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by: Reyes Glover


Reyes Glover
GPA 3.67


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 38 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reyes Glover on Sunday September 6, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to M 408K at University of Texas at Austin taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/181498/m-408k-university-of-texas-at-austin in Mathematics (M) at University of Texas at Austin.

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Date Created: 09/06/15
PM 539 W Adam our b39m 5 rqu 39 1 39g cb r 63 39 K b 7 dam g Mesh 0N2 68M Ag 9 B 61 w 5 A A 4 5 gt V 4 Vinex 32 1513 CE 391 7 CQMC aLLcJ39QK f thCx 39r 391 x i x 1 D Q 133 gt 3 Ntemd39zue quotfgt 3 gt Miamiquot ud39wt l 4 7 W 3 2 Ex quot M 72 gxcomt p nding 0 b 40 0 fquot 4 I C 3 4 quot 33 30 1e23 392 Sin39x 903 5 2 3n O amp 2 o 32 SW data 404 0 yoci xre 1396 x Eu 1 a 61 Q gtc 603 41quot IQ 7L no 1 I E m fc u 62c37 7ltn 7F39quot a103n21 7 P x 3 a mama M5 173 Cxgt Q1 ayt K We Acmr Age 00 0 r 4 WOMQ nuber a Cm f twojzmQ 30 Luka t WW c 73 25 M m l 7 xgt dquot 39 9 ampeoq z m 41 2 it 2 74 2 4 x 7 To dam MWO Q c JJXV we um 0 W 03 q i or a 1 ML Jami Q7 vehu ar 5 quot 7L 7 AW EQ Q x rax 66 4x gt 7c7 2 43M 64 3 b GmWquot aquot 639 ampX39 and gei yc are 91WL Mme r axk 0061 7W w3 0 lt mama 0amp7 w 3 42 Whom L dz 4 b 3 DC Owe W 170 buk y M cue EKHJ SlKS i2 sz 3 it gt1 Tuna 6r a ogtot mg xzae R C0 aXt39g gt 08 031 c H G30LgtcQHR39S Ye w x 3 9 03quot 3 CEca3 3 33 173 03 7t 393 A a a q dquot 39 Q Lug 39 L x K x 3 W a S 3 ax 3 ESL w 1001 C9 ab 1 99quot I quot 4 2R W w ww 1 I H3 7 X 6x 2 333 Ugh C9 2 5 5 755 5 XSSKrIIO I UWHquot 0 QFEW Q 7C L a 11 cm 33 a 00 1qu O t 7C 91 mu 4 ac 0 gig w an Q74 1 G A ho amen Mm no v4 194 30 hpa 3i A no 539 0 s 39 39gtlt V 9 quot 39M 2 1 5 7 7 43E 76 gt00 x3939m 2 a O a la 1 Hf if D Ver twmoe ate quot d bn 995 0iquot EM eKk ha gt x 00quot XML 08 c 2 3077 a ax LL 4quot QM cchOL quotU z T quotes gt0 R TIM 1 ex 93 39 uwthr Couc39fzu tS 81w 390 m mm eazme 2M 11 c Nb c L 1 1 4 6 COMM X fexj e A4 x r X CW 393 v p Q Tquot acm e 39L if quot 1 te xvzz Ch 9 efx2n Lie 3 AK n we a 390 gtr CLJ eh Salk Cack f d r ex 5 I gtgtlt quot4K S mS x 1 e 61 Cosgx5 a CM 4 43 936k e TX 1 L4 a UT Learning Center Surwve Smear Excm M408K Final Exam Review Day 3 1 A right circular cylinder With a bottom and a top is to be designed to hold 24 cubic inches of 39 39 39 of material in its construction Find the required dimensions for the container 2 A Norman Window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle If the