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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 305G at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/181502/m-305g-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
ga a h g 5 MBOS CV PER 20an 7 I MWJr 454 01F 5am 74944 Mix mj r l a f 17L A H PM MW 190quot 7 WW I m I j 17quot rm 0 o M m4 139 an gogr 0 X 7TH 7 L Trad quotT P53 Lt I86 H lt50 77 MHva MW Zm gt 0 k7 ma 07quot c a gt 3 f If r4244 w quot w quot f oo i 3 777M 0 37 5 quotP W k I 0 MM W Z 0AW WA 04 Li b i xw m pn m Al fcm 2 Far5 A r m A h R8Umag Ekm W 3 run a o i rquot glmw igimx Mquot f 5 737 in 5 ZQW I Wquot 2 7 mg a35 a xc jtzqv rMg 3w W mquot i 7 quot W l 3 fm gc a mm Swim faraw ix 6m M426 a 249 L Cco x QMMK 21 t pmg m wm i 3 Kai 65 07 47 fax at 175 5 WW m x Escrow Lfl yfggjx TN r v m m 7052 am 5 a a dimu oaa Vun I Wt L3939 LW 3 Kg 57 fao ff mg 7 5 r Jim ampMm 5anqu WWW Wqu g 95 onw w 35quot Eva ragigamgf 3 f la m quotk I 39 m 2 7 WM 39 a quot5112 f a c 4 59W 55 o amp g3 WWM arms 9a 2 1 Mir 4 3 x M MW WC the 39gtKLxltquMd1tquot A i Munuamamww NV w r 14 a up if HM Wm 6am 924 M Hagar mg a 0 ng we m iw 4f wg PWM W 5357e 3543 zLf 0 r f 11W QQVMMQM QV Vm 9i gf iiaaf g WW 1 W f L A r2 g 90 MW m M4 gga 75 Ma mg 1 ii W57 WWW 2 quot7quot 5393 Mm Mia ww gw g w r33 r fq 3 M 2 rm 3 wm yefs gfzkmm 54 923quot Mi hwg 1 5 Ot wq Ma m and kit msfwwz 90mm 59 Pug Wi V mg Mg WV 975 m mwvi i gh 39w W a4mtw 4 39 y 39 a 41144116 Mr mm39a v CAVE Q6 391 42sz ip gZVV Q I 4 y W M 5 quot E 395 77 1 VP 6 c257 54w m 39gt39z f2 5 if 7 L quotw w cw m 6a L gwqpmwfkgg L 1 J j w 2 3 we a X if 39 m a in i 4i 7 quotL 539quot f Cg W 9 Ami fan 3955 sk wmif 7L0 5 mm mamS TV ow r iquot 21 9 W a 4 quot i e I ML 5 L quotgr 3 6m m 53quot quot 33 a N I m L f c Q Ma 1 E L M 3 w M r wr g kg r 33202 5783 2 4 QMQL 41 Mm agirr g f Mi 3 V w 59 6W 9 i quot 3 Mg 52 23 55 Irma a 5 Spa f g i za My Jw J 4 WMquot 7th g 2 f a W i w 9 a2 7 av i3 539 9 A wwm m 0n Qth AWN439 dysfr cug 39i r 557 939 r w wax g gf F xi Q 3 ME Writ 6f 3 4 I L 7ny w 5 51quot 2996 SK 3 J m 2 2quot WW 2 J 2 u 4 W 39 1 f f i t f 1 v a f x 5 Wv 4 51 W 519 0 4 75 1 quot A a 79 wovwa ff c if 9 Q 2M 1c 5 25 f Viz39 4 m t 5 x q n K A M 32 Iquot quotn m quot U ig a dlf u39f f gt a w A A L 3quot i r Q39z39mi k i 2quot E 39r I 1 E 1 w w m 3 a 4 k 3 7 quot 9Mquot 1 k 4 i I 2 r 2 M h a m 4M nang 4 53a a 5 139 3 EU L g m 9 f 5 war f6 6M Q x 9 Lg 5 WI V if ai TN u z 1 F s 4M 1M V v s r v 7 Z 542m 39 mg 5 A f r L i 7quot w r m Wquot 39 V f u 1 v u 95 K 3 w W W w L Wm WM y E Wamxmg V w haum mMMM w i glt XV w quot4 1 vii 4w WA 7 W m g 33m z vm 5 gwaja l v 3 aquot H t I H 54 a g r a Maggi KNM MQ L iiwmi if 5W3 Ci 4 v V C o R g lg q JC h 933fv4 t 37maf is z X ImamF a a NW gt w 2 w 53gt 1 I quot Az 393 Wm at Hatew r j WW 512 6 quot MN I 67 3 ZU WQ as Jim K I 39 mam gm w mm CUW A I Lk f my 39 ODMI j 78 4V70f 7U a Md v jWW7 a gym jag yr WVMf z e53 a2 am5 I j 4 l L 68 9 H v xquot f 9 r h f4ch 59quot 3391 I I I 3 r m i g I Jr 6 4 J Z X 7 7 z k 1 va 5 5M v9 Mi ve ri MM Ef OF ILgt I f 1 97 gi ir quot Sm L6 g b 68 9 x W V s fifmgge if st 139 j w 3 39 C b 32 03 9 FE gw gmg wwwctfrfz aquot 11 511 5 gm 60 399 3 mi fquot quot 67 6 gi 93 fag 10 if 3963 qmmC sZ albwii 145 0F hgt 2a far 9 rf m a 16 Mag 96 M3 I w 31 U sf m Q ef gy 5 WWW i i r f g 4v swam 392 Fm m quotHm Vaguxi 5 402 NJvain 392 a f 6 Mme hm a a m 19 9A 6 MM 7lt Kai 2 4 39 O f 1039 Sm p Hmmi 9M 6 r a3 s a a u L n fquot quot mm W9 w a W 2 W i g f r gag 5 5 gayUmf f39 if w 53 g w QQXWWQA gig 5 3 I quot f x Iquot W 3947 39639 quot39 a 39 r V II 634 f WM 25 w x 5 W WW f f 6 3321 i 033 x g i W I 4 v35 f9 quot 5 t 5 39 f5 34 3 2 AR 5 i 1 9 Xt i xix5amp4 w E 7 gr 39gg Wi gm X H bwfw M Q 5 29 5939s gr Gswg iwi wWquot 39A 5 If 15 EmmaWK Mi 3 37 v 1M 9v 2r W ZWI 49W 5 i 3 Wmvg a gm wa 3 a zvftri m1 gym radii r aa ldj glg wi mw A f 39 3 i W 5 m g 5 v f rx i E F V r 5 311quot quot f T35 r I H r e1 q R a 3 W quotV A 1 quotwt wx axa 1 tim wx i f2 ama rwquot W quotquotquot WnuWWWWWM r wm m H M 5c mwf t A I l I I ij Va res imm Wquot fat7 rW jw wg ML 19er PM mi 553 i fi q a 39t 13 quot4quot L 6 K7 g km g 5 c 55 W 5W lt73 I i 9 5 l 55 I f 39 ff xquot WWk gy MW im 4 I 39Wmm Avwwwm Hi PK E f if Lag H pwwmwh wmwa 3quot f f3 r quot2 3353 Tim 439 505 4quot fa 3 k a i m m u WP W 55 5 7 7 13 w 7 mamp g M 1 ff 539 w 395 m w 5 4 E quot L6 39x amp 42 W WW E e m wquot e mamp 393 ff s f V F 9 wig ivlt u 2 5f 2


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