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by: Reyes Glover


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Mathematics (M) > M 348 > SCI COMPUTATION IN NUM ANLY
Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67

Lexing Ying

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About this Document

Lexing Ying
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 348 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Lexing Ying in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/181433/m-348-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
i 1gt IRLw wwwg m eemwm o a 3 L 8 ER 1 2k l J 4 0 J m 2 1 gt39 K XWYZ w T 6 2 31 A i olt A San f2lto 32 24 32 2 L31 2 Az 53ch WA 3 E 39c quot fcxrwx 6 39 OCQL m 95 gm 2ampw o39m1 11ng 9 EWTWR L 9 3 Lg gm 2 olt5 ii m lv 5 cm W M m 0 543 619 H J gt L L l 2 c3 M J a agme awn 55 13 New a E 0 4 W L 3 lt a N a 01 K3Lxcen 4 Jr 9541 656 459ch m M NQ KLLx39F lt2KAZ 59 M M 7 Ky 4 LIL3 KQ 3slt Sh 24 M M Nga m 2 2032 Kth 2N M 1 k hz3 9 ma 7quot V Kz vhav KY a L Egyw g H 2 M Qi i kz ESE 3F 7 739 x 3 wt M gt N20 Liz6332 gift ESE C M QQ H 22N1 Nzeyi0 4 CU Z 1 k M 2 at 2 1 K W Ni 2 35 Lu magma I 20 w 3043 7 133 3x 2 N34 gt 23quot I ma EEC r QC TCLQ Qr N brr Mi 9 A95K 0 Te k MiaWquot K L CL M M M C quirk kZML 6 6 xo k Y 040 a F 5 4953003 in 629th gag b xt if 9 9K n 3 339 I 7i M MJM 395 5 0 13 Q 47 z aq 4 Xi H M U g BK 9 lzg m i 1 EMGB NKM L O g VS W39 L 9 M 4N2 ragga 033 Ea3 K A 4 5 n gt 44 000 L 1 l W xo A xquotquot7quot ZS 6 55 29 2 Wm 3 C x h Effigy IT gt ALE MCQ 1 x a Q r f g 4Ng wka wi ffowx y 5R130lt04 5 1969 3 2 436 3 M quot a lg e 3 J Qlto lt Ko39 a tlto 4gt 9 1 0 a 2 t it 61 L M H YET KO2amp 6k 66000 6 663 r DA n 7A I i v I I Y 5 6 or Xo l39o lgt CoEm b Fquot Ceura cii ECreuc z quotgr hum cai aw M N160 m 964 gal 27 x TWGLW 1M gt51 VialJib Mquot NCamp quot39 439239dl39gtf t 39 J H 1 Qukg 2 l 3 66 CLK E a 69 aM N is C397C39gt a a 0 i0 z I 04L 2quot GEM 043 art gag 499 w 7Cyl 0 Ck XO 5 xu a 5 quot V h We 1 60 xg L K J Add fog 3919V 39gt quotl 13913 l PJK 303 g quotKW g ly xo CL QM x K 43 o n 1C EQKAW LM 39 ix 9 a Q Lam Ax 19m 2 w 1390 W H Q W3 7 ace 5 093 k A 1 L V w i W91 11 QALCK W 5 M 9 39 few 5 lo a 19 d if oH 48 A 0309 Es 7 3 ft AK 4 fo 4 Q bi X rfl L906 0x XquotKo L Kr39Xo x x x KOW Xox 093quot a E M i5 5 9 Y L Olt7Ax g 60ch S QltXY q e21 0qampx Cl HI bg k X 5 Wm W393 CTcirnrgt34gtlt X X Y o XI 2 face 91 20quotQ 4K t QCKA39SKbtm 13A K 39 aw gasHe A giv Y 6 2 9quotX I X L 52137quot 39 LXO I 2 i OfCYo VIL Why c otxquot 239 2 1 Z 1 Y lt v39 z E 9 E K Wx iquot 5 Xt a gygxb r xmx gt0ch J iLS 7 o39 Ko39 1 ltquot XOX 34K 13 Q L X C Bigt 3 39quot K m xik Nan x 832 f s quotquot P 0 QMM A m e wbj Al39 lggt s m b bo L 139 bjf k39 a Xch KL 9 260 0 4060 A Q B L160 gmw 39 gymK m L L L Bafmw 5a Mclx s K gt60 AK g KX03K KlYK Xz W ngygLooa 4 HH L 6 396 66 tack 1 cisc H 9 CLamp1 lt 060 QR ENG e owing 0amp0 x 3 V r 7 gk 0 u JV QM U 3 Q w x 071 0 19 s j e 4 g K C 2 D 7 z D L39 xclx 6sz 4 eg wxax x x rawm m m J J m H940 24 a 00 M2 a o 20 4 i 3 QVHTAG O CD L z 79 SQ3 3 07


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