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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/181498/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
TM quotquotquot39 605 6 0ds k3 6r K Man a m fr7 szg QM L am 1ka gquot l The quot SW m A lt3 X E11 shg 360 sh9 3 X2lgt Xz 512 1 s 69 6ltvgtlt2 um BanAl Won t miew sh 4 4 x 6lt739 XL I WA Q 4 950 ggCrx o X90 6 K 0 gi p 33 gt60 my WK 362 96 99c 93 Va Yalynomhi MAM e m Em gt609 xgte quot Emma adieu 7 gt rd me K 0 Egg EV aquot 231 104 g 4 w U cl chQCJJE 9 be 3 0 clzdcle q 39 A b bu 64 is maqu 1 L I W m 6 cs Ad sz Mg xa 1 60 6139 ek39rs39ts LN hugequot La3 HM 346g x I Av X J J dquot X 0 Q 5 k6 We Sag wa 19 E f cQ Lisa datum a 1 16 Commons act I E at m Dung 3 mm mm W ned Lavdime 7 La yzLK Z 5 x z m agez 48 Ob Cod cit Xc 2 2 oE a Z Coth quota QC 4 64 1 0 ow em 5 m 432 1 Mr ALJVMA J3 X190 m gm F X W O KO 1g 1 cm aft 1 7 gs 64 9a 321 D X D18 CONS 39ICLK lg 607 M gt w kw may w kg less 16 6F 92190 h K K29 1 2 Cg lcz Z 2 o o O O I n 39 tvx 1 z 3 4 5 r 39O mSwM adv 39Nh e n cowF 3 W raw 391 a 1 329 WJQ a g lLltJl u LLZJI 639 th aw wright we 2 12 x Isu gam Mb othqk L f g amp 60 66 amp Ramm le39 gured a C 33 061 c1 kw39Hc A 13 km x6ltt Em 35 gt61 W A W A 66quot IS CON 0K V Ufa Ct9 16 QM I covd ark arena VONe M Letb 5 6QJX Ca4 or Mb M agoD D I 9 33 39 X DEE Ca 3 1 i A eh 3 K con h 0 Cm 0k 5 dmi MW Cobb v 9 a 49m x mt 61 gt d K 2 r39c LT tout azf a 39 TM 4754 an wu act 5 V l 6ycl hgtl ampOltXgl 70 Ko 39 IS le Cost on COX g x I e l Covd 0 Im 392 ch TS Cov d a6 5cm 3 xkfca QMWW g m t 569 9 33 um 69 Fm ML g 01 3 0 k 22 Vam 51 Qa wl IE 1 W 39Q 1 or 50W ant a3939 Xokj M 9 E 3 1 Co I Con 53 p 93 7 Can39t Q 3a3AFO E3 60 1 10 36 a 1c C015 1 700 X am is Ced 03 Ito 521 86 6 5 met ccf I r o Dem H ts mesh rmmim39 39 W H L 1 M 53 760 POW g 760 Can39t en Goo as g V CB K3 Y4 WEmL r Ware 1 2 Cud 397 cm ai lto C aw o V a IS 60 Can39t at 700 0 7c Can39t of 3141 00ugtsx 6 CD DQ UBgt J fag 946C 1 g 392 0u 1 Can39t 0 Writs d i x Q QKK7Ygt7 Ts oltgt5s lt Mr orb xqgto r3 19 Pm5 Can39t on 6565 7L RUE 9 1 gm u and ad 5 300 7 Quit at 07 and vb 7g R3620 am 01 0K 7 g w aw 1399 9 3amp3 399 49 a gtngt 3013 234 HERD 2 6390 MW 3 M V ZS Covd 0V1 Eq bj MHcM 39


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