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JUS 444 - Week 3 Notes

by: Kali Notetaker

JUS 444 - Week 3 Notes JUS 444

Kali Notetaker
GPA 3.92
Environmental Justice
Dr. Richter

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About this Document

Class: JUS 444 - Environmental Justice School: Arizona State University Notes: Week 3 (September 1st and 3rd) Notes on September 3rd: These notes are a brief review from the video we watched i...
Environmental Justice
Dr. Richter
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kali Notetaker on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JUS 444 at Arizona State University taught by Dr. Richter in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Environmental Justice in Environmental Science at Arizona State University.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
JUS 444 Week 31 Review 0 We assume that we can save ourselves from ourselves by technology 0 Not possible because a lot of the issues are technology related and we still need resources to create technology SocioEconomicPoliticalArrangement o How do we effect change Slow and happen in the background Potential effects are downplayed or omitted from discussion until they are too large or sudden to ignore 0 Bene ts Increased socioeconomic resilience Demographic changes 0 Women rights education and familyplanning o What are the limits of Earth 0 From global to local 0 Global collapse is avoidable depending on what the next iteration of society will look like 0 How do these global issues play out on local levels 0 Origins of E Movement 0 Native American Land Struggles Environmental Movement Civil Rights Movement Antitoxics Movement Occupational Safety and Health Movement Even though you are doing labour for pay your job should not kill you 0 Social Movement and Theory 0 Civil Rights and other Social Movements Active Nonviolent Resistance AfricanAmericans would be sitting at their table eating and get dumped on by food Direct Action Empowerment through political action Perspective of different communities quotBringing all communities under one umbrellaquot 0 Historical Context 0 19681975 Environmental issues and poverty recognition slowly coming together OOOO o NEPA 1970 First national environmental policy where all federal projects must include public noti cation feedback and ElS Environmental Impact Statement 0 TSCA 1976 Regulates manufacture sale and disposal of toxic substances Until then toxic chemicals were treated the same as municipal waste household garbage and toxic waste were put in the same area 0 Toxic sites and communities recognition and procedure as tools of justice 0 What is a Policy 0 A set of guidelines formally agreed upon by a group if you brake a guideline there is no actual punishment 0 Meant to offer a standardized way of achieving systematic governance 0 Ensure fairness or protection 0 Often enforceable by law or code CERCLA Superfund 0 Federal program to address hazardous waste cleanup o Spurred by Love Canal 0 Main goals Figure out who is responsible for the mess and how they will be held accountable No one then the federal government takes over Ensure communities being affected have a say 0 Can listen to the community but don t need to take their issues into account How clean is clean enough Ensure longterm protectiveness ensure the issue doesn t happen again 0 Love Canal 1978 0 First recognized environmental disaster 0 Long time coming Started in 1900 s William Love built the canal to generate power 1910 s Canal left open 1920 s Canal used by chemical factory as a dumpsite 1950 s houses and schools were built 1970 s leeching of the chemicals lead to health issues 0 Who is responsible and how can this be addressed There were no systems or policies so unable to hold someone accountable Warren County NC 1978 PCB dumping on NC roadways by private company Proposal to create dump for hundreds of tons of contaminated soils in Warren County NC Protests against land ll mark rst comprehensive legal battles against waste sites speci cally using the term quotenvironmental racismquot 0 O 0 Why Warren County Why not Rural poor AfricanAmerican people wont be able to do anything to prevent the dumping Land was inexpensive and legally acquired Need for expediency and lowcost solution for state Warren County apparently had a sparse population Warren County was just beginning to get over the hump of becoming a thriving economy if a toxic waste dump had been created in the area agriculture would not have been able to thrive Site in Alabama that is zoned for toxic waste rejected 0 Too expensive to move waste across state lines Site in Warren County Afton sought Expediency sparsely populated Private property acquired by state 0 Stages of protests Part 1 0 Part 2 NIMBY Love Canal 1979 0 Why is love canal being addressed but warren county is not because of the race 0 Creation of local groups Concerned Citizens Narrow de nition of problem technical issue siting NIMBY where is the 39right place 0 Other sites available 0 What is the price Too expensive to move the soil to Alabama or the health of the citizens For AfricanAmericans Residents loss of health and viability because of proximity to waste site 0 Lack of power For Whites The contamination of water and loss of economic development in the future 0 Private properties affected longterm health concerns Using their bodies to protect their land Disruptive Collective action and direct Commonalities with white activists and religious leaders 0 Result Case was dismissed lack of intentionality though technical reasons are inadequate Land ll opened in 1982 leaks and contaminated water found under the sit in 1983 leaking by the next year Detoxi cation and removal of PCB s 2004 claimed as a superfund site PCBladen sh in nearby lakes and streams Cost 17 million 0 Other results of Warren County Protests Made visible these risks of society like racial class and gender discrimination GAO looked at environmental racism 0 25 million lawsuit for illegal DDT dumping 0 First time EPA provided health care for health care for affected people 0 EJ Effects 0 Reliance on 39sound science How do we get science and medicine to gure out theseissues Correct action for social justiceenvironmental justice issues JUS 444 Week 32 TA Email joncollindunngmailcom First national people of colour environmental leadership summit 1991 in Washington DC 9second summit in 2002 International gathering of El activists from all 50 states and internationally Spurred by the 1981 united church commissioned report for Racial JusUce Goal to determine moenement and create common goals and strategies Create common framework for E for diverse group Movie World in the Balance The people paradox China is expected to decrease its population by 12 o Decline of many industrial countries 0 More children in developing countries are surviving than before 0 These children reaching maturity and causing the population to rise 0 Demographic divide 0 India India will soon have 112 billion people larger than china Every year 10 million people Fertility has changed from 6 per woman to 3 South is educated with low birth rates North is not educated and birth rates are high 5 children per woman If progress is going to be made women s lives have to be changed 0 Woman least involved in the children making mother in law and husband have the say 0 1 in 10 children die by age 5 o 95 of marriages are arranged 12 the country is under 25 gt reaching reproductive age Water tables are falling Food production is falling 0 Growing population gt unable to support it 0 Japan Population 0 Fertility 13 children per woman 0 126 million could shrink in 12 o Unmarried youth living with their parents and ensuing careers 0 Marriage delayed until the last possible time o More women are working because they had to work to keep their families middle class due to the cost of education 0 America Population 0 Just below increasing but immigrants are causing populations to raise 0 Growing form 300 to 400 million people 0 Seniors are increasing 0 Average family size at or below 2 children 0 Sub Sahara Africa 6 children per woman 0 AIDS 69 are infected Life expectancy goes from 6549 years Economic and environmental refugees Forests are disappearing at a fast rate


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