perimeter of the Window is 30 nd the length of the base that Will allow the Window to admit the most 39ght 3 A trailer rental agency rents 18 trailers per day at a price of S 18 per day It discovers that for each 3 increase in price one fewer trailer is rented Determine the price pmX W 39ch maximizes the rental income This is a graph ofthe function fx x3 7 2x7 5 A Use Newton s Method starting with the value x0 2 to approximate the root of f x Only complete one iteration of Newton s method finding x1 B Using the graph above sketch a drawing of how the approximation in part A is obtained You may need to exaggerate the features of the graph to have a clear sketch C x0 is less than the real root of fx ls x1 greater or less than the real root of fx What about x2 5 Find ft when f 39t 3sec2 litji sint and f15 6 Find the value of f7l when fquott6174 and f39l5 fl2 7 A car is traveling 60 mihr when the brakes are fully applied skidding the car to a stop at a constant deceleration of 22 ft sec2 What is the length of the skid mark on the highway Hint 60 mihr 88 ftsec 8 Sketch the graph of the function f given the graph of its derivative f Assume f0 l I Ar 9 Find the inverse function of f when fx x OSxSZ 4x2 10 The graph of f is given 11 12 13 14 a Why is f onetoone b State the domain and range of f 1 0 Estimate the value of f 1 l d Sketch a graph of f 1 Sketch a graph of the following A ex E iex B 2 F eH C 100 G 72quot3 D e1 Find the smaller solution of the exponent equation 2x2 4x4 Find d y dx A y e5tanJ Z 3 exyxy eu qu D CAa39m QuLQ 6060 a begggy39m 9 woerb f 6 aof39DQx g 360 3 39 87 39 63 Z k ggufxzj 39 27 52mg 25 mx S39IaZOlt f 60526 b Mick JVFKCMWquot a 73 12 29 dz 2 76 09 25 an 4 0 d ngvvyEI b cosm c 1566 5W0 we 505 s 4466479 I 335601995quot 12 X 9 quot a gt 7 y 6 jgccoswa 09 nee 4 54x 39 4 2 nk quotHaP m3 44 DEM Ex 0 D x 9 7 78 12oz 11 7395 7266 403 2w3za i O Cw 756036 er quot g 3 1 29 1 4 29 if 0 a awn we j w 25 an 1gt 0W 01gt M V a mgmL D Em 3 4 3 4214 A CLEva 0 24 C m 15mph 21 46 f n J e 7047 W Jr 6 37 64 V v SK 6 quot 7 quot iv 4va v4 WA V J 035 Ji O39H39 xixb4 wbd is 423676 34 0 IM LBW km s X5130 1 W1 W o 1504 W 356 35 V 90K 15 that data o O W65 Zool C9 be 3 w 2m ag gm di 7C 6035 Cam km comm 439 r 60 4577 Gan at 3 200 4V fj 2 39ZSXWquot T gar i c oi a if a 6253 C5 boo H Iquot 3 4 25 WW X 00 3E2 JR L a 2 Vtquot K39W iii 75 A 612 T w 7c 2 7 3 Jew wgt 53 1 L 39 J 3 1 2397 393 a v 39 3 1 3 quot 3L7C2 Wt Gm v 14 1 72 39 M W twL Tulex m J 2 l Z quot8 8 3939 17 39 quot 27 27 W Ex N I 396 7C ac gt cagtlt quot MCIhm NCIB 9 Nlt M c4 may x 71351 GerwW A Lr 031 may oo cubed 001 i3 b