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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67

Lexing Ying

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About this Document

Lexing Ying
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 362K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Lexing Ying in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/181434/m-362k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
annexL CC 9 0 16 wa Nix 1 wa I K91 X O 95514 f W wr kgs pmgufu mm xeewgba g Lei 392 TEFL WeeEU Am 413 A F W 7 quotquot E73 ALIA M ac mags w Fm erg EMSHSE Saw chsww cw f XE XX SKY FLa m W00 wwf wypgozabl New 0 OWL 339 K iv M f Gama 2g 6 me M CWM quot Eon Asmcddg cLiscre cc TK E dfegc F6 Wp 929 g I I A 7 39 L275 3 6 CL 5455C 13 quotr i OWW 713 aer e g k 0 95 1 M gmgt E WWMM CKQLV H0073 CX Xi J f YK LV Lg LL 4K LU I Milne c U 4272 mytf MltltV wee AEQB Mira M 35736 81 2 gcrequot a Cm Ma WWWEM PM 0 Cake oe 33 z Ram g AL Ad Cir 239 9 2 1H9 Emacwaasw r aw fut 43 39 gt r 5 nm39 8015 M are D 3937 390 7 I AcQ Id r i vdi 693 4 3969 mm Sail W2 Fdf Er 0 0 Em ESELQQEEKWYME 39 6 i CL C E9013 4 213 fgtlt r j m W mw quot Ec ax C mt V 3p 243551 4ch gquot r39xagt2gtampx a g zosm aeW 22 e o s cm W r x 3 17 E V Ki Cquot Malma mack H 39 K l WV r W r 1 7 Z i 429cm 47 K7213 4 33 f L7 MconT A figgMgv Mi 8921 z 424 7 73333 mam 7441 as 944 39 gt AL Co OZWH H 62ch 000 3 EWEEK VEAOltamp1 E51 Ek i 15 gtlt394 60 m f 39E emu E in EEG MM 7651 gt 2 Vial PE H W W V I no rm mum mAszA39 WWQQQ W4 33quotquot quotFEM emx 2 garwfxar WA WVAL W 1 quotZ Z MAI E 39 quot EC 30 mm 5 EM Eli E62 CECE Mff39 v Mm yew Ea 6133 gt amt ESE 7 lt h Mai TD MW LE Y quot k m xac ZWEB 25w 39i zrki5 FZ L a are if 555mg gin await sass 21 20 z vakt m f M EDIINDGW vE mm 3 mg LUZzQ Z HEM cwsw 83 Z E Pkk 392 922a 33gt Z KTgtO 7 Co E Q Zwkg mimgc fgg 39 TgtO VD in CL EC isz39hiii 5 ii Tm v a 5 KEE39HlMgtlt W 4703 Km 39 ES FE Eifiv39 EfHTEW Hb GR j u 4r 6 mm mm i 1 quotPie 3 W y g 9 K ltS qvx 2 gm rrrerL kquotL Ruhx gt x Aef ig C567 4 8 A W Ax v9 70 r X Q quot0 P a mat Gee 7 i my E39Cgtlt gt 12T QST V 1 i5 quot the 2 i 4 A A pug f MW 6687 66 7 3 f gt2 s W Mg W aW L 45 V E X gt W 3925 lt gt91 2 MSW 7 e e J gt w Ezi ciw g quotng gt S39 39 KM 4452 2259 E9x532quot fif f Q b Mggegcgu r I 39 Eg wSK PESXQS 2 K Egli figS 1 HM 5 a wx pk f Cuz 93947 9sz 69 pi R O s r gin Rpm A55 warn PM gt r A i l f I n39 Ly 100 34 E face 4w H w4 r 130 and Wng MUnag F04 L Mi 5 7 W I Am 39 U 5 A9 AK e U er w x K 39F 496 Y E N 1 QquotIX gtltgt gt P 43 5E w7 A a quot WM who 3gt 321 MW x5 E9 Ei 735 f 5 7 gt 24 xec 4235 57 f iquot if 27 k39 25 X 7 T Lm l k w F LLZ M gt Nx Mamaas Fan quxmbi H g 4 Lee U Fen FOO f m mums f M A991 U V Fm 95 SQLAGHAS 5 l amp2 1X I M av m we a 394 4 r gtamp39 PM y Z r 31 W2 54 f c m 6 46 g T My 3976 Z 2 5 6 7 3 CUA 2354712 big Q CF IMco 5 Sg A am 7 gtgtE LW C6MLIMA m Fa emM Ma Fm PVC 7 hV D I L yaw oxFKS quot EH12 o wm 14 0 I M A A WW 4 WQA M fafmbti kg Q m E91 4 9 am S gtV 63 A 1 Agr 214 m w 851 m V X 39 wear qrquot VfDV M49195 