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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408L at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 106 views. For similar materials see /class/181487/m-408l-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
Student s Guide to Quest URL httgguestcnsutexasedustudent Quest is a new learning and assessment tool developed by the College of Natural Sciences Quest allows you to work on assignments anywhere and get immediate feedback when you submit answers online Getting Started To get started from the home page click the arrow next to Get Started After entering your UT EID you ll see a screen like the one belowwith your list of courses mum m UEST NATURAL SCIENCES Learning a m1 UMWEHSHY onms Austin Home My Conn55 uywn ie Help H n lhalldi lngo rrent mm My Courses 1 rselect one 9 amneeseigmene on v a change a amuse mama e um me um um 51mm 75733 mm m Emlch Hustetler MWF lnrllam musma Email in new cuwse Assignments To view your assignment for a given course click on a course title On the screen you ll see your list of assignments the due dates as well as your current scores and the class average for each assignment UEST N RAL SCIENCES Learning 8 Assessment we quotNuEm or IExAsAIAUgnN Home Mycunrses thu le mun Hello uumda loyal mnse is amnemme 51mm 71mm l My Assignmems 910101 78733 1mm 1 Biology ed l l Choose an Essignmenl iv in Rhnnda Hasteiler i Sunng anus rt MWF 1n11am m PM 10 University afTxas Eiulugy Contact lnsiruLtur Grade summary in mam MT NJno Semnd Humewurk 0117UE 2829 as First Homework 0 US I 9H 73 Viewing an Assignment To View an assignment click on the assignment name You39ll see a screen like the following WW QUEST ATURAL SCIENCES Learningd Assessment WEuMwEnsn v wier mum Home My cam MyPlu le Hanomhnnda Logan Hall Eggnmene Second Homework 810101 78733 Duedate Januarv 17 anua 11nu AM Operiinnewwin nw l Fnrbestviewingsetzuamlevzlta FiiWidth quot39 el 39 SHEEN ED 1 mp e mu 5 a mm mm mm m mums am menu pluij st t T Dam Lincdn mayqu 41nmnm a nu gamed madam pmm m unJ mmm 2 5 hxmmmlledmaimenh m Sum 1 m mm a mm mm n m u in mm hm whtaccun u4 Submit m mmy group level mm da nmga yum uA mm a um may 9 may Wm 5 u mm mm nimlnn w W lie um number of m mi 5 Submi lanade M Dnrui39luner Lat3 1an A m and u mm my mu in W S b t am u a mud wak m an the rsulu u repsuh 39quoti Anminimluolum u m n m t u m m mm one of l7 5 b mu m n Wm whimdounmlmewuhempsrlmamd hair m7 mm A m manam Ean severJ mem aw n da yank mammal w Submit lxmmxgmvmmeiduhsmmelh m nus In um WP inlensrimzntuwhul mdufnudW w 1 as human ofthe maul mp m u4 Submit m u m mm m an m it 2 mam 1 rusenw mm m hulmpaubkcu w mm mm ZJuserwux uiduduKmmDIlm W mm 5me m numbevlivlpimzimu W W Md um b c 5 mumvein mummy m Sum 519 we bmu mam Aqu 94 Mm You can set the zoom level ofthe PDF file on the left as well as open and print the assignment if you wish To submit answers to questions find the question ii in the My Answers table select or fillin your answer and click on the Submit link The Points earned columns will update to show the ii of points you ve earned and you ll receive feedback on the correctness of your answer a Select an answer and click Submit Point39s Answer Status T 39 mu 1vl 2 Started 2 3 E Missed 4J4 0 Submit 4 l 7 v 04 Submit g nu gt v Question 2 Correct UT Learning Center K Smwve rauccead Excel Calculus Refresher for M408L Day 3 Day 3 7 Exponential Logarithmic and Inverse Trig Functions Exponential Functions LogaIitthic Functions InveIse Functions InveIse TIigonoInetIic Functions Indeterminate Fonns and L Hospital s Rule 1 Sketch a graph of the following A ex B 2 C e x D quotex 13 6x72 F 27x 3 Find d y dx A y e3tanJ 2 Bfyxy Sketch a graph of the following A lnx B logsx C lnx D lnx2 l 4 Find all solutions loga x logax 3 210ga3 Assume a gt 0 5 Find d y dx A y 2 mm B ylnsinx2 c lnxy 4x5 6 Find the inverse function of f when x fxJF x OSxSZ 7 When g is the inverse of fx x3 6x 5 nd the Value of g392 Hint f1 2 8 The graph of f is given a Why is f onetoone b State the domain and range of fquot 0 Estimate the Value of f391 1 d Sketch a graph of f 1 Find the derivative A tan 1 1n B gx lsin391 3x C hx tan sin391 1 Hint Simplify First Determine the limits X A V lim 6 H0 x 2x B lim JElnx xgt04r V 2 x C V cos3x hm L D lnx x l xgtl J7 J


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