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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67

Lexing Ying

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About this Document

Lexing Ying
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Lexing Ying in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/181436/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
MW lt33 C gt0 CK HK 1 W M L Ier cf 9 01 ef gy 1 7 may 9 3 35Vquot 3 V CL CWquot 35quot I 6 T K muffg mo w p14 non EWW VDAfampa was Wartd aw d3 H ewi t a a f 6 T1 7quot S I ltf 39 x pm as mama on x f7 s I FM 34451118 7 4amp2 WRSS ttci39im W L5 a deriyzdtwe 6 C was beWgtltam Kesx dx hwy82 dLaas39hd oatTM L max M43491 0Xtltrx3 3 quotquot may in fond r AX X rax 64 5X Ema M39 is o a wuz 431 SK gt0 122mm x AK A l 4amp1 t Amen 77 1 er k I j nx SEX y 12 AF w f m 5 q T M mm3 6 gas V Mfume lb fwd an m YVBSSW Q 53 guWos Q 4 VQF 513 F 2 WP qggg 5 3 5H 13 th Comrvesxk VcLP 4 P 2J quot f z F1 1557 myquot F 75 P BID 826 L P Haw of Hed 39Ct c a HoocL V654 7 mm 1 I 2 W4 1a Mm vessel 1 VESoo hl 439 P g MM difcmm LGTUUGEM M if t 1 11 Vtsz V a lt1 3 amp M In N wk if via 390 r k quot 872 Dr cw Fr f 1 gQzrk 56 Maw 9Wquot 531216quot quoti quot l7 13 i g Lgf rs 0001 M 4wo a Z o r 0 8 0J9 a Iquot ohaoz gt 40027 2 C gt 4012 03902 39 41 74 239 04027 2 Erpn MtCS gmww cmrwif 94 gram 392 Mg 0 K mu Comwwclkba Wr hal Coc r g Kuz 1915f V2611 6 W ai m Ccgt F61 al w th SSW 6b x v 1 QX E29 CO M 5K 00 7 Ko Ccogt W cx 05 002X 57 062x dag 4 mar539 55 C n o OZKJ Siam Cong hKCk W6 Ceca Cuba 0 0W 9m W Com 51 7 EEK 3quot 1mch Md Cosx WM 2 252 Sink 1 Eedx Tia j CgC CX 2 Sinx 2 aUli 1 2m x KWW w i vim w KW 1 LL r k L I Qt SMG w L H k 1 990 S m t OA1 9w Q eo 0393 MCQ 09564 W9 lt I 908 o 5 3Clt5B lt cu AS C059 lt S lt giw lt 9 saw 83 ltgt 7 S rgioo K w 9lt 4Q l 4 3 Cquot Qr c lt 4 Q 231 22 36M ancL 1669 6695 309 gt gaetk L G ltTgr9w 3 CoSB6lt 7n8 C m 1 case 9 391 v I ri W I x x q 1970 4 3 th Mnquot 11 quot7 I QMQESBLL em 3 M case 4 ynhw soswb mew M cafeq 9 090 9 amp9 8 890 CL Sn29 9393 639 COgtelgt gulze 10546 I39m WW 6 l Sine C0529 3M a 9 6 6gto 05649 E quotquot quotquot quot J 1 4 MAu 1 C7 3 0 xxx 1 Q C058 MA 12 990 6 W x D derid W Qpe g 57 SMK 1 0amp4 6 56 60 6 Iwgkgvlt 45sz 39 C0 0 ago 4g 6 v 9 005x an e iS MXcoskEmsxgjn ihSAAK 2 cm L 99 a a Cash 1 t i 1 QM Q wlt 5 M 4290 A w 29 Co 1 cegte S My39l K 5X Stw39 em a 7o casequot 192w 2M 9 G39 Q30 Q 3 75 39 6x90 enw o VM 5 Co O SMK 095K quot5X C9Mxgt 2 COSX I X 5 r 39 I x i g 1 A d 39 Cojx CDJXSnX Snxgt gianm a ea69 quot 52quot k as 515 2 J 53X A f E cam 3 03ch 1 D m C a 39 g CL CL gm ng CaSX39 COJX CCdX Sl w x c 2 SMX COBX quotquot t g l 2 T 2 Cscz39x gZu x C X b 9ch am 342 h C 39gg cx it t L Co x S 39nx Ce x V H 1 397 1 Cam saw SPn x K Eio f csCKC61K E351 bleeNWQad e a X he we a wave Mead My 900 Jim 39 w EQ fuMBo is cK 563HWX LHrtzmx 2 W Sec K39 S ecx 436w H th X g 39 qul x 2 mm quot gn gtlt ecx df h farm I quot L ch Y 1739 S l39PUC gznt SecK tamo Keg 5 Sec x yeCY My 7 CSLX co fx Er Wm WM TaVI X 2 9MX 395 H03 Co x 2 96K sec x M K ear K Stay


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