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by: Tanya Koch


Tanya Koch
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Tanya Koch on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RHE 330C at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/181397/rhe-330c-university-of-texas-at-austin in Rhetoric And Writing at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Chris Jordan SR 2 March 52009 William Gibson author of Neuromancer tells a story of a world where the line between what once separated humans from technology has dissolved The story of Neuromancer is delivered through the interactions of addicted perverse and technologically modified characters living in a futuristic real39 world and through their interactions within the digital world of cyberspace Cyberspace is a world digitally encoded with ones and zeros that is accessed byjacking into a custom cyberspace deck 5 and is a quot quot 39 39 a graphic 39 ofdata abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system 51 Case the protagonist who lived for the bodiless exultation of cyberspace and who has a strong contempt for the flesh is a technophilic cyber cowboy constrained to a life of meat39 because he was neurologically disabled from jacking in to cyberspace 6 However Molly his unforeseen savior working for the mysterious Armitage finds Case telling him I m collecting you for the man work for 25 Armitage is willing to provide Case with the surgery to fix his neurological system but only if he agrees to become their cyberspace cowboy in their mission to get the Dixie Flatline s construct 50 The catch Case has been fitted with a new drug resistant pancreas and fifteen toxin sacs each one containing a mycotoxin 4748 These slowly dissolving sacs become Case39s sole motivation to complete tasks for Armitage Molly is fitted with a simstim flipflop switch that allows Case to access live or recorded simstim through Molly39s eyes without having to jack out of the matrix 53 Case and Molly working for Armitage discover that Wintermute is an artificial intelligence AI and is actually running Armitage like a program Armitage is a kind of personality that Wintermute built into a shell 125 The man underneath the shell is General Corto but Corto has become a meatpuppet on automatic pilot like the neural cutout prostitutes in Freeside Wintermute is owned by the world power TessierAshpool family who also own Freeside The outer space city of Freeside where the majority of the book takes place is many thingsFreeside is brothel and banking nexus Freeside is Las Vegasand home to a family inbred the industrial clan of Tessier and Ashpool 101 In Freeside rests Villa Straylight the Tessier Ashpool castle where on a plain pedestal of glass rests an ornate bust platinum and cloisonn bejeweled head that serves as the mainframe linking Wintermute to its other half Neuromancer 173 Case Molly Peter Riviera and Armitage were ultimately recruited by Wintermute to execute the mission of cracking into the head and allowing the two Al39s like two halves of a brain tojoin together and become one super godlike AI In theory this would keep the TA family alive for eternity Case jacked into cyberspace with the Dixie Flatline and Molly physically moving through Villa Straylight crack into the mainframe and awake to realize that Wintermute had won had meshed somehow with Neuromancer and become something else that Wintermute and Neuromancer had become the matrix 268269 In his novel Neuromancer William Gibson explores a classic philosophic argument The dividing line between humans and animals however Gibson brings the argument into modern times by drawing the fuzzy line that divides humans or meat 6 between technologies instead of animals and ultimately asks What is it that defines real39 existence The 1999 scifi film The Matrix also asks this same question and nearly parallels Gibsons39 Nueromancer Gibson plays with the idea that humans can actually be meshed and fitted with technology to alter perceptions and identity Molly and Case are just a few of the many examples Gibson uses Molly acts as the technologically modified physical element and Case acts as the neurologically altered mental element Wintermute and Neuromancer in this novel serve as a very interesting concept because it challenges the belief that we are defined as human by our ability to perceive and discern realities and that technology is constrained by its inability to interact competently and form its own thoughts However the Al39s are limited by some programming for example Wintermute is unable to know the code to crack the bejeweled head you might say what I am is basically defined by the fact that I don39t know because I can t know 173 But humans in the example of Linda Lee living on the constructed beach are limited in the same sense He said I wouldn39t understand an39 I was wastin39 my time Said it was likean event horizon 243 Many of these concepts are widely paralleled in The Matrix Neo like Case prefers the exhilarating life of a hacker living in the ones and zeros but Neo does not realize that he is literally living in a program In this film humans are so intertwined and connected to technology that real is only a matter of personal perception The matrix Wintermute and Neuromancer is not typically defined as real39 or of a human element but as Morpheus says if real is what you can feel smell taste and see then IrealI is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain So what is real The sim stim experience cyberspace walking around or tubing through the sprawl the altered perception of getting high off of derm patches Or is real as complex as The Matrix and Neuromancer suggest Like the characters in The Matrix and Neuromancer we too in this real39 world are living in a sea of altered perceptions Altered by xbox live mmorpgs WOW flicker and facebook social networks have allowed anyone and everyone to coexist and live a virtual life or is it a real life online


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