion Karyozoic pertaining to animals living in the nucleus Karyostasis not dividing stopping Karyophage eater of nucleus something that attacks and eats the nucleus Karyotheca membrane around the nucleus orthe sac around the nucleus PHL Gr philoslove attraction to tendency towards craving for neutrophil L neuter neither neither basic or acidic basophil Gr basis step base likes basic solutions basic solution eosinophil Gr eos rosecolored likes a specific type of dye EOS Greek Goddess of the sunrise rosyfingered dawn Eos pursuing Tithonus Diagnostic terms EMA Anemia lack of blood reduction in mass of red blood cells Leukemia type of cancer associated with blood excessive presence of leukocytes Polycythemia many cells excessive red blood cells Toxemia poison infection in an area create a poison with the infection toxins they produce get into the blood Septicemia Septi Gr sepsis putrefaction ie to make rotten spoil nasty organisms going through your bloodaorgan shutdown the person will die Sepsis before germ theory 0 Putrefaction decomposition Miasma The air is bad people are dying bc of infections from the bad air Joseph Lister 18271912 First person to do antiseptic surgery On the Antiseptic Principles of the Practice of Surgery1867 Listerine Lymphatic System Clear uid made primarily of water and things that have been eaten up in immune response Filters microorganisms and foreign particles Lymphadenopathy pathology ofa lymph node Lymphangitis inflammation ofa lymph vessel maintains the body s internal fluid environment Lymphedema swelling Carries fats away from digestive organs 0 Chyle from chylo or chyli Chylothorax chylous effusion pouring out of chyle into that space Medical Terms 2272012 Monday February 27 2012 829 AM Respiratory system o Aeroo Aerocele gas pouch aerobe organism living in the air aerophilic air Airgas loving Aether existed outside ofthe moon vs Aer vs Pneuma air or soul Pneumato Airgas Apneumatic lack ofair pneumatology study of air or gas Pneumo Air gas Pneumarthrosis gas in joint pneumocentesis puncture ofa lung lung Air gas Pneumonic pertaining to lung or gas pneumonectomy part ofa Pneumono lung lung Pneabreat391ing 0 Brady slow tachy fast hypo shallow hyper deep poly manypanting trepo turn certain position to breathe ortho straight platy broad or flatbreathe when on the ground but hard to breathe when standing 0 Anapnea cooling offthe heartAristotle 39 Breathing Spirometry process of measuring breath inspire respire expire SpIro spirit Capno Carbon Hypercapnia too much CO2 in blood dioxide Carbo Carbon Hypocarbia too little CO2 in blood dioxide Oxo Oxygen Hypoxemia too little oxygen in tissue anoxic hypoxia o Laryngo voice box 0 Tracry rough Alveolo Smallcavity Alveolar pertaining to a cavity Sinuso Sinus Sinusitis inflammation of sinus Antro Antrum Orantral cave Palato Palate Palatorrhaphy suturing of palate palatoschisis division of palate Tonsillo Tonsil Tonsillectomy tonsillotome device that makes an incision into a tonsil Uvulo Uvula Uvuloptosis downward displacement of uvula Uvula Staphylectomy incision of uvula staphyloncus uvula tumor Staphylo o Mediastinum space in between the lungs Glosso Tongue Glottis epiglottis glossopharyngeal anthropolyglot glottology Chest Thoracostomy incision that makes an opening of a chest Thoraco thoracentesis thorax Chest Pneumothorax air in the chest pyothorax pus in the chest Pleuro Pleura Pleuroclysis pleural effusion Lobo Lobe Lobectomy lobotomy Phlegm Thick mucus Mucus Muco mucl Mucolytic muciparous blennogenic blenno sputum Stuffthat s coughed UP Med terms 22912 Wednesday February 29 2012 854 AM Respiratory system cont39d o 3 big figures in zoology aristotle danNin rene


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