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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67

Lexing Ying

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About this Document

Lexing Ying
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Lexing Ying in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/181436/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
9amp5 711nm awquot 952243 Minna 317 WEL 3502 gum B Ffm AI M 5mm 906 5 7 Ma RL39H 47m Fr 57 em E 2 3920 8 I W 044 rule 3 Wk d2 o zameg Fr 1 WK WCEO U 1 09 Watt clam Yuk 53 szbgo F Gama 3mm 2 02 Ww 0L2 gemif kw W 22 as X FO K goggc 39 5amp9 C40 Xz 1239 2 5 5391 ektlfon j I D f fa x gal Xzal 12 25 5 z kW 350 251quot 32 1g xz f L i C x a 11152 2quot 1511 o zY I 40 L gt gt 30 zgnxz X 425 wugtf a HawAer 65 quot Evre W FblLadLr39 01 KIpzfst tF 1 2quot Enquot 3 SQ 5 A 5 3 Q 6 g 3 r zgvg j x Awh w WM ELj 262 cLz cMMIMJ Kz 012 25 X 7Tx 2539 Gm I 21 I 2K139 23va 0 quotrjgt3lt quot quot7quot 3 4 3X 3 quot 6 2 35 1quot 2 W 4 gg 5 2 4 Wk 360 f B 2 7 3X 439 2 9 w 9 G60 J K a I 11 X 3 QL MEquot 2 J71 57 39239 EVE 9 i5 4 4 67 3 G60 X5 336V 6x360 29369 xaw quot quot 36 X 3 no fx2 636x w X s 3 00 10 210300 23 x3 xbzx x 1 739 7 quot Wm x W chx2x Igt ww 2 569 orquot 072433 2393 3z 39 3 Q a m I r z 5 EE S MKTEP 2 h a WW 3amp3 CHX39jbapM A 66 SM Qi foWCaSK Q Caszlt50lt O 3 00 2300169 as vggmx Co g o Cszc 5 a hgc 2509Hg 7 x 12KS39m 9 x 369 cimc CeSK WY 5 CE 736039665X 09043ng 9 Mg 2 3 actquot 0993701 4 OM O 1 L 1 a 6K T W a ave 29 M Vt 61 Infeltec eu uzlr fa 8425 are WM 39A a gtgtlt 610k M C1 3 CC are 399 M 9 C2 XLTk o g x mac th Glad d mm v wamp a in ame qua x3xgx0 I 2quot x g6 ML m W X a CL 3 X2 2 k 2X 230rj ma 0 w gamp ch12 a 6 gtquot W M w w New 4 M v u cw 942 W 4 60 6 a a X k a C79 qf nL on fixing C33 y g svL gg wi 3 g lzL 9 31400 amp 9 x 00 6 1amp4quot 50 a 7 m 6 Xa39ar 0 3 3423 quot 34gter quot Vef a ik QSYm a Q K20 Ls cabal won if 4m 14 35b WM a 3966 nor 9409 Q am 4 31 x7t30lt2 g u 362 7 is W M 2 22152 g 6 5 Kw My 4 M M po3 1 amp z 36 CF wm X90 Em C C gta amx cL lt90 fixn 2 a h ful l M owr n C u J37 IA osxwawagf BUL W M 1 251314 r M amiswag 1km JeW F W g mw g W in and If 90 S 36 S 39a o Nae X gw ampM av 1L j 5 KI a Q X26 xsv 038 xgw 595 Ar lt0 1550 u 2ow1 9amp3 xxwa 3 33 Mx trio 30E Sw qmu Mt Q L36 d3 Ookb db LRoUl LL33 6 28 93 3 cog W S fag T8 f f a 3 Lugs 410 JALATU 46 in 1rd L300 13 U IEGU pnsou Luau u 8 AWN 3 a Q 28 3 n5 8 Ev 28 L3 8 W dz o z M Sast f2 3 H 3dr n o e v 5 M um a E Luawca ded 3 34 09 CW3 Q 0 a E e mg gwm A m H VM mr rwm Mama3e m 99 1 MT GT 34 gu a R Cao IM39TUMEAICE fabu WM If 3 a eat an Cobb am N1 192 ax and dosed 35 and F exH HL 11424 Mt com MA amp ya ceCQJ Suck watt Ccgtf 392 4 C V 5 x CD M912 dot13 Taft Ya j squot fL W C79 PM at 2am diggmiqs w QM rm409 90 L inimbd39 MW 3 4124 gr j Q 63 F f l 0m Y lt0 9 E 009114 t01o f39 0 may s y r n 633 A E AS QVDAOxoTw AV Oc w Y 335 v ntowu m5 Q32 c r 3 6 WM turmvao yil 59 N4 AT NGQSQW mwl 0 3sz 5w L 5 E ax Lug g 3 V Luigi w Mair AMI 8 58 rw x91 3 0 max rmeE y w aw30 gr i Ev 23 mam an w 5 lt8


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