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by: Reyes Glover


Marketplace > University of Texas at Austin > Mathematics (M) > M 348 > SCI COMPUTATION IN NUM ANLY
Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 348 at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/181467/m-348-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
i NUMQVICEKQ Sb 0 la Obi CLC fowqu 42me 31 focus asts 1C 3 b4 Jog19 36 Q A gc s DEAC J J A g f 1 CIA A J AND a Co cc C 3a gt0 A gto C 0 2 t ab 5 3 A3 QCQAt C 840 C 9 we 91va tie a tguquotangt cl 2 g t all b an 4 quot 1 mtwu a d gcd 0 393 D L 3v C 7 a E MW 261 CindiUng V H chw ow mg C 3 wCCE aa gt 39te akl Z aC9gt x a 391quot 2 0 w o a 0 gals h De vw was keyed U2 BI quot 111 mm JECJc umaa mm x 7amp7 3 1 0amp7 3 I 3 p J 3 3 C WzACOQ39t B29Cb V CohiA J2 W 391 339o8 J 315 AwO eBS mo A Rgb39t k Baogt m ACCOSI39 lsiut MAcBShdc 3 we A39o 91s a 6 sc kbdcieu ye Maize F m gt 39 A 3 5r 6933 feCaA awn h Due If 4 Wm a 301 Qi 46h 945596795 14 c 540 ComA d Zon 1w 3 gr 382251 owl 35494 if Br On CampLE7 CLJ J ampga fc3 lt L tapas r6 teak bugCW wwgvvkk L S MM 6 tag a f 1 c a teCQJo Cami Hm 4amp6 H4 3 y K H t I32 W Hg 4amp30 19 at Q r a I L gnaw gt Lay 3 i 2quot a gtL a4 a MM we re M Gk L M 4W E3 EX W CHquot te 39l lt agtitrt I s 2 gt gym w s Hk L22 565 Lcah tw MA rsBail out 34393er f l c qagt ehagtgt t 54 will aK H a b H ktl L 2 Ex 603 szwa mm Q WAR g39gG cak 934 s 3 L gowns Weft 3996ec33 is Cowmwus va t ia b a 66quot m 1 ta 5 L39c fgc AVE LiaHA Comm L GD Z 39t hm CLUWL G39OQ 60 Ww C 3996h3 a C L F7 Emama ML 0 um utua 34m 65 OL CSL Egg x b 3 1 t g m 66 Ogtgl 1 o fp x m H 396 gm 6amp8 i ampg 1 39t zquot on 666 Z Cgt z 1 5623 g 4 Dr mg dcba L 4 c 39dM b We 4 RAW Bola D ZEN RAIL W 28 A5 exat Q 5 716 216035 we mam 6m X l HawkAM W aim Mc mgQ 8 o I mg 4 MEL Cg v gar tam gtoL A 096 2 DLamp W 043 Kg C CLm ea 616 a ehp Ugh 02 d j3 oa 5 4 MA 13C CbMgebksi om 1st gt zen Ada s C 2 a Jee mj anwQLK H ue3 gt0 4 am was A BSQ HSch AgtOBgto A 6 ecqgt Bur A A Bgfxcgth Q B a f rt Jen A B 5 buoy g Q 1 WV Fob ROGfem A A lt quot Wgt MM Bgfx sns s Maxea j 39 b g L 9 x05 g A4 BS XSAS S A Q W a t km Leg q 9 Egan gt7 twink 41 lms Qua myquot 3amp3 we 75 Col1 aucl t gabg a EQz LXRSCUJ39K L Loni M a Ath gauge L r BE Cal AMA a9COQDO W A 566 33 L S wed30 amp24 W s 39 gt 39 Cz gm W 2a 80 m Wt acadgfct w 2 oz Cit t M9ch 3m ow figsw chjcg a We 7 go 39 5 meiisQfCL3Csgtgt3clS 4 cash W 39 W l u 6402 g Lwmlcis gw a L ghwqgg H rage vanw 5391493 srgisb wamp s ampomgt3 iagt g L ngl ab ampW L6ROO g gt gal F 8 Is 0 3 61 eEoJq W gm 5 9amp3 ltgf1 1L WW 906w and MeU ng 39 39 C P h 351 aha 3 R23 gm M W24 72m 14 gOeWE b TKOE 90L NthchAL Ht DQL edge Set z Mg gt tweak 2amp3 4A 3ltC2 I f g t fag 1 32 L imam We Ca Jo 496a Wm M Swan u lmem rquot LA I 39 4 w u k b m to39tftx quot quot tN 23 cman CUEWMC gtwa 0048 LeftL Wy cm A meg m5 Canuwd DOLL 0 apJ L


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