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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/181498/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
ZI lavage 9 tf w N 1106 toad N 35 TLC de tau a x 3 m 15 Week M W x 4 4quot 1 Q 10quot bCQ Is WWWM M1 MW 31 2 2 393 3 4 3 4 3 J2 99201613 ag m Unreal at MN 9m W 3Camp339g3 239 We Ma a pWN 0 I I g Aft 7 tw 76mm 1 1k kt A 16A Ls Caueck W b Qm W m 6M M 904442 WOW ECKJ AR W K14 YL 6 D StLe 39R 214 Em I9 swarm 19m 1 MO heliumChi ItLL Mch Cfs Mk W m mug P ze I9 K1 X 9m 9 Owe 3 Yes jgt EKL I xlcxz Ehr K69 m 0 GM 1L LE 9 EX jg ggxg vex K R 0m 29 N 1a a W p Eb mm 1 Let 6 0 TL 134m HM MMBM11Wamp W kw WK B 0M W OWL lg rep r gtlt ltgt gooey 7 0W7 3655 3 Clem m w Wmamp 19 3839 0 a gamma g 214 nd 0 wow ma MW 69 NW 0 mfma m WM 1212 gmjrt r K 6 A 30369 a x W 7 QH qu D39E quot 9 9 W lt6 0 79607x K i Yg a b a War Is a Tunelt33 1 6amp4 3 350 f xggf39yaa B X a17X g X D gx39 L 642 W 4 01 a k X2 S 15quot mag D Ex WF 28 WEW QK 9 amp 0ltXZ 290 7 X auJ Lg 9 b a PM was 3 avg 6ltx32 39 a ea 394 x342 at g X gw2gtlt3 z X S 3 2C 4343 W 11 2A 5 3fgtlt amp 460 K D EMA RAW jgx 1 ar 90 9X L33X quot U 3amp9 vacx g X g quot393 quot Dc a prfW ICK3 1gt pxuka b imcL FOLU GICQ 3 CD WH C are 99 3 game v or as vaRL 9c as m cf 3f KCKJ D 70 2quot X2X 11mg lt9 g QAQ39 asa rwm zx gt 8 5 W J Q L 3 Hr q 9 09 9 392 quotw 1943 9 63501 614 Mj fk 5 91939 D Ga ka 4 is QEWMQL ea ream ue olmfk at 254 amt Huer 3 u g 03 gii vggjq on quot3amp5 szbegtlsa DJG 3 Tw l EdiCD Mt 31 lqmerxm iu 30 5 733 w Edd asex n g d g W H SA 31 XAIAVOWH db unlx v6 DRILIM Vl HATXVW AQJZAQ M Vow L Xst JJT AWX J 1 39 Xl lw dqh gas 12 Eng g 3 A amt LE 66 Wu 7 Q 1 Yo quotbut r W 482 W Ema bf 4 a E 5 b C a 6m raft ed 0 vgt Th5 Tm M g m gtaf g E M i l t E 7 V4 19 33 a3 b C gt 4 c 0 A Cum JV NC 00 I g m m I 7 an C194 gt70 M 2 42 2 q mmwg 42 WW NW Rang 94 ML 2 fquot a o M We 1mm 7 Is SLme 0 ch Q19 coo b EX 3 6lt7 X1 gr Y gt 0 00 X2 9 60 R L 1 196022 CYWQ 55 9 rS GE s0k D Q 2x 93K CI Qx 2 Sin gt0 is tmk 7 pr 25 mph Owe 339 gr wud 1 K Qwrl quot P39V O O xs o 2 5 0 2 6r 3K1 72 gxfww lt61 M Jaw mm D 616Aquot 0 M W t oltgtoclt x L 0K EogEe w 4 i9 I at 84443 I 70 11L 05th Evita I K90 CLO2 I 1 1 an 84529 MW cm ofquot ER 1 X LS 6L MW under K g M igto act MW W h gt0 Naquot 5 3 wkw s 2 7 a MzHowJQ7 Ea OF CLWL 0 at 960 2x Dm mams42 7 STMm7W 7y We MT 1 tVLCUEasZtg 194 7 war 4 38 K E 732053quot 7lt E4 9 L73 4 B lt 474 j log E lt 7320 6 l 5me MLI WWW which gtLL9W CMAK 4 gm 39 ij 2r CVJW F E WifemgQ V95 L W 1 a is WW wt was 602059 QWO 9 r m w Vex M I 64 0 Kai 9X3 9 an QWHAM quot FKH C 2 ng 6 7 A M WWW 4r Pm c we a 6quot 6 64k C ch 1 00 ow CW3 V 39 X 77 1 6 Fx xquot 6 k J a Fm 96c 04 I I p69 X xlt L D 5quot g PM GMTi AuIdaz wg39 asCLX 767 J 3 quot F04 Is an adi Apr V Foqs 4x w 660 2 afx eta quot lh Cw DEN 0 39ff q FKXH GICK t C ma ii CCRM 6amp3 6 W Cx Gigi ETC S MampKgtB 2 Z SimZX 4 69 80 314 v 2 a 7 039 64 n1 Xkvgto gX C YR ex 71 Cl X4110 l gtlt gto Rah 1 quot t C7 AMA 43 1g vocw lt53 LANG0 X4 3AM i710 7 y QK AJ C fquot a tr 98300 A 31 L fumYl S sCiquot gG 39 3 Z GemsWQ NA 3 JI t avx 1 Ci Vngx G L Z Jew gecx mx Sacco L v 239 Seam C r if E SVKXSE pm PM grg 258 I 6amp6 7 v 4SLWX t I O 64 3 0 39239X4 x39 V7 762m Er W 92 g 86 1amp6on r 255 C W H jL z A 2 2 2 2 LM 7 MK x 0 j igt a F mi je 2 6X Cf lgtgtlt J 60 1 1 guck Hwtt Md TVA 60 0 F CMA K2 6 4X C H 3 Z 3X leX 4x3 CM C 60 AD 034 139 C 5 2gtlt lt1 q k lt veOCVr M ovxeh39 ov mgty Cbcq 1 4 gt S C26 219 4 o CjD Q 1 Q 2 3xl X gtlt X3quot 2 imv M A 7071 CW fo q 44 vC sg I Macaw w W 324 gtTvcadzm Em Cm mm quotE W CM 6 23211 1 lt E 6lt3 c9 PM Combo W294 F8040 m A warme Wt QueWEN our 55 4 V Ea S Had W A 3 aamp aamp mC 322ng 9 we 15 am QCgt 6th 4t W 3 41 C 6 U gt wgt lt1 6 750 gtz EQ39t 43 5 2 966 t 2t t D Cf 5603 D gt D7 K scat Jc32t et7 H 39S aeb 32 SZ CMH cw 4V 32 cC Mo 4ltg gt C W quotweb 32t 4398 amp TV 53 kth k 4813 4326810 2 get QDt2 quotr 4 t 39 v2 AH39 W W k ww oa Lzr gob gw t 9buM Huj FEgt D it 339C f2 O 63 3t 2 o 92 QCi B C m Mu Sea 145 1 68 ll abim 6 920K w aim Q39 h 335 4 M C 05 A f 1 k v 9 w M W 93E 2 6 VM 69 M Frag quotRulmg WW is 32 332 J fIg Em Qufx CoSDC 05 1 We l 19 quoto 3 97x SlvxgtC C 31 33 31mm C egt QS 13160 MgtL 3 M 60 Ce 7c Ex o D Q 03 COSO 4 94 gt D3 6q 39Cox 3gtC3 MM g02quot 339 O t VLO 5 1 0 gt Egg E SEMI V Eixl J


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