Max WK Dab 18 av abyqlow we 0 6 1 meta 2 09 9 1 0 C abs owl w u c 69 5 122 w kww C Is ex M W 6 QC gt 46 Qr O Q zu m C g a w m J m q W X mud on 6 C195 EM w M bus M aks hw W LN 401 g 4 we 00 392 Q o39L39 1 01 9 in Bug in a b 0me 0C9 quot 63 0 1 Q O gVc t W51quot 9 C M39hkaaorH wtv39 CW NWQ D 2amp4 6 a o e Cw quot6Lo m X Q Cthwa F12 a 9 0 3 C1 6 h WCm Lgt MW k 5gtLCS m gt Read W 1 D J 1 07 9 z 6 2s 461 M 9 Ra 1 HMM C G 01 W 624ng a C 664k 9 CA 9awi Pox I 1 Dec hark i 9 QGB 1 O L Q gto M a WW 1 j lt0 gt Mark wker 43 3D I a Q g 39 a quot 39 l ctsacrm quot Cu39Cdb ampeT x Lb CC V 39 o 7 C C 9 0x cal a M u e qu SLCJMJ C 1119 15 5532 b Concau thb 7F 7 lquotx gt0 16940 gt 14 ff 39 CHM ko 0amp4 3 a V 3 Cw U Coir W C La I CLOJ Ccgto wall we 0 4amp0 gt0 O 40 M 490 w k 1 3 X 33 0X X34 334 o lt Xg 0x14 0X X XzH gt54 293 W X gt50 W x5 ox X zxz 7lt z r ox x 5 Ex Ex Ex 76 and f 5 913173 1 02 2 657 5 270 Cue Oz 7 39 260 W 392 xix b 11 0 l 3 1 v Q Cavi quot 1 446 a M W Uquot ago gtlt EEK Y by gtlt Vgt Xgt 39 W Wm 5 MGR 1 w ego ex 6 86 D 4r axioc dim M W 3 6 X4 K XH 5 9 franc 3 la g 51913x2gt UL A 3 raL 33 2 er 3X2 3 K r If 75 2 gtltZJ 3x2 47 L K K r A M M quotKl er 37a 4 XE 2 T4 LE 3 Gx2gt lK E EH 3Klgt 3 b 7 330 6 b 9w D 9w T T 9 l r svx W CPI 9m CLOW 2 vjx m 3 It Sim CLW M C4 3 EV 1 L Tr 3 a W quot 7 R 2 3J 3 52 6 ltgt Ngs ZUL QXCSM B LN e 3 u I m9 quot 5 m y D leLCQLLdrM w 9 SW50 X 2 9 1 7 b gghh 7 O39Q grW1 Sh Zgt gtlt Ex 11444 t1 Qi 2quotquot S39M SM g EC 39 25 F 9m 3 ampMquotgt quotg c an E 3 Si 2 2 1 b krimme PET gt Sit4x Cgtgggw S wz y 9C 9 39 C658dglt z I 2 2 l cesaE Sw 1 5 K I L O 47 Egg W7 Cl 241 D I 9 60 Sgt146 7 ionkm 7 g quot3X2 S S O X1ltg 9 E x s E 5 quot x I l 3931 2 M 2x PW LAW3e C63 g4 b tarer hr K6E g Hrf Ff 0W1 b rwasx 9 04X 5 Pfowi has a IMHQ W MW s W 5 cps x M 042005 x C g 9wa 0 j I W86 4 0954 d m m El 3 6 baceumtow 155 1 mm c X 65 Co x X 1 Mtge 0173 Qr KG 0777 r KG C4 3 9Com frA W 3M gt0 9W2 34 6032 Gaza Cesar H ENE 39f J l Xquot 0 D 96 gt Eatxx if haf quot60 1 Pg far1K 6 HV39 3 ixfowj I We th cm lumenLL D femWK or 6 43 CNZWDC Nd39fz h39ouj 9 b quot 5mm Ez39om arzlzm 2 2 AS I Xgt2 XZgt 0 XVZ a m J h 9 awmltxzgt 3 12 r L Egg92 QZMX2 2quot quotE E 0 CHEW L Ki gt02 v l A S 3092 Xvi 9O km mm 352 gt 3 X W X861 1 QM KOO quotC 7 V GOw We 0323 b LYC5L7C gar gtlt CoJ cg Tof1 W CW W 3 114 Bark dwdag t quotXZ C M4XgtL Gowfi xx dr emiwz a L ShJX L64 CS H Xgt M 5quot VZquot L om C m Mr K gt Y WZV R m J iii a 1 OMAQ X39 l C AC l L 2 fault R 439 J3 2CHX I quotKBz r G wa AK a L Kw 3quot m 4 C66 W 1 4 C L Cw K quot 14quot 712


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