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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67

Lexing Ying

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About this Document

Lexing Ying
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Lexing Ying in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/181436/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.




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Date Created: 09/06/15
2 HRH 302 U 3 vsww 3 gag f i 6 x q i 2 2 n T 3 d Md Swing A EW 2 43 3 w a HEM 330 4r 3 332 gr 0 3 Np ii amp3 at sqzm 755 A wag OVAGVL nudon 1329 0 A ASL vn 0 lyxk NWRVVQ Saw A J 5 is 5 x L3 as 336 MY L3 3 mwmox a 3 g g 3 3 E v Gl m sc 63 was X 9T W mt qu a Jdz x lliv 4 2 MWin 1 i g 3wa 5 1 3 3 F 303 in 1 w a JV gig 9 14mm A GNU dh 339 0 Banana 1gt Mmm is a 12K wk Ju ML xv a nkes u Safe 6 4L2Wimcff xfxa Jgt Down o A u wm m In m m w 9 game Arm 0 4 2 qucr wm roe W 4 6 66 co cgtltgtnff 333723 09 36 a doMCF P cloMOer 000Uob New MEML p O ur at wan 1gt 435 60 A r g gk bd gtDKDx39 0 5 3 D p 913 dIonw fszL I WWW a m a M 1 Q h i Lc FA W b u39 39 0 d 35 dag Lex M MMEWI A 9 MWM 9i 2 932mm A O AX 590 4quot EH delimitve 4V on Fquot Xa 1 a Fuc N gt25 A 4 a v rms at a 21L 1 41 A 12 A M an W E125 If 9 5 MWK wamre at 6 Egg 662 190le Mme 19 2 AzfcrethabLe 9 U x M iMw 0 80 4 13 1 ev339O 4 1 d 42quot W 236 39x C Xlt0 0 12 amp 39 quot 17 l quot39 e L quot39o A 0 X 39 UwH 31 0 m m 392 1 deft 99 k 490 A mid o 6 M L Um ao t k hO Q of d nit Ke 39 x 31 a 5 ampW x 154 43 2s Mina E 2 6629 98 A y 1 376 0 0k x 3 1 QM v gda E w 5 CWT 9 a PIFF CouT 7 83 fawlxl AK 18926 Ace an 0 1 0f X20 Hwy wim f TC 17 Lequot dzwwte am verh CA W 0 Cormquot Li Aig39tpVL r WK I g 4 a I x I md sudmm A pnaxw 153w Wwwm Pun 4L 4 r a 4qu x ARM m amp Ava Sh x in m dsu v K a x tsg K AN wm m 00 Oyux r Illllllu Eva 23 3 0nd lt33 mo hm m 5quot mmw 13 V 83 3me 8 merwamdv Wm NW A v ELM LEWWMW funmu VRKVo l numm6 1n E m A u 15 u m lw dltv SQX rdww fax 3 1 MW mm A A dalvw d it En gm RM 9F Ca we a xh393p cw J Vquot 327 is 4 O 5956 Lgt Lei rX 3 39 r 1 a 4a gtc a Mizt 1 9amp2 o A 4 3951 15th 90 f X gt4 i D LETquot 60quotth gt0 HMS Fix 0k Wit W12 6 quotde y a th gt E qgtr gtlt0x quot gm xc gang1 fow m was far X QHWL as 59 K we 79 M fan L GCx X eq Xa gquot Web gt326 6 q c x6563 Kw KB l X2a x03 2 RHS X K cx a e xcE qu v Ox 25 xza Xq a r 0Lgtltgtf M3 X fg jm wf s gtlt c 2LH 3 2 M xquunxawgmwi m W Q uv gh ie Kmquotq quotTaxqh qhlj X39Pan Iquot 14 1 a ijzn qk 3 1 i E S I M Xh l 1 XIV 39 Cg 662 6ltgtng 2 T g cagt 3 if w 2 654 a FN Cgtlt2gtlt2 gtlt 29 43W me JWM uJ u qh e mm 6L quot eA av amp f I C xh3quot0x M Jew C QM xu1 5 M R quot1 4 quotT MW 1470 quotgt 4470 i z I N V 439lt l 2 C 89 K v 1 lAPo c380 Em D Emma 2 6 ave e la 2M M 26 ES 5 42M L94 Pm J rmg y Gd g i 4 e 23qugi K4quot FOQ LL 3 5quot WK X A LPNm 3mm 190965603 1 232 a 4 7 12m amp M lt 3y5 W 36 J I 86 fv H 0 Wrioy x036lt gt 1 Tf W 804 369 a0 at 14 869 g W Qh K 0 00 89quot 5 9 Q it 1 we paw a emuaue 2 a Wie w ca 5 a9 ALMWa d A 1243 Aka 3 ciiff g We quot if 4 12 Fwd mtffz M m cm EPW362344 ULWQ H W 1M 29 MyrizovrtzQ 2x o 4x655 x i5 o harme 0AM Kw ig ampxgt 4 Wk ES 2 MMQ 2 WW 3 g


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