vex Aug cgfgpe g M a on W k iltw gt LS8 quot 39f quot P39SXEiKZ39 A Pszwz 93 uwa 37 337 f e ad ifng f if f quot5 8 L f A 7 TCLT 55K 0 1 quotA at 3 our SEEK gunJr 003 Ragto w 5033 91 I A 042 162d mm was 17 174 095 1 a 7 quot2amp9me 7 1ampva J EL 3 0 CIQQL V LM S 2 3 VH3 u 3 ivgfA51Llt2 XgfwMaimfe g 11 CD v 4 gold tng HZ 170 f I i a e m gm vici zf cw s zv wm 39 quotmay if 39 2w X53 VXgt S 7 7 Dz Cam 11 W W V1quot Q 0 7396 i area 77 C SW 7 7LPf i3 2 V3 7 993 b372w1 7O C s quot Q W 5 CW 2 EEKEEEIf ngr S 919 7142 H E cmb q4 xmnzg 1 cv E Hp b 06 39er mkked v11 mewwquot X chhdcvafue Qw fzqaz 4gtgt E m f 50 V a U39o M354 Vnh T Fquot W va 439quot Vm o KL 1 view lgt 2 MW Va 0 c56ng 39 EN rim gc wa fquot r m r fa tj X mm Xmagrm w mm 1 eta MA arm E 19ij 6 E xr39 m quot v FQFO 3 5amp1331 Adx3gt 0 5 2quotquot fif7 7 U 877771 Zvtu t3 215 a 6 Cd H Qx 4 Gicuwa meta q x 19 gnaw a kedkw gt Comkifm 7v ofw 39 quotquotquotquot W j dew Gldtm M F Qf eQKQ w mi kgRu jmu ij z Ei f 9 We WP We gt0 DW I 397 f I F L 39 WEE 2 a i lt E nq 6 66 YE F7 f OS 5 EL 1 O 0 g 0 mm 03 0 Pat 1 92m ma 7 m I Wm WFQ V gt y D x6 6 OWE YCHE WE 5 7 9 Wew v W W QEiK EA maggf e Jana gEgg 1 VB 1 39 392 I M 7 VWQ gt metew m we 5WD ma a ENE quotWm a WE en HE E W63 4 myquot Va 217 we We WW mg a My quotMMW39 WV Egg Llf 12 TW YOGAF 0 game HM d wmg lkr a arc a 4kg ad 3 9 had ordereck kcxnch 4 2d gtr 7qg E y I au elm mm 9 mm bug Ea T3 KEV 3 S2 3 W Mm 1mm vi 01 w n W Md it Wrm Cad 5f wa fair m sf e1 92 37 65 gunk CL 56 Fair 5 LodzL quot B El LP 22 9 8 lt60 y39 EL 39 7 0 7ZT739 Gquot dovor Maw 6 39 97AM 160 Coda 1 Q a umr mracL hawks b g Z 9QC 0t 7r4 r 5quotquot r C c E a UuO FAQXDtL Mala WM 6amp9 7gt To 98 cut me Var QF W I 9 5 m of 4 Fair 9 k w 44 CL 40 9i 2 S g Ulm w Sun A A tS Va k 331 czCSL39 eLzK Eves A Angjg39 c1 veg 2541329 a Mb bzca Md 0 3 as M We QuaTack loCAL J MLLS 9quot El 3 9 WV quot 0 D lz3 E mquot T M CC A CMQM HML Midquot 5 9 Cad S g 9 ct OfdefecL MM Lg 2 ER Ca vf ou 4734 E th mm MA DNA 2 we wtwo I qULS 35 HM Fair 917E 83 4 Wm t an Ww mam W 41 SJ 242 we gorf 20c ML fax U M 143 He 46ch 9W 5L5W m w g quot lt93 a raw am 1 9 Cf 44 E39 i 3 54434 FCCV z 47539 I 39 00 0W o uAt il um paMCLS 2 5 Z By S G at q an FAQQ LUVHX qig if Thzj gm fem ea news 0 54 Qua 27 pr nk T Lr39 q V V 324 i H 45 1quot cam Q56 q EMQWQMW I Q 6 50479 7 27 G96 6quot Qi ieAzTaw lggggmy 12 Egggw 35 7FXLC 13 V39gl t KCUc Ere igxq im M 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vf m 673 V w C L awquot 9 wags33739 J L rw C n in FCC U A A zm a w x W ci 5 W 657 CW9 J 7 FL LL lg 115073 r 3 v I 10 gt 0934qu r V 100 1015 0 1 451 Y 27 gt Spa JV m 1M Fiff ff 2g Bowl 62 altgtltlt 0ltjltolt5 R O o t gMA Q 739396cref 7 JL 4 41 D IW u buxp 7 9quot W VB EM V a 39 0312 M MAJ 1 A La 10313 e l 6222quot39 EZCIZ T 5W arm1 Tw zf2r f quotquot 39 7 QEEEm c x 5 7 f 39 7 if I I 777 8943 10 975 gt5 14W 47764 if 4 quMM l 3gt Y n 14quot if if we An 5 M if m qul a k 7 W4 39 gazgggg 43 03 513127 1Tb X324234 9iWr f k i QWPPI I W wonderng 397 7 39


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